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Okay, so…

I constantly see sayings and quotes that tell everyone to let compassion guide them, or to let the love in their hearts do whatever they want them to do.  Those words are so far removed from the reality of the … Continue reading

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This is a must see TED Talk by David Eagleman…really, don’t miss it

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Rising Hawk wrote this adorable story for me. It’s wonderful and you can imagine the whole thing taking place. Thank you Rising Hawk for this fabulous tale. ❤

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The never-ending job…

I am convinced there are cleaning monsters who stand behind us and sprinkle dust on the surfaces we have just wiped off   you know it’s true   I think the monsters love their jobs and at night   when … Continue reading

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The fine line…

Rubber stamps Who gets to decide what those two words mean?  Creative people live on the line between genius and crazy and cross it whenever they must, in order to chase an idea, a sound, a word, or a new … Continue reading

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Magnetic poetry…spring rose

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“People believe that you are good luck.  There are statues in your image and you’re written about in many books.  You are part of Feng Shui and people incorporate you into their lives.” “Really?” “Yes, really.” “Why would I want … Continue reading

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Jade vine…

Chicago Botanic Garden  

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anyone or anything can be or feel abandoned   huge buildings homes malls places pets children and people can simply be cast off left behind   we see what happens when abandonment takes place   things start to fall apart … Continue reading

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My cousin and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden today.  Since nothing was growing outside and the weather was dark (as usual), rainy, raw and generally yukky, we spent time in the greenhouses.  Everything was blooming like crazy and … Continue reading

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