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The question…

Alice, why would you leave wonderland wall art

Well, as Dorothy said,  “There’s no place like home, even if you don’t have a pair of red sequin shoes.”  I mean Oz wasn’t a very normal place either, although Dorothy was pulled up by a tornado and I fell down into a rabbit hole.  They aren’t that different, right?

I didn’t really mind Wonderland’s strangeness, except for the Tweedles, of course, but the weirdness was starting to become a bit too tedious.  I suppose I was getting bored.   And Wonderland would be different for each person who made it down the Rabbit Hole.  My experience wouldn’t be like anyone else’s.  I mean, naturally the Queen of Hearts would still be there, but she might be much nicer, for someone else.  And Mad Hatter might not be mad at all, maybe just a little angry.  I think the caterpillar and the door mouse would be the same, but I don’t know that for a fact.   I’m sure they’ll still have tea parties.  Yes, I can almost guarantee that the tea parties will continue.

And speaking of the Queen…her tarts weren’t all that good and it was cruel to play croquet with flamingos.  I mean, really.  Who does that?  The King was absolutely useless, but then I suppose he wanted to keep his head.

There’s basically no privacy in Wonderland.  Not with the Cat fading in and out all the time, and I’m not all that sure how big the place is.  If I had to guess, I’d say it was rather…small and the paths just keep winding around themselves.

It’s not fun being stretched and growing so quickly.  My neck was far to long.  For the most part, however, everyone in Wonderland was rather polite, unless they were trying to manipulate or kill me.

I The White Rabbit very much.  He promised to visit when he could.  His real name is Eddie, by the way, and his dream is to one day own a Harley.  I don’t see how that’s ever going to happen, but everyone needs a big, dream, don’t you agree?

Now that I’m back, I’m not sure I made the right decision.  I think I can find the Rabbit Hole again, so I might be able to return to Wonderland, if I ever feel like going back..  Right now,  I’m thinking about writing a book about my experiences.  Kind of a Peter Rabbit on steroids.  If I do write a story, I’m not sure I’ll include the Tweedles.  They’re just so creepy…I mean seriously creepy, like Jack Nicholson, Shining, creepy.

I’ll let you know about the book, but I have to run…Dorthy is coming over for lunch.


Photo:  Max Kobus



The real Alice, her rabbit…Wonderland

Woman in Red Shirt Kissing White Cat

alice didn’t fall
down the rabbit hole
she jumped
she was trying
to escape the
in which she lived
the rabbit
was merely
the one
who led her to
once in
she knew
she could
go back
and her overwhelming
to the rabbit
for leading her to
never waned


Photo:  Ahactacnr Bekkep

The story of Alice in Wonderland would have been quite different if she would have caught the White Rabbit…

Unrecognizable child in casual dress embracing funny white bunny while standing on light blurred background as Easter celebration and child adventure concept

Photo:  Senia Chemaya


Graffiti, Alice In Wonderland, Art

Alice took a coffee break
the flamingoes close at hand
the cards fluttered all around her
but she remained calm
after the huge fight
she had just been in
The Queen of Hearts
was portrayed as a
Nasty Bitch
but her husband
got a pass
when she had all the
for running things
and keeping everything
she was strong
and quite busy
she loved tarts
that part is true
but everything else is a lie
you should know that by now
men portray strong women
as shrews
in fact
they are just more clever
and capable
than men are
so male hatred
into everything
they do
that concerns
females who are
running the show
but I’m Alice
I was there
and I can tell you
what you read is
is nothing by lies
the Queen of Heart
saved Wonderland
while her husband
snorted coke and ate Magic Mushrooms
and did absolutely NOTHING
to help anyone
so pay attention
and give her the credit
she’s due
the Queen of Hearts
is the SHERO
of the story
she’s the SHERO
of Wonderland
don’t ever
forget that


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