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This is where the government keeps the truth…in places like this…we are not allowed to enter, or know anything. None of US are authorized persons.

Free Signage Stock Photo

Photo:  Pew Nguyen

A short story, about sprinkles. Neon sign.

Free Red neon signboard with inscription hanging on wall in dark public place at night Stock Photo

“I’d like a dozen plain donuts, than you,” he said, tapping his fingers on the counter.

“No sprinkles on any of them?” she asked, frowning at him.

“No.  All of them plain.”

“But sprinkles are special, they add color and fun.”

“I like them plain.”

“Okay,” she said, starting to put plain donuts into a box.  “The only reason I even have plain ones are because they haven’t been sprinkled yet.”


“I have a couple chocolate donuts without sprinkles, do you want one, or two?”

“What do you have against plain donuts?” he asked.

“Nothing, really.”

“I like them with coffee in the morning.  Not too sweet, and besides, the sprinkles are messy.”

“True,” she said.  “They can be messy.”

“And I’m not into frosting either.”

“Not even chocolate?”

“No, not even that.”

“Wow.  You’re really hard core.”

“I guess I am,” he said, smiling.

“I’ll thrown in an extra one, for luck.”

“Thanks,” he said, handing her the money.  “Do you eat donuts with lots of sprinkles?”

“Nope.  I like ’em plain.”

Non-stop, a short story

a neon sign that says non stop hanging from a window

“A lot of people in other countries think Americans work non-stop.  Constantly moving, doing things, usually multitasking, never relaxing or having two hour lunches with friends, laughing and enjoying each other and life in general,” he said.  “I think they’re right.”

“Every culture is different,” she mumbled.

“Their way seems more friendly, more relaxing.”

She shrugged. “Maybe.  But it’s hard to know, since understanding the ways of another country is almost impossible.  One has to be indoctrinated from birth to really get what’s going on.   But we are a consumer society, greedy and competitive.  It’s sad when people come here expecting an American Dream, or streets paved with gold.  Some actually say it’s worse here than where they came from.”

“I’ve heard people say our country is getting more and more like Germany before the war.  Hard to argue with them, since things have changed so much and we no longer have privacy and the government works for itself, against us.”

“But,” she said, smiling, “it’s a beautiful day and there’s a butterfly over there.  The sky is blue and no poisonous com trails are running across it.  We are still able to assemble, even though there are only two of us, without being arrested and…”

“I think that will eventually change,” he said.

“I think so too,” she agreed.  “But we may as well enjoy the tiny moment we have, rather than waste it thinking about how we are no longer free, if we ever really were.”

“A country made of cards.  Not just a house,” he said.

“Absolutely.  If you could go anywhere,” she asked, “where would you want to go?”

“Time travel?” he asked, excitedly.  “To the past or the future?”


“Can it be fictional?” he he asked.

“Um, no because then you’ll just say you want to be on the Enterprise in Star Trek.

“Okay, give me a minute,” he said, closing his eyes.  “Let me think.”

“It’s going to be dark soon,” she laughed, poking him.

“The fifties.  I’d want to go back to the fifties and be eighteen.  Before tech, I’d have a 57 Chevy, and I’d want to know everything I know now,” he said, grinning.  “Think about it.  Levi’s, white t-shirts, with cigarettes rolled up in the sleeves.  Cool.  No camera’s watching me, no phones in my pockets.  Just freedom.”

“I get that,” she said, nodding.  “That was supposed to have been a good time to be a teenager, even if it was a bit repressive.”

“How about you?” he asked.  “When would you like to be?”

“Two places,” she said.  “Paris with Sylvia Beach, the artists, writers and poets.  I’d also like to be in the future.  Maybe five hundred years from now, or a thousand.”

“There might not be a future,” he said.

“I know, but if there is one, I’d like to see it.”

“Do you think most of us go non-stop?”

“Definitely,” she said.  “People lay in bed at night playing with their phones. I think we are disconnecting from each other at an alarming rate, due to tech. There’s always a screen in front of us, or air pods in our ears.  The noise doesn’t stop.  People don’t need real friends, they can have pretend friends and experiences. Social skills will fall to the wayside. That will serve the bad guys well, since our sense of community will be dead.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Let’s go,” she said, standing up, looking around.  “I love this park.  The trees are beautiful.”

“Well, enjoy it.  I’ve heard they are going to tear it down and put up a parking lot.”


Photo:  Georgi Kalaydzhiev


A very short story…a sign.

brown and black wooden wall decor

“Hi,” she said. “I’d like to place an order, please.”

“Sure, what would you like?” he asked.

“I’d like a new government run by women, an end to war and disease, as well as an end to all violence. I want all animals to be treated with love and respect and not eaten or murdered for any reason.”

“Is that it?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“It will be about twenty minutes.  Would you like an order of fries while you wait?

“That would be lovely,” she said smiling.  “I’ll just wait over here.  The chairs look comfortable.”

“Here’s your receipt,” he said, tearing off the bottom of her order.

She nodded and sat down.


Don’t you wish this was a real possibility?  That we could walk up to a sign that read, ORDER HERE, and order anything we wanted to order?  And…we would get it.


Photo:  Sean Thomas


Dumbest question I’ve ever seen…how long do you have? Just a few things I want, in no particular oder

an end to war and violence

an end to hunger and thirst

an end to sexism and all the other isms


an end to corruption in government


an end to the destruction of the environment and all living things

an end to weapons of war, street guns, bombs and everything that exists just for destruction

an end to poverty

an end to classism

an end to religion

an end of lies and secrets that keep the masses in the dark

an end to hatred

an end to animal suffering

an end to working until a person dies

an end to working and having the government, insurance companies, etc., take all of the money
you earn

I want more JOY


more time to HAVE FUN

more time for FAMILY AND FRIENDS

more time to just be

MORE CREATIVITY as a way of life

an end to fear

an end to disease and suffering

an end to intolerance

an end to the two party system

an end to having to vote for the least horrific person running for any office

I want a new form of government

an end to oil spills and the destruction of our oceans and waterways

an end to greed and selfishness

an end to the liars who experiment on innocent people to make more money.

an end to the poisoning of our food  (our food is so horrible other countries won’t import it…we are literally being poisoned by the things we eat and drink)

an end to GMO’s

an end to being constantly kept in the dark

an end to factory farming

I want a respect for nature, all living beings and the earth itself


this is just a start of my list…I’m sure you have a list as well.


Photo:  Unaplash/Getty Images


This pretty much describes our entire existence…never lost always here.

white and black signage

Photo:  Eileen Pan


a person holding a sign with a picture of a man behind it

Photo:  Jon Tyson

In case you’re wondering…


Photo:  Nick Fewings


Stand up for women…

Cropped photo. Group of feminist women have protest for their rights outdoors.

Very bad things will be happening in America…soon.

black abuse of power comes as no surprise signage

Photo:  Samatha Sophia

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