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Holly wanted to see Emily’s winter house…

Two heated beds are in the two room cat house, there’s one on the right side, as well, and the snug one in front.  The heated beds turn on when she’s on them, and turn off when she’s not.  This tent is right by my French doors, which I keep open, hoping she’ll come inside.

This is how it looks at night.  That’s her heated water dish on the left and one of the Foo Dogs.  LOL  She’s okay with the two dogs in her space. We talked about it.

A dog named kitty…a very short story

Curious dog standing near shabby blue wall with shadows of group of people on street in city in bright daylight

Kitty was a stray.  She lived on the street and often slept in doorways and back yards.  People would often pet her and call her by name.  She belonged to everyone and was well cared for.

But Kitty wasn’t like other dogs.  She had an active imagination and the heart of a poet. She would walk through town, dreaming that she had a family who loved her. Now and then, her dreams showed up in the shadows around her.  When she dreamed, she was never alone.  Her imaginary family was always with her and she was always loved.


Photo:  Gato Villanova

Babies are adorable…

Photo:  Jeremy Hynes

Hey, look at me. I’m JUST LIKE YOU, but in a different body. You humans are the ONLY ones who don’t understand that.

Cat, Black, White, Animal, Feline, Pet



This is Effie…my granddaughter’s cat…

How cute is this wee dog????

Photo:  Marina Montoya

Why this bird sings…

I sing
because I can
I sing
because I’m happy
I sing
because my heart is full
of joy
and love
I sing
because I can fly



Photo:  Natalya Letunova

Tango, the dance of love with feathers…

Common Heron, Birds, Egret, Wings, Wild



of soft caresses
and hugs
good food
and a soft bed
of running free
of hearing laughter
and your name
called by
someone you love



Photo:  Fabian Gieske

From: Bored Panda

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