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So, do you ever wonder…

…if the snow hates getting dirty, hanging around curbs and being piled high in parking lots, so that it can’t melt properly?

…if dogs look forward to christmas, once the tree goes up and the carols start playing?  Do they dream of unwrapping new bones and treats, while the cats watch on and wonder how a species can be so pathetic, needy and loyal?

…how people can believe in any other god once they have seen cats?  Don’t they know a god when they see one, or a billion?  I mean they’re RIGHT THERE, in front of us?  Don’t you think that cat images should be on top of every tree?

…if the ornaments you DON’T take out of the box, worry that they are unloved and obsolete?

…how we can tell kids that it’s okay for a fat guy, in a red suit, to enter their house, while they’re asleep and eat cookies, while reindeer wait on the roof?

…why no one has ever seen Santa at the North Pole?

…what happened to the surprises that used to be in christmas boxes, instead of gift cards, money, and return receipts?

…what to say to squirrels who move into birdhouses for the winter?

…why possums now live in freezing cold weather when their tails and tiny feet are bare?

…how we will be able to read all the books we keep buying, while we still look for more?

…how we can eat canned soup that, if left on the shelf too long, explodes?

…why people watch other people living their lives on reality shows, rather than living their own lives instead?

…why people stopped writing, when it’s so intimate and beautiful?

…if trees like to be leafless, just for a new look, every year?

…why pb & j is always amazing and delicious?

…why some people are so mean?

…why we kill everything?

…where innocence went?

…why art isn’t EVERYWHERE?

…why we are always at war?

…why we are surrounded by beauty but don’t always see it?

…why some of our best ideas come to us in the shower?

…how love can block out the entire world, so that just the two of you exist?

…how government can be so corrupt?

…how we can torture animals and people?

…how we can love christmas lights on houses, so very much?

…why government officials, judges, etc., aren’t in jail?

…at what we have become?


Well, these are just a few of the things I’ve been thinking about today.  ❤

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