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Photo:  Pixabay


True Sparrows, Fledgling, Birds, Animals

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I am cat…hear me roar…

I think most of us get this photo…

Photo:  Skyler Ewing

And now…for some wonderful doggies…from: Bored Panda. Oh, and one rabbit. LOL

‘Dogspotting’ Is A Group Where People Share Their Pure and Hilarious Encounters with Random Dogs (New 45 Pics)

Dogs love sticks…they’re like cats that way. You can buy them lots of toys but give a cat a box, or a dog a stick and you have made them both happy.

Photo:  Skyler Ewing

Flamingo…I love this picture…it’s wonderful

Bird, Flamingo, Animal, Beauty, Pastel

Photo:  Pixabay

I LOVE scruffy dogs…a poem

scruffy dogs
all fuzzy and wild
fur going every which way
tail wagging
excited to play
get pets
or just hang out
there’s something
about a
scruffy dog
that makes me
fall in love
at first sight



Photo:  Kanashi

Black cats rock…

Cat, Pet, Black Cat, Animal, Feline

Photo:  Pixabay

I’d smile more if I could, but I can’t, because I’m smiling as hard as I can…a poem

two white-and-tan dogs

Photo:  gotdaflow


dogs are happy beings
wagging half their bodies
with joy
when they see the person
they love
dogs like to play
like to snuggle
like to catch things
like frisbees
and balls
and they like to carry
sometimes really BIG sticks
they like belly rubs
and hugs and kisses
they adore
hearing that they are
good dogs
because their main goal
in life
seems to be
making us happy
which in turn
makes them happy
cats think they’re crazy
but dogs don’t care

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