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Trees make the world beautiful…

snow covered road between bare trees during daytime

Photo:  Max Bender


Old…is beautiful…

Trees are…


Trees are good for climbing.  They’re good for shelter.  They’re good for listening to your problems and they’re good when it comes to helping you figure things out.  They are good to rest in and they are good for holding small houses that don’t hurt them.  They like it when you hug them and give them lots of positive energy.  They hug back and return the favor.  They like it when you decorate them and they like it when you sing with them, when the wind is rustling their lives.  They don’t care if you read while you sit in their branches. they also don’t care if squirrels and birds build nests in their crooks either.  Trees are generous and kind.  They teach us all kinds of lessons, like how to have roots, how to reach for the sky, how to sleep through the winter and how to welcome guests.  They ask for very little, just water and sunlight.  They can pretty much take care of themselves.  They don’t like peanut butter but they are okay with it if it’s mixed with birdseed and spread on their twigs, so the birds don’t starve when it’s ten degrees outside.  Trees can be quiet or noisy, depending on how they are feeling.  They don’t like bark piled up against their trunk because it kills them.  They don’t like embers or fire around their roots either.  They hate being cut down and would prefer to  live out their lives in their own way.  Trees never think about how beautiful they are because they just ARE, and that’s enough.  They do enjoy tea parties and polite children, however.  Nasty kids often fall out of trees and it’s not always by accident, believe me.  Trees are not passive, they are quite involved in living every single day.  So, when you see trees, say hello.  Touch them and tell them to have a nice day.  They’ll like that.  So will you.

Fall beauty



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGetting ready for winter.  Conserving energy.  Leaves on the ground.

White birch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhite birches have their eye on us.  They don’t do well in this part of the country but that doesn’t stop us from planting them.  Their beautiful white bark is so wonderful.  This tree lives at the Chicago Botanic Garden with his siblings.  All of them have eyes on their trunks.  Really weird to see.

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