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Pitbull finds a home…Bored Panda…he’s so sweet

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Chicago Botanic Garden…

Geese were everywhere.  A goose and a mallard were friends.  They walked together and swam together…it was so adorable.  I couldn’t get a picture but I was happy to see them.  The goose walked faster than the duck, so the … Continue reading

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Sweet Emily…

She’s SOOOOOOO happy because of the wonderful weather, we’re having.  She may not look happy but she is.  She’s frolicking all over the place.  Her coat looks a bit bristly because she’s been rolling in the dirt and having fun. … Continue reading

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We should pay more attention to other living being because they know what’s important and they know how to have fun…you’ll never find a dog that barks, “Yuk, a boxer, I don’t like boxers and look at that pug, who does she think she is?” Nope, only humans are that crazy.

Pixabay unsplash

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Pixabay Meijer

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Cats rule…

Pixabay macayran “Woof.” “I TOLD you, EVERYTHING belongs to me. Now get off MY road and you won’t get hurt.”

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This is so funny…only the details are missing

Pixabay guapita50

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