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Last month, The Art Institute of Chicago…

“fired” all of it’s volunteers.  Mostly “well-to-do older white women,” to be exact.  They felt there were just “too many white women.”  Well trained, experienced, knowledgeable, greeters, tour guides, etc.  Now the jobs will go to other groups who will be paid to do the same thing the volunteers did.

I wonder how many white men are on the board, and if we can fire them?  We need diversity in every area, and I think we should start at the top.  It only makes sense.  But I suppose it’s easier to get rid of women, since no matter their color, or background, women are always treated as if they are disposable.

I hope they don’t fire the lions.

Photo: Dylan La Pierre

Chicago at night…a poem

aerial photo of concrete buildings

is a part of me
as I am part of Her
She’s majestic
and strong
She never sleeps
and if you know how to
you can hear the beating of
Her heart


Photo:  Benjamn Suter

Okay, so…

Every time I wonder why I’ve never lived anywhere but CHICAGO, I mean even the dinosaurs were confused, asking what the blond thing walking around was doing there– surviving the winters, and DARKNESS– I think…somewhere the sun is actually shining and it’s WARM.

So, today I was happy about the sun being out, and celebrating the hot 35 degree day, but I was also thinking about Holly telling me about the flowers BLOOMING where she lives.  I looked outside at the dirty snow and mud.  Hmmm…

Anyway, I was moving the dust around, pretending to clean (it’s hard to clean when one is always looking through books), and I picked up my favorite book on CHICAGO (see below).

I opened the book and immediately fell madly in love, just like I always do whenI see pictures of the city.  Not only that, the quotes all stuck in my throat, one on top of another, because they were perfect and they were the reasons I was here and they were…me.

It is possible to become the place you live.  When that happens, there is no difference between yourself and the city, or place.  Maybe most of us do that.  I think it’s true for those who love where they are.

Obama said, “Let me tell you something.  I’m from Chicago.  I don’t break.”

I read that and my heart fluttered, recognizing the truth of it.

Studs (Terkel) said, “Chicago is America’s dream, writ large and flamboyantly.  It has-as they used to whisper of the town’s fast women-a reputation. ”

Mike Royko said, “One of the hallmarks of Chicago is that we do so many things in an original manner.  What other city has made a river flow backwards?  What other city makes traffic flow backwards?”

Nelson Algren (he loved the city), said, “Chicago is an October sort of city, even in spring.”

Seriously, who could ever argue with THAT?”

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Eventually, I think that Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the modern world.”

Those are just a couple of quotes that made me see the mud in a new way.  LOLOL  Okay, I would live in Paris for awhile, that’s true.  At least I think I would.  Maybe I wouldn’t like it there, if I had all the time in the world, instead of two weeks at a time, but I really can’t imagine that.

Anyway, this, book is beautiful and for those of you who want to see what Chicago looks like, from different angles, in all weather, from different photographers…you really need to see this.

Okay, so…

Architecture, Chicago, Buildings, City

I just looked at Bored Panda and there was a thing on there about the Midwest.  I thought Chicago was in the midwest, but now I don’t think it is.  All the things they said about midwesterners were things I NEVER said, or ever heard.

I admit that we do think 47 degrees is practically summer and I also admit that we sometimes get excited when we see a cow.  Having said that, the cows we see are PAINTED and standing on MICHIGAN AVENUE getting their picture taken with tourists.  But I have seen a real cow in the “country,” on the way to somewhere else…like Wisconsin, or Geneva.   We do talk about the wind making everything colder, because IT DOES.  Pot holes are a given.

I don’t know what ope means.  No idea at all.  I don’t even know what 90% of the things on that site mean.  NO ONE EVER SAID, “Y’ALL. ” I’ve only heard it once, from someone who wasn’t from here.

I don’t know what it’s like downstate, or anywhere else, but after reading the post, I’m positive that Chicago, and her suburbs, are no longer part of the “Midwest.”  Seriously, different world completely.   COMPLETELY.  When we say our neighbor we DO MEAN THE PERSON A COUPLE OF FEET AWAY from our house/apartment, not two miles away.

