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What’s going on?

there are so many forms to fill out so many buttons to push so many automated voices to go through but no real people who can actually answer a simple question even if it’s only yes or no is this … Continue reading

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Locked up…a poem

In an effort not to feel some people lock up their emotions and either forget where they put them or lose the key along the way I think a lot of emotions are in storage waiting to be reclaimed or … Continue reading

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Old phone…a poem

Sometimes I wonder if we use an old phone and dial old numbers will the people we love who are no longer on earth recognize the ringing and answer

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Rain…a poem

raindrops hit against the windows beautiful music to by ears on this dark and dreary day because it’s not the silence of snow falling

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The first one…

they just sit there staring at you all of them perfect regardless of size or shape beautiful just as they are and you smile with anticipation as you reach out for that first lightly salted french fry    

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Place…a poem

Do you believe that if you travel and fall in love with a place that part of you will live there forever even if you never go back I do   I took this picture one early morning in Paris. … Continue reading

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Hot chocolate…a poem

you can keep your gourmet meals your hors d’ oeuvres and your flambé your mochas and your fresh ground beans your Earl and your Gray just give me steaming chocolate with mallows melting fast put it in a giant mug … Continue reading

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