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Just something to brighten your day…


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My name is nancy and I’m a female moose.  You had to know we existed, right?  I know the males get all the media exposure but they wouldn’t be here without us, so there is that.    They get the … Continue reading

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Emily came inside to eat last night, for about three minutes, then she ran outside again and I brought her food out there so she wouldn’t be so stressed.

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When people KILL ANIMALS, it’s called HUNTING. When the hunted animal kills a PERSON, it’s called a tragedy. What’s with THAT?

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Henry…a short story about a mouse.

Henry was voted most wonderful, all-around mouse, in his school.  His reaction was one of great embarrassment.  Henry, it seemed, didn’t feel wonderful, or all-around, in any way, shape or form.  Henry, felt like a regular, everyday mouse.  He didn’t … Continue reading

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Love can be a sweet and tender thing. Horses are incredible beings. We have to stop horses from being killed.

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My granddaughter’s cat Effie…She’s so beautiful.

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