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Things to come…Chicago style.

it’s 87 degrees right now
the sun is out
the trees are green
the above picture
was taken
at The Chicago Botanic Garden
during the winter
I have no idea
why my cousin and I went there
when there was that much snow
but we did
lost a glove
laughing and freezing
for a few hours
I just saw the picture
and I’m hoping
this winter will be

Okay, so…cities

So, here’s the thing.  I read so may blogs that have gorgeous photographs of forests and streams and words that tell everyone about the beauty of nature and how peaceful it is and how calming and wonderful (that, was a run on sentence).

But I rarely, see anyone writing about the majesty and beauty of cities…of skyscrapers, or the noise and wonder of millions of people, mostly getting along, or ignoring each other.

When I’m downtown (Chicago) I love to stand on the corner across from The Art Institute and just close my eyes and take it all in.  The music of cars and voices, the smell of gas fumes, and flowers, hot tar and horns.  It’s fabulous and makes my heart skip a beat, not because I’m being poisoned, but because I LOVE IT!  I love skyscrapers.  I love being in skyscrapers and looking out at the city/lake.  I love the crowds, the noise and the incredible dance of people avoiding each other on the sidewalks.  I love all of it.  I love the huge flower baskets, the banners, the Bean, the Bandstand.  I love the LAKE.  I grew up at the North Avenue Beach.  I love the rocks and I LOVE the pigeons and the people who feed them.  I love the city.  It’s calming, energizing, fulfilling and MY lake is as sweet as any stream, even it it does eat people and keep them forever.  There’s a dangerous vibe, a love of life feeling, a mixing and mashing of cultures, art is everywhere, and again, the pigeons, who have a city attitude. And yes, the attitude is wonderful and familiar and it’s toughness and brutal and kind and sweet and it gives me so much more than a quiet day in the woods could ever give me.

I took this picture a couple summers ago.  So beautiful to me.  Standing next to a skyscraper makes me feel safe and puts people in their place as the tiny ants that they are.  The huge buildings are sentinels who guard the city and Her people.  Sure, there can be violence, but there’s violence in the woods as well.  It’s all about what you’re used to.  It’s all about what you love and know.

There’s beauty in everything, and everything feeds someone, fills their needs, wants, desires, idea of beauty.  Not everyone loves forests and streams.  They can actually creep some of us out, creating feelings of isolation and impending doom.

I know some people hate cities.  I can understand that.  The thing is, no one gives cities enough credit, so I just thought I’d let everyone know that cities can create their own kind of peaceful beauty.  You can listen to its sounds, that are just as calming as a babbling brook, if that’s what you’re used to.  If that’s what makes you smile.

Chicago is just a different kind of wilderness.  Wild, untamed and definitely mine.  It makes me feel invincible.





Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson


Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Chicago and a huge reason not to live here…

River, Bridges, Buildings, Structures

According to the weatherpeople, we have had 2, yes TWO days of full sun, ALL SPRING.  We are mole people.  Blah.

Photo:  Pixabay


Chicago is 185 years old, TODAY.

Date Of Birth, Heaven, Balloon, Clouds

From the expressway…traffic was…gaper’s block. I love how the buildings/skyscrapers sneak up on one and look like Lego structures, from so far away.



Neon, Light, Night, Wall, Electricity

life is like
in Chicago
you know the sun is there
but you can’t
or touch it
the sun
a huge
flaming star
can’t seem to burn it’s way
through the clouds
and if you listen carefully
you can hear the clouds
laughing as they spread
their darkness over the land
and life
by the way
is nothing more than an
it’s not something
you can hold in your hand
or point to
life is ethereal
it’s something
we collectively
agree exists
so life is what we call
whatever this is
we’re doing
because humans
hate to admit
they don’t have
a clue
as to what’s
really going on


Picture:  Pixabay

CHICAGO…in the summer.

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson

Last month, The Art Institute of Chicago…

“fired” all of it’s volunteers.  Mostly “well-to-do older white women,” to be exact.  They felt there were just “too many white women.”  Well trained, experienced, knowledgeable, greeters, tour guides, etc.  Now the jobs will go to other groups who will be paid to do the same thing the volunteers did.

I wonder how many white men are on the board, and if we can fire them?  We need diversity in every area, and I think we should start at the top.  It only makes sense.  But I suppose it’s easier to get rid of women, since no matter their color, or background, women are always treated as if they are disposable.

I hope they don’t fire the lions.

Photo: Dylan La Pierre

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