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What birds see…

Photo:  Olena Sergienko

Misty morning…a poem

do the trees sleep in
on mornings like this
drowsing in the mist
enjoying the dewy air
do they snuggle
and pull their branches closer
do they love the silence
that surrounds them
or do they spend their time
longing for the sun

Hungry Trees…a poem

there’s is a place called
it’s a place like no other
it’s beautiful there
the trees are huge
happy and healthy
the reason
of course
is because
each night
they dine
on stars


Photo:  Susan Wilkinson

Beautiful…but…terrifying. I know there’s a road somewhere but…it’s like a Dr. Who episode with the Angels. DON’T BLINK…a poem

this beauty’s not for everyone
especially at night
the trees look
king of menacing
packed close
and so so tight
for a city girl
it’s hard to breath
the woods go on
and who can say
what lurks beneath
the branches
in that weather


Photo:  Michal Janek

Trees…a Christmas story.

Design, Graphic, Tree, Dark


“Do you think anyone will come to decorate us this year?” asked tree One.

“No.  Do you?” asked Two.

“I’ve given up hoping for that to happen,” sighed Three.

“But maybe this year…” said One.

“I wouldn’t bet my needles on it,” said Three.

The trees were quiet, lost in their own personal tree thoughts.


“Did you hear that?” asked One, suddenly alert.

“I did,” said Two, looking around.

“What was that?” asked Three, fear in her voice.  “You don’t think they’re coming to cut us down, do you?”

“No,” said One.  No one knows we’re here.

“Hi!” said the little girl, who was waving at them.

“Don’t say anything,” whispered Two.  “Maybe she’ll just go away.”

“I heard that,” she laughed, covering her mouth with a red mitten.

“No you didn’t,” said Three.  “Humans can’t understand our language.”

“I can,” she said, putting her paper bag on the snow.

“What are you doing?” asked One, watching the girl open the bag.

“Well,” she said, pushing her hat off of her eyes, “I heard you talking about wanting decorations so, I made some for you.”  She held up paper snowflakes and candy canes.  “See,” she said, happily.

The trees held their breath, as the child started placing the ornaments on their branches.

“I can’t reach any higher than that,” she said, backing up.  “Sorry.”

The trees stared at her.

“You look beautiful,” she said, her face pink from the cold.  “I won’t tell anyone that you’re here, or that you can talk, so don’t worry.”

The trees started to sparkle.

“Wow,” she said.  “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Neither did I,” said Three.  “I think it has to do with kindness.”

“And love,” said One.

“Yes,” said Two.  “How can we ever thank you for making us beautiful?”

“You can be happy,” she said, dancing in a circle.  “If you’re happy, then I’ll be happy and I’ll come back in spring to see how you’re doing.”

“We would like that very much,” said One.

“Kay,” she said, rolling up the empty bag.  “I have to go home now.”

“We love you,” said the trees.

“I love you too” said the girl.  “Have a nice Christmas.”

“It will be the best Christmas ever, thanks to you,” they said.

She stopped and looked at the trees.  “You know that you were always beautiful, don’t you?”

The trees were quiet.

“I mean, you might think you’re more beautiful because I snowflaked you, but the truth is, you were beautiful from the start.  You have to remember that, so that when the decorations fade, you wont fade with them.”

Three bent down and said, “We know that.  It wasn’t the ornaments, it was you, little one.  And you won’t ever fade from our thoughts.  Now pick up an pinecone from each of us and put them in your bag, so that when you look at them, you’ll think of us…thinking of you.”

The girl did as she was told and many, many years later, the pinecones still sat next to her bed.  Every winter she made paper snowflakes and candy canes to put on their branches.  And even though she could reach much higher, the trees had grown so tall, that she still just decorated their bottom branches.  And that was fine with everyone.


Never be afraid to stand out in a crowd…just be yourself.

Green and Brown Trees

Photo:  Vyacheslav Bobin

A love story…poem

wide angle photo of pine trees

a hush
spread through the forest
squirrels stopped scampering
birds held back their songs
and the air stilled
as a child
eyes wide
held out her arms
looked at the trees
and shouted
I know you can hear me
she whispered
I know you’re alive
and the trees
reached out
and brushed against her
as she walked
bestowing their
and marking her
as one of their own




Photo Christian Grab


green pine tree in front of brown brick building

Photo:  Kim Musalimov


quick warning
you can only walk through
this beautiful forest
at certain times each day
if it’s hungry
it will fold around you
and have you for lunch
or dinner
or even just a snack
the problem
is that no one knows
when those safe times are
since they seem to change
on a daily basis
the name of the forest is
you just have to remember
the chance you’re taking
is one of life or death



Photo:  Aoltan Tasi


a lot of people
said the tree was dead
an eyesore
it needed to be
cut down
but the neighborhood
said the tree was not ready
to go
she still danced
at night
when no one was looking



Photo:  Andreas Kretschmer

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