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Book: Legendary Artists and the clothes they wore. It looks SOOO good. Can’t wait to read it.


I never make resolutions, since I don’t have the slightest idea how to live with rules.  I find it difficult to make myself “do” things I don’t want to do, so it’s insane to think I would ever make a rule and actually follow it.  Besides, the things I want to change are kind of out of my control.  I want winter to last one week and the temp never to drop below 34 degrees.  I want more sunshine. I want war to stop.  I want the government to be gutted and a new form of working together started. I want freedom for all of us and I want animals to be safe from our horrific clutches.  I want people to be happy, clothed, sheltered, fed and safe from harm.  I want fear to be the least dominant emotion that drags people down.  I want crushing loss and sadness to eventually go away.  I want everyone to have a voice.  I want Factory Farms shut down and the animals given good homes.  I want the people who owned them and the people who worked there to be put in jail.  I want those who do animal testing to be tested upon.  I want chocolate to be so good for us that we have to eat it with every meal, as well as for snacks.  I want people to be trustworthy and ethical.  I want artists to be able to make a living with their art.  I want those in government to be paid minimum wage and have the same insurance they give to those who have no money.  I want a better quality of food with no GMOs and poison.  I want kindness to be common.  I want men to stop violence against women and children.  I want religion to disappear and the catholic church held accountable for it’s crimes against all people.  I want rapist priests jailed for life and those they harmed compensated by the church.  I want equality to be normal.  I want racism and sexism to end, along with gay bashing and laws that stop people from being able to marry the one’s they love.  I want manners and common courtesy to return.  I want more independent bookstores to come back.  I want Amazon to not be the only store in town.  I want hunters to be hunted.  I want nurses to stop working double shifts so they don’t harm patients because they are exhausted.  I want greed to disappear and I want generosity to take it’s place.  I want teachers who care about kids to be able to actually teach.  I want the lies of HIStory to be told.  I want clean air, water, and a respect for the earth/environment to be utmost in our world plan.  I wan’t patriarchy to die a quick and final death.  I want equality, justice and freedom for all people.  I want tyrants eliminated.  I want products made from animals to be considered a crime against all species.  These are just some of the things I want for the New Year.  I’m not holding my breath.


My wish for 2018 is that more and more people become vegetarians and stop the torture, suffering and slaughter of animals. That hunting is banned and that people wake up and see that what they have been taught to believe is okay, clearly, it is not and hat we protect the habitats and lives of animals in the wild.



I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful New Year and that all your hopes and dreams come true.

Another year waiting in the wings…


You can tell that time is flexible, since some people will be in 2018 before us.  Time, just another made up thing.  We could decide that a year was twelve weeks long, or seventy-two weeks long, and the “Year Police,” wouldn’t do anything about our fooling around with how many weeks we subtracted or added.  Someone tells us when the seasons begin and end but the seasons come and go whenever they feel like it.  Sometimes they don’t show up at all.  Spring has skipped Chicago a number of times, never caring that we expected it to show up on a certain day, or at all.

Animals aren’t going out tonight.  They aren’t doing anything special because they know that it’s just another day and there is no such thing as aYEAR, just time moving on.  They know things happen when they happen.  They don’t name everything they just live.

Animals don’t need calendars, or weatherpeople.  They leave an area when an earthquake is coming, They leave when they sense danger. They are in tune with the earth and are not caught with their fur and feathers down, so to speak.  They don’t need watches or clocks.  Because they are true to themselves and part of nature, they don’t have to rely on artificial means to know what’s going on.  As a species, we have broken away from our true natures, and from the earth, so we use artificial gadgets to keep us aware of what’s happening.  The weatherpeople are a joke, wrong most of the time.  We train our bodies to get up and go to sleep at certain times, not following our natural rhythms or cycles.  We force things, while animals go with the flow.  We’re tired and they aren’t.  We long for free time and aside from finding food, animals lay around, play and enjoy their free time doing whatever they like.  I can admit that they are more intelligent than we are…following their own nature and living in harmony with the earth.  We screw everything up, force things to bend to our will.  We have CHOSEN the hamster wheel, whereas, they have chosen freedom.  They have chosen life, we have chosen rules and death, in all it’s forms.  We do this to ourselves.  It’s all about choices.,

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