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when you’re little it’s usually a good idea to follow your mom even if she’s lost because she’ll keep you safe no matter where you are unless a heartless and evil human in hiding gets her with a high power … Continue reading

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Tipping point…a poem

he had reached his limit it was simply one bird too many after years of being sat upon he decided he’d had enough so during the night under cover of darkness he tore his feet from the plinth on which … Continue reading

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Magic…a poem

the world is filled with MAGIC it’s just that we call it something else

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we can only ever see a reflection of ourselves when we look into a mirror we might want to ask ourselves if we like what we see are we the people we want to be or is it time to … Continue reading

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After the storm…

sun after the rain what a beautiful thing the smell of the earth the raindrops glistening like diamonds on soft pink petals the calm after the storm the feeling of a new and wonderful beginning that’s what it feels like … Continue reading

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life is lived in our minds our bodies just follow all beauty creativity love joy and REALITY comes from our brain what we think is who and what we are ask yourself who taught you to think who taught you … Continue reading

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and when it’s over I’d like to think we drift quietly toward the light surrounded in peace and ready to begin a new and exciting adventure

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Fish…a poem

their beauty unsurpassed flashing red tails and blue fins the fish swam changing colors and patterns according to the what was taking place in the world back and forth ’round and ’round they went going dark then sparkling with joy … Continue reading

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our world is not what pretend it is it never has been its core hidden in the depths glossed over is rotten kept that way by the elite but the ocean is being emptied by black, brown, white hands working … Continue reading

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Color…a poem

because her life was filled with color nothing could ever dim her light

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