And when they described the Midwestern states with one word…they left Illinois BLANK.  Hahahahaha  I’m not sure why.  Maybe they didn’t want to put down corrupt, or violent, or beautiful, or skyscrapers, or FABULOUS.  Whatever the reason…we got nothin’.  🙂

The one thing we do sometimes say is, “You guys.”  But they didn’t mention that.  I think that’s just a Chicago thing, or it was, when I was growing up.

Picture of Chicago from:  Pixabay

Third largest snowfall in Chicago history…the last picture is Emily’s house. It’s going to keep snowing until 11 p.m.


We, in the Chicago area, are supposed to get 11, yes, ELEVEN more inches of snow, starting this afternoon around four.  That’s on top of the snow already on the ground.  And more is coming.

What fun.  Not!

A friend of mine called and said they are warning people that if they go out tonight to be sure and have food, water, blankets and a flashlight in their car.  It’s never a good thing to hear that.

Apparently Mother Nature has been playing with us, leading us to believe that this was going to be one of the best winters ever.  She started out with a fall ice storm and then calmed down and things have been blissful.  Now, however, she’s decided that she’s been nice long enough, and all bets are off.  Sigh.

It seems ridiculous that we can’t steer the planet. I mean then we could just turn it toward the SUN, once in awhile.  It only seems fair.  But no. The planet pretty much does whatever it feels like doing, and we’re just along for the ride.  I mean it’s not as if we can go anywhere else, right?  I still can’t believe we all live on a rock flying through space and all we do is kill everything.  How crazy are we?  Never mind, it was a rhetorical question.

Is it spring yet?

Photo:  Aditya Vyas

Sheep in the yard…

Sheep, Lamb, Mammal, Animal, Meadow

sheep in the yard

hard for a city kid
to imagine

there were no
when I looked
out of my window

not in

no fuzzy friends
behind the
apartment buildings
or bungalows
not a single sheep
in any of the
standing on the

just squirrels
sitting on our laps
begging for
whatever we had
to eat

so squirrels
are the
we loved

we would have loved
sheep too
if we had
had any

but all we ever had



A few of Chicago’s giants…I LOVE them so much. (reblog from a couple of summers ago)

Okay, so…

A friend of mine just called and said the Head of the Police Union called and asked for the feds to be sent to Chicago.  You can look him up and see what kind of a record he has.

It’s terrible when you can’t trust the people you work with.  No one wants another Oregon here, but this guy took it upon himself to set the city up.  At least that’s what she heard.  It’s so disappointing.  I can’t imagine how Lightfoot feels about this, or even the other cops.

Apparently Oregon appealed to the courts to get the feds out of their state, since they are causing so much violence, but their request was denied, which only goes to prove that the states don’t have any real power over what happens in and to them, even when whats happening is causing so much trouble.

I’d like to meet the guy who said, “May you live in interesting times.”

A Texas hospital is sending people home to die, if they don’t think they can save them, because they can’t take care of them.  They are overwhelmed, the ICU is overflowing.  A doctor said, “We’re drowning here.”  And a 5 year-old just died from the virus, also in Texas  So, while the president tells everyone that things are looking really good across the country, while he tells everyone that kids can’t get it, or spread it, he just looks more and more insane.

I don’t know how they can open schools.  No one knows what’s going to happen if they do.  It’s a tough time to be a parent, no doubt about it.  You have to make decisions based on who lives your home as well.  Grandparents, people with compromised immune systems.

One teacher said she’s taking out life insurance.  Opening schools will put a lot of adults in danger.  Teaching staff, office workers, cleaning crews, bus drivers, lunchroom personnel, and others.  Not to mention the kids themselves.  You can’t keep them 6 feet apart all the time, especially when they’re outside.  I know the kids need to go to school, I just don’t know what the cost of sending them will be.


Chicago and trump…

trump wants war and he’s coming to BLUE state Chicago to start one.

He has hated Chicago since our last mayor wouldn’t let him take undocumented workers, and let their kids die on cement slabs and destroy families.  Chicago is a Sanctuary City and trump wanted that title removed.  Emanuel, told him to try it, and he backed off.  Besides, the FBI was already here.

