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Seriously…a poem about cake

life is short I mean think about it our tiny lifespans compared to FOREVER and when the universe goes dark which it will eventually and you’ll have been gone for billions of years remember the fact that while you were … Continue reading

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Wings…a poem

wings might be waiting for me when I leave here but they’ll be black with singed edges and a few missing feathers here and there I won’t have a harp I’ll have a sword I won’t be wearing a silly … Continue reading

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Magick has always been in the world it has always been inside of us but the farther we get from our connection with the land and other living things the more we cut ourselves off from our true nature the … Continue reading

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Empty…a poem

the new reality a world without   Picture: Pixabay

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Sparrow…a poem

unencumbered by the things that imprison us this tiny bird has more FREEDOM than we will ever know   Picture Andy Holmes Unsplash

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Birth…a poem

we seem to be meant to be together to scream and jump and dance as one at least some of the time for a little while but with a deadly virus stalking us those times have been put on HOLD … Continue reading

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The Future…a poem

look what you did to the world man you left this mess for us to clean up and how do you expect us to do it everything is dead or dying your greed for more left less for everyone else … Continue reading

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Tune in/drop out…a poem

they said plug in hook up tune in drop out become part of everything but what they didn’t tell us was once we were in we couldn’t get out and little by little our SELVES disappeared until there was nothing … Continue reading

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Directions…a poem

do we ever know which direction is the right one in our lives is there a right one or is all of life a crap shoot and nothing really matters because every direction leads somewhere and whatever we find at … Continue reading

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Happiness…a poem

it seems to me that when we define HAPPINESS we can no longer find it there are no words to describe it it’s a feeling that once explained disappears like mist on aan early sunny morning

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