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Just another day at the park…

Black, Yellow, and Green Swing

Photo:  Visually Us

What…am I supposed to do with that?

fawn pug wearing yellow hat

Photo:  Karsten Winegeart

From: Bored Panda…do NOT miss a single picture…so wonderful and adorable.

50 Times Vets Encountered The Cutest Pets At Work And Just Had To Take A Picture


One of the MANY squirrels who visit my daughter’s window for peanuts, which they receive in abundance. They have a shelf outside the window so they have a place to sit and drink water as well. Yes, the cat does go a little crazy at times.

This is such a sweet story…from: Bored Panda

This Raccoon Still Comes Back To Visit His Saviors After 3 Years


The rabbits in my daughter’s yard have eaten all her flowers. No one cares. Everyone loves rabbits.

My granddaughter and her boyfriend are moving to Vegas…they are on their way and here are their babies. She made a tent for them, so they feel safe and it’s going well. Today is day two. 2 pictures


grey and white long fur cat

Cats are perfect
each and every one
ballet dancers
they make the world
more beautiful
by just existing


Photo:  Nour Betar

That was so funny…

long-coated white dog

Photo:  Cindy Makonin

Nature is perfect…well, except for us, of course. Nice kitty.

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