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Okay, so…

So many times people believe what they read in books written by “experts,” psychologists/sociologists and well, the rest of those in the fields of human behavior.  Personally, I believe all of their work is just filtered through their own POV, life experience, where they came from, and  what their own personality flaws/problems are (think Sigmund). And, we must always take into consideration, the time in which the books are written.  People think that because the authors have a certain degree, wear a white coat, or did a number of studies, that they have definitive answers.  It’s not true.  Look at all the out-of-date books written by just such people.  They were wrong, times change, and what they said may have only been true for a very few, even in their own time.

There are so many personality quirks that make people impossible to put into boxes.  If what the authors wrote was true, people would be “helped, ” or “changed,” or whatever.  But they aren’t because the authors, no matter how diligent, can’t possibly cover everyone, every situation or circumstance.  The “experts,” are just like everyone else.  They may, or may not have problems exactly like the people they study.  Divorce counselors are often divorced, yet they think they can help other people stay married.  Priests have written things on family, marriage and children, yet they have no experience, other than rape but they don’t write about that.

I don’t think we should automatically believe that “experts,” know what they are talking about.  I think that’s dangerous and harmful.  People start labeling others, according to the criteria they read in a book.  Every single situation is different.

Of course, now and then something will be right…even a broken clock is right twice a day, as the saying goes.  But we can’t take what the “experts” say seriously.  Their “results,” are limited and all research is suspect to begin with.  We know that anything we look at, changes because we are looking at it. Particle/wave.  No researcher can escape her/his own world view/vision/prejudices/expectations.

I love it when an author states things as FACTS, when clearly, they are not.  The FACTS can make people sick.  Those who believe the facts are true, may self diagnose, think there’s something wrong, when there isn’t.

Yes, some people are sick.  Yes, some people need help.  The thing is, one answer doesn’t fit all.  Again, look at the books in our past, even just the past few years.  They read like a joke.  That’s because they are.  Always remember Dr. Spock.  The wonderful baby doctor who was the first man to write a book on children/parenting.  In it he described how to care for a child.  How to raise one.  How to do this and how to do that.  How to recognize illnesses.  Then he had a child of his own.  He came out to the public and APOLOGIZED to everyone, saying that he had no idea what it was like to raise a child and what he BELIEVED would work…did not work at all.  That’s the truth.  What the authors/”experts,” think will work, might not work at all, because, like Dr. Spock, theories and experiments, are not the same as what’s going on with individuals in the real world.

The real world is far too complex to say anything for certain.  That’s just ego.  That’s just people wanting to be right, to sell something, to get grant money.  Even a simple trait would be different in people who lived in a city and those who lived in the country.  Huge differences in how people react to things.  Just that one difference would have to be taken into account in any recommendation for anything.

All I’m saying is that there are no “experts.”  There are just people doing a job, like everyone else.  The medical profession still can’t understand that what works on men, doesn’t work on women.  If it were reversed, you better believe that something would be done about the kind of care men received.  See, that sexist outlook is pervasive in EVERYTHING the “experts” do/write/study.  That’s exactly why you can’t believe them. They forget that they’re only human.  Some of them think they’re gods.  They aren’t.

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