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Okay, so…monsters

Monster, Devil, Fear, Mask, Horror

The monsters in books and on their covers, in stories, and films are always ugly.  Even if they have a glamour over themselves, underneath they are ugly, twisted, and gross.  I think that’s a simple fear reaction, or prejudice, because the real monsters look like republicans.  They walk and talk and have names like Mitch, Rudy, Orange one, Josh and, well, you know their names.  We all know their names.

The real monsters live next door, work in grocery stores and hunt day and night.  They vote against raises in minimum wage and hate with a vengeance.  They are evil and ugly and usually white.  Greedy, selfish and power hungry, they are equally as bad as anything that could come out of a science fiction hell-mouth.  Maybe worse.  They kill through war, starvation, deprivation, hatred and any other way you can imagine.

If TWILIGHT ZONE was still on the air they could have a segment where an “R” would be branded onto the foreheads of republicans, to warn others.  We could have “D’s” too, it that would make you feel better, but the monsters should be clearly pointed out to us.

Republicans should not be allowed to hold office, since their main goal is for personal power/gain without regard to the Constitution, law, or the needs of the people.

Theirs are the faces we need on the covers of books about evil and violence, hatred and greed, corruption and insanity.  But instead we have fake monsters, when the real ones are living right along side of us.

How does that make any sense?  We can see them.  We KNOW who they are.  They’re more dangerous than the guy in the first picture and they walk the earth every single day.

This is a picture of a monster inciting a riot.  Encouraging people to overthrow the very government he works for.  We KNOW WHO THE MONSTERS ARE and we do nothing to stop them.  Instead, we allow them to walk among us and destroy us as they go.

About John Wick 4…

Word is that if Parabellum is a success, money wise, there will be a fourth film. The producer and Keanu Reeves already said they would do it, if  number 3 does well.


May 17th…getting closer

My daughter and I went to see this today. We left, before it was over, because we were SO BORED, we couldn’t stand it.


Image result for free picture of the avengers new movie

This movie was boring and SLOW.  Some of the characters were pretty much walk ons.  They made Thor look like an idiot.  Boring, boring, and then more boring.  I have no idea how it ended and couldn’t care less.  I’m sure others will absolutely love it but if I could give it minus stars I would.


Last night I watched SOMEWHERE IN TIME, with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, remembering how good it was.  Unfortunately, it’s not good at all.  I fast forwarded through most of it.  It’s actually terrible, by today’s standards…slow, tedious and the music is better on the CD.  That happens…time and place is important.  It was a good film when it was made but movies have changed and so have we.  Reeves, big, strong and handsome looks ridiculous in his too tight suit, one that he never changes throughout the entire film.  And he’s so strong but gets beaten up by small men and goes down with one punch.  Just so silly.  Even the “get-together,” in the opening scene seems fake and forced.  I should have just left well enough alone and had fun remembering how good I thought the film was.

LOGAN…film review…came out today…violent, gory, the girl is fantastic…go see it.


Debbie and I saw Logan today.  It’s getting 4 1/2 stars and I can see why,  LOTS of action. It’s a violent, bloody, gory, film, for sure.  But who doesn’t love Logan, right? The girl in the movie is fantastic and deserves a mini oscar for viscousness, quick thinking and intelligence.  Loved her.  The only problem…Logan limping, huffing and puffing just a little too much, for a little too long. And some of the things he did, well, I don’t believe he would have done those things but aside from that…lots of fun.  Very violent, so not for kids. The girl made the film…she was outstanding in every sense of the word.  One other things…they didn’t use the other mutants for more than a second.  That would have made the movie even better.  Dropped the ball on that one.

Sorry, but Patric Stewart belongs on the Enterprise, I don’t care what anyone says.

And the good news is…John Wick 2 comes out this Friday YAY!!!



Okay, so…

Every film you see, including documentaries, has a musical score.  Without the music playing in the background, we couldn’t be emotionally jerked around, swayed, or even made to care about what we were watching.  No one wants to watch real life on the big screen.  Movies don’t make sense without the music.  Think of Jaws, Harry Potter, Star Wars, ANY film at all.  People buy the soundtracks from their favorite films because the music often made the film one of their favorites.

Real life doesn’t have a soundtrack.  You may have a favorite song but everyday life doesn’t usually come with a full orchestra playing behind you when you are walking down the street to your car.  People can be manipulated through the music, made to feel something for people in a film, that otherwise would have been dull or easily forgotten.  Star Wars filmed the in space flight scenes without music, because there is no sound in space, but they had to add the sound of guns and all the rest, because no one would have been interested in the move if they didn’t add the noise.  Try watching car crashes without the magnified sound. How about love scenes where it’s just two people and no music.  No one would care about the actors or the movie.

Films get us because we are watching something play out in front of us.  Normally, there’s no music and no one is watching normal people do much of anything.  Car crashes aren’t amazing, like they are in the Fast and Furious films, because in REAL life people die and they are horrifying, NOT exciting.

My point is, that a lot of people seem to mistake what they see and hear in the constant media circus that surrounds us, for real life.  Therefore, a lot of people are disappointed with their own lives.  Love, marriages, kids, careers, jobs, etc., aren’t cute, funny or interesting when the full orchestra isn’t playing and no one is filming you cleaning the bathtub, while the dog is throwing up in the kitchen.  Somehow, people forget that the actors shoot the scene and then go back to their real lives as well.

Kids are especially vulnerable to these kinds of fantasies…but if we’re honest, all of are touched by what we see, while we’re listening to the music that makes us feel things that aren’t there.  And what we feel and take from the films we see, are personal and different for each of us, that’s why some people love certain films, while others hate them.  Everything in life is like that.  Just keep in mind that the next time you’re sitting home alone, doing laundry, eating a grilled cheese sandwich, reading, or just watching another Netflix series, all of those things would be exciting and amazing if the cameras were rolling, the music was playing and the audience was watching.

Humans are easily manipulated, just ask our government.


Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children…Film


Couldn’t read the book and didn’t like the film.  It did make me want to be able to turn into a falcon (that’s at the very end), but other than that, I wish I had brought a book to the theater.  I wouldn’t mind turning into a wolf, or a big cat, or any number of things, so that wasn’t a big deal but it was the best part of the film.  Adults eat the eyes of “special” children (stacks of them), and that might be too much for young children, so I wouldn’t bring little kids unless you check it out first.  Everyone likes different things, of course, and Tim Burton fans might love the movie.

SPECTER…007 and Daniel Craig

IMG_4010So, I love the franchise.  I love James Bond films and I think Craig is a great 007, for a lot of reasons, one…because he never smiles…okay, once he grinned a little and he did smirk a several times  times, but that’s about it.

Anyway, I saw Craig on the cover of a magazine (he is on a lot of them right now) and I scanned the interview, which was about his work.  He said he would rather commit suicide than do another Bond movie.  Later he said he would do one but only for the money.  I hate it when actors say things like that.  I think it’s disrespectful to movie goers,   fans and the film makers.  It’s rude, uncalled for and nasty.  He’s making a fortune, he has an audience, and he is so unhappy that he would rather die than make another 007 film.  Well, he was pretty much an unknown before Bond.  Played a bit part in Tomb Raider and a couple other flicks but Bond helped him a lot.  His contract is up, so this is it for him.

Even if he hates what he’s doing I don’t think he should have shared those feelings with us.   After all the films have done for him, it was just a crummy thing to say.  I’ll always be a Bond fan and I’m looking forward to seeing Specter but I don’t care what he does after this…I won’t be watching him do it, that’s for sure.

I wish Judi Dench was still M.

Specter comes out November 6th.

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