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Five pictures of a cardinal taking a bath…taken through two windows, so take that into consideration


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Okay, so…(2 pictures)

I bought new cushions for the bench and chairs. They are blue with pink flamingoes.  Emily hates them.  She loves to sleep on the bench but hasn’t been up there since I put the new cushions out.  I finally brought … Continue reading

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Em is so happy to be out on another warm beautiful day.

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This is in my yard…

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A good place for a nap…it’s foggy because I took it through two windows. Pillow is too big. It’s no longer there.

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Emily and I played for a long time this morning. She got LOTS of pets and we walked around and looked at everything, only stopping when she dances around my feet for more pets. We had a wonderful time and I was following her, or she was following me. She’s such a great cat. Putty in her paws, putty in her paws. Sigh. (2 pictures) Garden hasn’t been cleaned yet.

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I love mice so very, very much. I think they are adorable, beautiful and have the sweetest little paws. Anyway, this is a story about Dawn Mouse…

Pixabay Dawn got her name because she loves getting up early and watching the sun rise.  She is a very generous mouse and shares whatever she has with the rest of the mouse community.  She’s very beautiful.  She has a … Continue reading

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