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A snail’s poem…

Free Snail Shell photo and picture

some equate being a snail
with being slow
going so far as to
call letters
delivered by hand
Snail Mail
because it takes awhile
for them to get
where they are going
and though
it’s true that
I’m not exactly
slow is relative
I don’t have to travel far
everything I want
is right where I am
I take in my
here and there
sunning myself
munching on
this and that
and enjoying
each day
as it comes
I live
in the moment
seeing the wonder
in everything
if my world
seems tiny to you
I can assure you
it’s perfect
for me
I don’t have a boss
I don’t work all week
for two days off
I don’t have any bills
pay any taxes
have to fight in any
Mother Nature
provides everything
I could ever want
and best of all
I’m truly


Photo:  Pixabay


Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Street art and cat…

Free Cat Sitting in Front of a Door Stock Photo

Photo:  Eva Bronzini

Dogs and water…a perfect match.

Free Dog Happy photo and picture

Photo:  Pixabay

Beautiful…from: Bored Panda

Man Finds His True Happiness Saving Stray Dogs In Thailand (20 Pics)

Young raccoon…a poem

a raccoon sitting in the middle of a forest

I’m just a young
I’m not a pest
or something
to get rid of
I have a mom
and siblings
and I’m hungry
a lot of the time
so I have to hunt
for food
in places
that make humans
but where else
can I get food
I was taught
to dig through
the things you don’t want
I’m sorry if I make a mess
but I do the best I can
to fill my tummy
and look at me
I’m fuzzy
I’m adorable
and I’m a bandit
it would be nice
if you could
love me


Photo:  Toan Chu



blue parrot standing on brown tree branch

Photo:  Dominik Lange

I am kitten…hear me roar.

Free Little kitten  Stock Photo

Photo:  alina Levkovich

Birds flying high…and I’m feeling good…lyrics

a large bird flying through a blue sky

… Birds flying highYou know how I feelSun in the skyYou know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on byYou know how I feel
… It’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeFor meAnd I’m feeling goodI’m feeling good
… Fish in the seaYou know how I feelRiver running freeYou know how I feelBlossom on a treeYou know how I feel
… It’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeFor meAnd I’m feeling good
… Dragonfly out in the sun, you know what I mean, don’t you knowButterflies all havin’ fun, you know what I meanSleep in peace when day is done, that’s what I meanAnd this old world is a new worldAnd a bold worldFor meFor me
… Stars when you shineYou know how I feelScent of the pineYou know how I feelOh, freedom is mineAnd I know how I feel
… It’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new life
… It’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeIt’s a new dawnIt’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeIt’s a new lifeFor me
… And I’m feeling goodI’m feeling goodI feel so goodI feel so good
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Anthony Newley / Leslie Bricusse
Feeling Good lyrics © DistroKid, Downtown Music Publishing, Tratore, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Wixen Music Publishing


Photo:  Elina Volkova

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