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a lot of people
said the tree was dead
an eyesore
it needed to be
cut down
but the neighborhood
said the tree was not ready
to go
she still danced
at night
when no one was looking



Photo:  Andreas Kretschmer

Witches…a poem

Closeup crop blond with black painted mask on eyes and symbols on skin looking at camera

you think we don’t exist
but we are everywhere
we teach your children
cure your dis-ease
we grow your food
and write the books you read
we lecture
and run the businesses
you support
we keep you safe
in a world of violence
that never ends
we are the children
of those they never
and we are everywhere


Photo:Erik Mclean

The Itsy Bitsy…

Black Spider Hanging on Web

spiders don’t like
they see themselves
fuzzy things
hanging from strings
and bouncy elastic bits
their images
used to frighten
and it hurts their
because spiders
are friendly
and kind
some spiders are
but many of them
just want to live their lives
and be happy
they don’t want to be
so humans should
think about that
since spiders keep our houses
clean and safe from bugs
if you let one sit on your hand
you’ll see that they are



The Pumpkin Patch…a poem

close-up of pumpkin near wall

the Pumpkin Patch
is a dark
and dangerous place
if they speak to you
don’t listen
or they’ll draw you in
and hide your body
where it will never be found


Photo:  Colton Sturg

The Boatman…a poem

empty brown boat on body of water

the boat looks different
to each one
crossing the
River Styx
so don’t be surprised
when your turn comes
and this is what you
are asked to board
the Boatman’s
never sink
but be warned
I wouldn’t put my hands
in the water
If I were you
and always
keep a couple
of extra coins
in your pocket



Photo:  Zolan Tasi

It’s starting…a poem

Autumn, Maple Leaves, Season, Nature

the trees
are getting ready for winter
with a fashion show
of color
as they drop their leaves
and begin to shut down
conserving their energy
divesting themselves
of anything that can’t
hold heavy ice or snow
and then
when their branches are bare
they softly sing themselves
to sleep


Photo:  Pixabay

Fairy woods…a poem

green moss on brown soil

you have to be
very quiet
in the fairy woods
if they find you
do not dance with them
do not accept gifts
or food
or drink
do not ask questions
because the answers are
never free
never go to their parties
never make any promises
never do
with fairies
or it may be the
last thing you ever do




Photo:  Pixabay

Mitzi…a poem

Brown and White Floral Throw Pillow on Brown Couch

was resting
after a hard day
being a princess
and while she never told anyone
what she was
many people guessed
because of the glitter
she left behind


Photo:  cottonbro

Waiting…a poem

green moss on brown tree trunk

and in the mossy forest
still lurk
waiting for their moment
to return


Photo:  Maeva Vigier

Chicago at night…a poem

aerial photo of concrete buildings

is a part of me
as I am part of Her
She’s majestic
and strong
She never sleeps
and if you know how to
you can hear the beating of
Her heart


Photo:  Benjamn Suter

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