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The city…

there’s danger everywhere in a city even in the hives built to hold us hallways elevators stairwells can be full of monsters that’s why a person should always carry an attitude and be able to throw magic around it helps … Continue reading

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I think Mother Nature had a full pallet when she was painting Lorikeets a bit of this a bit of that and in no time at all She had a masterpiece

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Sometimes…a poem

sometimes hearts bleed around the edges they can’t contain themselves whether it’s because they are full of Love or full of Pain either way they just bleed

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Life…a poem

I think part of our problem is that we think life should make sense be neat have edges but the truth is life is messy it’s full of questions but no answers full of splatters and washes hiccups and lots … Continue reading

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Snow Leopards…a poem

the look in the cat’s eyes reflects the way I feel inside as if there’s nothing left knowing that being loved won’t be enough to save everything from extinction Picture from:  Pixabay

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Little and big…a poem

we are very tiny things who build very large things to make up for being so very very small and because we can which has gotten us into trouble more times than we will ever know and because for some … Continue reading

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Magic…a poem

If you believe in MAGIC then you know this lovely boathouse is floating through the universe along with its pier and tiny boat which is obviously for rowing through the stars anyone who really looks can see that

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