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This shouldn’t be a scary picture…but it is…if you’re female.

Photo:  William Justen de Vasconcellos

It was -11 degrees, with the wind chill when I went walking this morning…

I tried to find a picture of a woman walking, that looked ANYTHING like the place or way I walk, and failed.  I don’t walk with dogs, wolves, other people, in the mountains, on the beach, or in heels and suits.  Even the silhouettes have dogs in them and women with skirts, or dresses from the 1800’s.  It’s insane.  I don’t live in the country or on the coast, or in the mountains.

Anyway, It was 11 below zero, but I got up, dressed, fed Emmie, had a bagel and left.  It was beautiful outside.  Reason:  the wind was only 6 miles an hour and the SUN WAS OUT!  The sun was out, that’s why it was so cold.  Can’t catch a break.  If the sun’s out, it’s freezing, if it’s dark, the clouds hold what little warmth there is…in.

Anyway, I know myself, and if I skip a day, it’s easier to skip another, so I make myself go everyday, unless the streets are completely icy.  I did have to walk in the middle of the street, at times, but it was a quiet street, no cars.

The bottom line is…that it was beautiful outside, and I was mesmerized by the the sparkling diamonds not only on the snow, but in the asphalt on the streets.  There’s something in that stuff that glitters so beautifully, it’s hard to look at anything else.  It was magical.

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