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About John Wick 4…

Word is that if Parabellum is a success, money wise, there will be a fourth film. The producer and Keanu Reeves already said they would do it, if  number 3 does well.

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May 17th…getting closer

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My daughter and I went to see this today. We left, before it was over, because we were SO BORED, we couldn’t stand it.

  This movie was boring and SLOW.  Some of the characters were pretty much walk ons.  They made Thor look like an idiot.  Boring, boring, and then more boring.  I have no idea how it ended and couldn’t care less.  … Continue reading

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Last night I watched SOMEWHERE IN TIME, with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, remembering how good it was.  Unfortunately, it’s not good at all.  I fast forwarded through most of it.  It’s actually terrible, by today’s standards…slow, tedious and the … Continue reading

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LOGAN…film review…came out today…violent, gory, the girl is fantastic…go see it.

Debbie and I saw Logan today.  It’s getting 4 1/2 stars and I can see why,  LOTS of action. It’s a violent, bloody, gory, film, for sure.  But who doesn’t love Logan, right? The girl in the movie is fantastic … Continue reading

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And the good news is…John Wick 2 comes out this Friday YAY!!!


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Okay, so…

Every film you see, including documentaries, has a musical score.  Without the music playing in the background, we couldn’t be emotionally jerked around, swayed, or even made to care about what we were watching.  No one wants to watch real … Continue reading

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Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children…Film

Couldn’t read the book and didn’t like the film.  It did make me want to be able to turn into a falcon (that’s at the very end), but other than that, I wish I had brought a book to the … Continue reading

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SPECTER…007 and Daniel Craig

So, I love the franchise.  I love James Bond films and I think Craig is a great 007, for a lot of reasons, one…because he never smiles…okay, once he grinned a little and he did smirk a several times  times, … Continue reading

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Debbie and I saw Pan…it was just okay, maybe a bit less.  The boy who played Peter Pan is incredibly good looking and very talented.  Wendy, the kids, Nana and Tinker Bell are not in it…its about Peter’s life before … Continue reading

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