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One of the babies flew away…so their lives are moving on and they will be missed.

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Family can be a beautiful thing…

there are no UGLY DUCKLINGS in the animal world those kinds of cruel judgments exist only among humans     Picture:  Pixabay

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Look how big the baby Mourning Doves are. Out of the nest and resting…getting ready to fly. Their mom and dad never leave them and they are so cute. :)

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And last, but not least…they saw these lovely geese.

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While my daughter and son-in-law were at the farm, they saw this gorgeous show horse and a colt. 3 pictures

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We do love our fuzzy babies…and they love us…from Bored Panda

97 Blessed Images Of Pets Staring Into Their Owners’ Souls

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You can see both babies. There’s a stick, sticking up out of the nest, but you can see the babies..

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