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noun an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure: they offer sacrifices to the spirits | the ancient laws of animal sacrifice. • an … Continue reading

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compassion is something we turn on and off self proclaimed compassionate people can be compassionate now and then when it’s convenient or when it suits their needs certain people are compassionate to people of their own color but not to … Continue reading

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What if…

What if we’re all dead.  Seriously, we can’t prove that we aren’t, except by our own made up definition of what death is.  We have no idea what death is, remember.  So, here’s the thing:  what if we are dead … Continue reading

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What if…

What if everyone is perfect, just not when they’re around anyone else?  Maybe all of our perfects don’t go together with the perfects of others.  Perhaps we clash in our perfectness. Or, what if no one is perfect?  How would … Continue reading

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Definitions/labels 2

People in certain positions write definitions.  Those definitions, no matter how harmful and incorrect, become part of our belief system.  For example, when “scientists/shrinks, sociologists, wrote that girls weren’t good at math…that thought stuck in the minds of people and … Continue reading

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Acceptance is a dirty word…

There are only two things in life that we must accept.  One…our genetic background.  I’m Italian and Swedish and there’s nothing I can do about that…nothing at all.  Two…we are all going to die.  That may change in the future … Continue reading

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