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the wonder of elephants resides in their peacefulness their love of family their ability to play and their deep contemplation of life solid and steadfast elephants are majestic and incredibly beautiful beings

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pale yellow beauty delicate and soft like sunshine on a warm summer day   Picture:  Pixabay

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A puffin…a very silly poem :)

have you ever seen a puffin fly his colors really catch the eye his sweet orange feet and lovely beak his perfect wings all tipped with fringe and dark kohl eyes to match his ring his feathers white as they … Continue reading

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every moment we were together magic happened and that never went away the sparkles did not die out they kept sparkling until his end I gave my sparkles to him when he left because I knew I wouldn’t need them … Continue reading

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when I saw him at the party everything else went away I don’t mean things disappeared they just didn’t matter all I could see was that face that smirk and those cool blue eyes so I did what any intelligent … Continue reading

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Love…a poem

I never had to think about love never had to look for it it came to me early before I had a chance to realize it was even important it just moved in and stayed until death decided I’d had … Continue reading

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The Merchandise Mart at night…Chicago

cities are gorgeous at night you can’t see this in the country maybe they look at the stars instead but being downtown at night especially when there’s fireworks is like being in an alternate reality the beauty can’t be explained … Continue reading

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