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Emily was out today…playing with a stick, doing claws and rolling around in the snow…3 pictures

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Emily…my sweet girl. She comes out of her snug house for pets.

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Emmie was out playing yesterday…

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Emmie…she and I agree that winter sucks.

She’s the sweetest cat and her markings are beautiful.  Love her white feet.  The minute I think of grabbing her and bring her inside, she moves away from me, even if she’s getting the pets she wants.  She’s a mind … Continue reading

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I know, I know…but…

I was out playing yesterday.  It was nice outside, cloudy, but not windy or freezing.  Almost every store I went into was ready for Christmas, or in the decorating stage, and I have to be honest…I loved it. I don’t … Continue reading

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Two pictures of Emily…

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Emily with ten billion weeds behind her…and a few flowers…there’s poison ivy in my garden and I haven’t weeded once the entire summer. It got me last year and I almost ended up in the hospital…so weeds and poison ivy…pretty much covers it…buy my cat is gorgeous.

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