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Sheep in the yard…

sheep in the yard hard for a city kid to imagine there were no wooly ewes or lambs grazing when I looked out of my window not in Chicago no fuzzy friends baaaaaaing behind the apartment buildings or bungalows not … Continue reading

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A few of Chicago’s giants…I LOVE them so much. (reblog from a couple of summers ago)

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Okay, so…

A friend of mine just called and said the Head of the Police Union called and asked for the feds to be sent to Chicago.  You can look him up and see what kind of a record he has. It’s … Continue reading

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Chicago and trump…

trump wants war and he’s coming to BLUE state Chicago to start one. He has hated Chicago since our last mayor wouldn’t let him take undocumented workers, and let their kids die on cement slabs and destroy families.  Chicago is … Continue reading

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One hundred people were shot over the weekend.  Fourteen dead, including toddlers.  I don’t think anyone can understand why these things keep happening, unless they’re in it, part of it.  Looking at it from outside, it won’t make any sense.  … Continue reading

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Chicago…Our beautiful flag is on the right…

Chicago has an ATTITUDE.  I’m sure every city does.  The ATTITUDE, at least for some of us who were born and raised here, and never left, is one of, “OH YEAH?  TRY ME.” That Chicago Attitude is reflected beautifully in … Continue reading

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Okay, so…politics in Chicago…same old, same old.

There is a petition to get BILLIONAIRE Gov. Pritzker out of office.  They want to “RECALL” him.  I think that’s a great idea, but when I read WHY they want him out, I didn’t see the reasons I wanted him … Continue reading

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Sears Tower (AKA Willis) has no power. There’s 6 feet of water in the basement and com ed can’t get in there. We have broken records for rain. Lots of stairs…lots and lots of stairs. .

picture:  Pixabay.com

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A couple of new PBS shows on gun violence in Chicago…

https://interactive.wttw.com/firsthand/gun-violence https://www.pbs.org/show/firsthand-gun-violence/ This is unacceptable.  It has always been unacceptable.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and I’ve never had to live the way the people in these stories live, because I’m white and live in a different neighborhood.  … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Last night I turned on channel 11 for a second and there were four women on the screen and an interviewer asking questions.  The four women were talking about violence.  I missed most of the program and came in at … Continue reading

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