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Last weekend in Chicago…

  10 dead 29 wounded in shootings across Chicago Advertisements

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Okay, so…

I write a lot about Chicago.  I do that because I love Her.  People write about their kids and I write about my city.  The city has changed tremendously, since I was a child and not all of that has … Continue reading

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sitting on a rooftop staring at the stars that still had the guts to shine through the pollution she listened to the rapid heartbeat of the city   I love you she whispered holding out her arms and the city’s … Continue reading

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They have a beautiful koi pond at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago…I love the way the ceiling structure is reflected in the pond and the koi are like beautiful jewels swimming in the water…3 pictures

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Ferns…The Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago 4 pictures

The ferns are very happy.  People are drenched.  This is the room where the fairies live…in the nooks and crevices.  You can see their patios and their part places.  They only come out at night because that’s when the humans … Continue reading

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This is from my friend Candy…she lives in downstate Illinois…if you’re thinking of moving to IL, you might want to read this…

https://www.illinoispolicy.org/story/home-is-where-the-hurt-is-how-property-taxes-are-crushing-illinois-middle-class/ My taxes are around $10,000 and Debbie’s are $15,00 a year.  I live in Cook County and she lives in Lake County.

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From last summer…trees have leaves.

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