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Sooooooooo many things are impossible…read on…

nothing is impossible signage

I want to see the person who believes this…fly, and not in a plane…like a bird.  I want to see the person stop violence against women, stop racism, and all the other isms.  I want to see the person who believes this, build a fair government that works FOR the people, instead of themselves.  I want the person to bring rain and snow to the desert, to feed the hungry and provide clean water for those who don’t have it.  I want to see the believer stop climate change, clear cutting, and the stripping of resources.  I want to see the person save the bees and bring those we love back from the dead.  I want to see the believer make everyone dancers, or singers, or artists, or movie stars, or even teach those who don’t know how…to read.  I want to see the believer stop people from slaughtering animals, stop people from eating and wearing them.  I want to see the believer DESTROY patriarchy completely.  I want to see someone who believes anything is possible make it safe for women to walk alone, outside at any time, day or night.  I want to see that person end battering, women’s shelters and  men making laws to cripple and kill women.  I want to see the believer make sure that those in government make minimum wage and have to PAY OUT OF POCKET for every trip they take, and everything they do.  I want to see the catholic church PAT TAXES and I want to see the believer put the rapist priests in JAILS, instead of country clubs.  I want to see the person who believes that anything is possible end war and let the world have a free press.  I want the believer to stop those in office from telling lies and I want the medical profession work to save people instead of practicing on them and doing hip pocket surgeries on women, for extra cash.  I want to the believer stop child and elder abuse, elder abuse.  I want to see free health care for everyone.  I want to see the person end poverty, food deserts, and gang violence.

I could go on, talk about child sex slaves, about wife burnings, and on and on, but I really want to know what those who believe anything is possible think they can stop.  Anything, anything at all.  I’d like to know, really.  I would.  And, if people truly believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, why haven’t they done anything to stop the bad things?  Or, am I mistaken and what we have, is what they want TO BE possible


Photo: Marija Zarc

We all march to our own drummer…

man with tattoo carrying rifle

Photo:  Judeus Samson


I think a lot of people are like icebergs.  All you ever see is the part they want to show you, the rest is hidden and a lot bigger.


Photo:  Simon Lee

Like snowflakes…each of us different from the rest.

Woman in Black Leather Jacket With Silver Nose Ring

Photo:  Sinitta Leunen


I feel as if we are turing into ghosts…passing one another, when necessary, without looking or seeing…

Shadow, Shadow Play, Colorful

The blue planet…

Earth, Blue Planet, Globe, Planet, World

there was a blue planet
hanging in space
flying around
circling a star
and dragging
a moon along
with it
the tiny planet
had everything
it needed to be
rich in life
in pretty much
and it had
and lots
of water
and things
were fine
for ages
and ages
one violent
and deadly
and ruined
it all

one species
that loved
and worshipped
was able to
what had been
for billions of years
and they did it quickly
because death
is easy to do
they killed the air
the land
their own food
the other living things
and they even killed
the water

in the end
of course
they killed themselves



Sometimes…people wear their hearts on their skin

Hands, Tattoos, Rings, Accessories

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