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I run with a pack if you look into my eyes you will see intelligence and emotion I’m not that different from you I love I suffer I feel peace and contentment joy and excitement will humans ever learn that … Continue reading

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Daycare for elephants…

daycare for elephants sure makes me smile cuz when they get tired they nap in a pile they always want goodies like peanuts and such I give them a lot but to them it’s not much they like to have … Continue reading

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Do you want to be happy…

If you want to be happy stop making excuses for not getting rid of the things that make you miserable

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Elephant…a poem

and when I touched her lovely face saw her beauty and her grace I put her in a special place inside my heart forever

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Kittens…a VERY short poem

if you could look into my heat surely you’d see kittens  

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The tree…a poem

the seed thought the cliff was a good place to grow the other trees the ones rooted to the ground told her that she would never grow in such a hostile environment YOU NEED EARTH TO PUT DOWN DEEP ROOTS … Continue reading

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The walk…

she waked down the beach her toes scrunching in the sand it was a bit overcast but she didn’t mind she was so happy she started to dance eventually she came to her favorite place she looked at the thick … Continue reading

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