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Why do you guys work so hard?  Why don’t you swim all day, or lay in the sun, the way we do?

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Deb and I went out to play yesterday and I found this wee dog in a shop. Both of her ears had been broken off and glued back on. She has a few little chips but she’s truly beautiful. I felt bad that she had been given away and that no one would want her, because of her ears, so I told her not to be afraid, that I would take care of her and now she lives with me and we’re both very happy.

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Seriously, what’s WRONG with all of you humans?

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If we truly cared about LIFE, this wouldn’t exist.

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See…piggies are always smiling…they have happiness in their eyes…well, until some guy murders and eats them, that is. Otherwise they have a lot of fun.

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I believe that pigs laugh a lot.  I mean they grunt and snort and they always look as if they’re smiling.  I think frogs are happy too.  They get to play in the mud and swim around all day, so … Continue reading

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the government going after a free woman

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