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Mother Nature, the Ultimate Artist…

Pixabay Ron Porter  

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Some dogs just love a good book…

Pinterest The Humor Train

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Wednesday’s are so much fun…SMILE and be happy…I love this picture :) You can see the dog’s sweet soul shining through


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Smile…it’s a new day…poem

Pixabay Wikilmages   SMILE Monday’s over that means the weekend is on it’s way it’s spring for some of you at least and I’m happy as can be I just hang out play swing from trees eat whatever I like … Continue reading

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Pinterest cats are like stars in the sky there can never be too many they brighten the world with their beauty and they are there for all to see better yet you can touch them

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It’s all in the name…

Pixabay cocoparisineene My name’s Francis but most people, if they have a working brain cell, call me Frank, or Blue Eyes.  And yeah, I was named after  the Crooner in the Rat Pack, which is appropriate on several counts, I … Continue reading

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Do you think that in a million and a half years someone/thing will be digging us up and making casts of us to see what we were?

Pixabay I’m ASSUMING (always a silly thing to do), that we will be gone long before that. The sun has another 6 million to go before it turns into a Red Giant and vaporizes everything so, maybe some other species will … Continue reading

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