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I picked out this picture. Bling and I are writing about it.

Picture from:  Pinterest She burst from the sun, flames following in her wake.  Eyes burning, she headed toward Earth.  It was time to settle old scores, she had given him enough time. He had failed.  Her heart ached to see … Continue reading

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California Condor 

Important information about California Condors. Well written and something we should all know about this endangered species.

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Magic really is everywhere…that’s true…you just have to open your eyes:)

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Don’t let your life become…

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Min and Ivory

Min was a beautiful sheep who gave birth to a beautiful lamb.  She called her Ivory, because of her lovely white wool.  The other sheep came to see the new lamb and once they gathered, they began to sing songs…songs … Continue reading

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Street art by Rone, Australia

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Older women…

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MWC 922 The Red Square Nebula…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Just one more chapter…pleeeeeezzzze

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