I believe trump is doing this because of his dislike for the city and because he wants to show how powerful he is, so that people vote for him.  He’s a bully and likes shoving people around.  Guess what?   Chicagoans know how to shove back.

Now hundreds of feds, DEA, SWAT and guys who can beat and spray people are being sent, to stop the violence with more violence and the threat of violence.

There’s a worry that the TOOPS won’t work WITH the CPD but do OTHER things with immigrants and undocumented workers.

What Chicago needs is FEDERAL MONEY to put into poor neighborhoods…but trump WON’T SEND THAT.  Instead, he’ll send violence, so he can get off on the things he loves…power, and being a bully.

Chicago needs a lot of things, but it doesn’t need more guns and guys carrying them.

I hope we don’t have a war in the city.  I have a bad feelings that a lot of people are going to be beaten and killed by the guys they’re sending.  I don’t doubt that some of them might die as well.

Maybe the gangs, and other’s, will beat back the well armed, well trained, people who are being sent here to start that war.  And I do believe that’s their real mission.  The thing is…the well armed guys don’t KNOW THE CITY.  THAT is an important issue that will work for the gangs and other gun carrying Chicagoans.  

I hate the violence in the city.  It needs to end.  Innocent people are dying everyday.  The way it needs to be stopped is by ending racism and poverty.  WE NEED NATIONAL GUN LAWS BUT THE NRA WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN, so no one is going to do anything about that, no matter how many school shootings there are, no matter how many kids march, and no matter how many people die.

The kind of help CHICAGO needs is financial and corporate.  The city needs to build up the neighborhoods that have been decimated by inequality and poverty for generations.  WE DON’T NEED MORE GUNS, the city needs MORE MONEY.  Money to help small businesses stay open.  But the packages go to big rich companies who are friends with the big rich people, not to the poor independent shop owners who are struggling to survive.  The neighborhoods in trouble need food stores and other businesses they need affordable housing, better schools, and more resources for kids and families.

The city has a lot of problems, but more violence isn’t going to help any of them.   How many more people need to disappear off the streets, put into unmarked cars and be taken away, by government guys wearing camouflage uniforms?  Where is the person they arrested?  What’s is going on with that?  They lied and said the men were surrounded, but the video shows that there was no one around them except other than the person trying to ask the guy what his name was.

trump said there will be a lot of arrests and people will be put away “for a very long time.”  He needs to go away for a very long time but, of course, that’s not going to happen, because he has MONEY and the neighborhoods he’s going into are poor and powerless…that’s why they have guns and violence to begin with.

This is a really bad idea.  If the guys being sent here, don’t do as they are told by the city, it’s not going to go well.  I think they’re under orders to do very bad things.

I hope I’m wrong.  I’m not sure what they’re planning on doing.  Arresting gang members?  Drug pushers?  Those who killed people in the street?  Are these guys trained to work with gangs?  Because the gang members, and others who have guns, aren’t the enemy on foreign soil, they’re still Americans, and they live HERE, in NEIGHBORHOODS were regular people live.  I hope more innocent people don’t die.

All of us have to take responsibility for how poverty stricken neighborhoods are left out.  How they have no voice, no opportunities.  How can we be surprised at the violence that erupts in them?  How can we be surprised that gangs flourish in those areas?


And what will we do differently?  WILL THE GOVERNMENT SUDDENLY SEND MONEY TO MAKE THINGS BETTER WHEN THEY LEAVE HERE?  Yeah, I don’t think so either.

trump must be jumping up and down with excitement right now.  I bet he won’t even be able to sleep.

Mayor Lightfood must be freaking out.  If she loses control of these trumped up troops. OMG

Truthfully, I can’t imagine what theses people plan on doing.  Going into neighborhoods and trying to find guys?   If people who live here don’t want to be found…good luck.

This is going to be a summer to remember.   Those troops don’t know what they’re in for.

trump plans on sending troops into other cities as well.   He wants the country to burn and he wants to light the fire. 

Oregon wants the feds gone, since they are making everything WORSE.  trump refuses to take them out.  Why would he?  He’s having fun.

Maybe the gangs from Detroit will drive down here to see if they can help out.  Who knows.  Anything is possible.

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