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Emily with ten billion weeds behind her…and a few flowers…there’s poison ivy in my garden and I haven’t weeded once the entire summer. It got me last year and I almost ended up in the hospital…so weeds and poison ivy…pretty much covers it…buy my cat is gorgeous.

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Emmie this morning in the two seconds of sun that we had for the dark and rainy day…


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Emmie, this morning. :)

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Once again, this is Emily. Her house is in the second picture. It’s off the ground and covered by three heavy-duty gigantic tarps. There are cushions around her house, so her paws don’t get cold from the cement. There are two chairs holding up the tarps so she has room to play and walk around. In the winter she has electric beds. She loves her nest and has room service in bad weather.

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Three pictures of sweet Emily, this morning

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The sun was out and it was warm enough to work outside. I cleaned Em’s nest, although her house was immaculate. I wanted the wet spots outside of it to dry. She was NOT happy about it at all. Nope. She went to the other side of the patio to wait until things were back to normal. She in her bed again, so she’s okay.

All the heavy tarps are back over her house, so she’s safe, dry and warm.

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