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I LOVE scruffy dogs…a poem

scruffy dogs
all fuzzy and wild
fur going every which way
tail wagging
excited to play
get pets
or just hang out
there’s something
about a
scruffy dog
that makes me
fall in love
at first sight



Photo:  Kanashi

I’d smile more if I could, but I can’t, because I’m smiling as hard as I can…a poem

two white-and-tan dogs

Photo:  gotdaflow


dogs are happy beings
wagging half their bodies
with joy
when they see the person
they love
dogs like to play
like to snuggle
like to catch things
like frisbees
and balls
and they like to carry
sometimes really BIG sticks
they like belly rubs
and hugs and kisses
they adore
hearing that they are
good dogs
because their main goal
in life
seems to be
making us happy
which in turn
makes them happy
cats think they’re crazy
but dogs don’t care

Choice…a poem…Becky Bell…a teenage girl

when choices
by others
we wear bracelets
with the names of girls
who died in back alley abortions
to remind people of what happens
when a female has no right
to safe health care
has no right to her own body
who is owned by the state
who is property
who in reality
has no choice at all

Becky Bell
died because the law
took away her right to choose a safe abortion
Becky Bell sought help
where she could find it
the price she paid
for not having a legal access
to health care
was death

that’s the only choice
she saw

our bracelets
all had
names on them

the conservatives
will never stop abortion
they’ll just add more names
on bracelets
because having a child isn’t really a choice
not if it’s someone else’s choice

they don’t care how many females die
they only care about control

Red…a poem

woman with red hair wearing black sunglasses

she said
her body
was a canvas
to use anyway she
so she had fun
and turned
into a
work of art


Photo:  Jordan Marchand

Mushrooms…a poem

selective focus photography of gray and white mushrooms

standing tall
they huddle together
delicate bule caps
for all to see
their beauty


Photo:  Alonso Romero


Watercolor, Portrait, Character, Girl

even with out eyes closed
we know it’s almost here
we can smell it
taste it
feel the warmer breeze
against our skin
and while winter
continues to hang around
especially at night
even he knows
his icy reign is over
is moving in


Picture:  Pixabay

The Universe…a poem.

Astronaut, Night, Sky, Star, The Galaxy

it might be fun
to play around
in the universe
headphones on
music blasting
checking out the stars
and rocking in planetary orbits
but of course
one could just
see what there is to see
in silence as well
if you’re into
that kind of thing
either way
I just hope
whoever goes first
doesn’t bring
a gun


Photo:  Pixabay

War…a poem

Blue and Yellow Letter B

the voice
of the people
goes unheard
as a tiny dictator
those he hates
the voice
of the people
never matters
when it comes to the
power hungry
men play
among themselves


Photo:  Anna Tis

Mary Beth…a poem

Good, Girls, Cloud, Star, Ladder

when Mary Beth was naughty
and sent to bed early
she spent her time
on a very tall ladder
hanging the moon
and a lot of stars
in the sky
she hung everything
from clouds
so they would move around
while she laid upside down
on her bed and watched them
her cat Isabella
would watch with her
until they both fell asleep
and dreamed of being



Picture:  Pixabay


red and black vacuum cleaner

and everything
long waits
short waits
in line waits
in traffic waits
life is just one long
wait after another
even the shopping cart
stands folded
waiting to be filled


Photo:  Rayson Tan

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