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The sun was out and it was warm enough to work outside. I cleaned Em’s nest, although her house was immaculate. I wanted the wet spots outside of it to dry. She was NOT happy about it at all. Nope. She went to the other side of the patio to wait until things were back to normal. She in her bed again, so she’s okay.

All the heavy tarps are back over her house, so she’s safe, dry and warm.

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Emily came inside to eat last night, for about three minutes, then she ran outside again and I brought her food out there so she wouldn’t be so stressed.

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My Angel Emmie…it was sunny yesterday, so she came out and ate and rolled around…3 pictures…I love her so much.

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Emmie came in this morning but, as usual, went right back out and waited until I brought her food outside. Last summer she actually walked around the room and even looked in the laundry room. But this is as far as she’s coming in right now.

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Two pictures of Emmie trying to find a place to walk that won’t freeze her wee paws.

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Emily this afternoon. She’s coming out and acting normally. Ice storm tonight, so she won’t be out until that’s over. Blah She’s letting me pet her…a LOT. I missed her so much and she missed her pets.

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Emily came out of her house yesterday for a snack.  It’s the first time I’ve seen her outside in days.  She ran right back into her house, however, and I fed her more food out there.  Why she refuses to … Continue reading

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