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if you treat things with LOVE and water them NOW AND THEN they GROW be careful how you treat others people aren’t that different from PLANTS without love and care we can also WITHER and DIE if you YELL at … Continue reading

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Our weather has been FANTASTIC…

Debbie saw this dandelion yesterday.  It probably thinks it’s spring.  It was 60 degrees.  People were everywhere and one guy was in shorts and a tank top.  It’s was December 26th and 60 degrees. Amazing and wonderful.  By the way, … Continue reading

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While many plants are dying off, this one is still going strong…it’s enormous and amazing.

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The plant that ate pretty much everything…

I can’t remember the name of this plant but it had chocolate in it, so…well, that’s why I bought it.  I had no idea how GIGANTIC it would become (I don’t read the little sticks that are stuck in the … Continue reading

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Ferns to be…a wee nursery for fern babies…

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I made these and they were printed in a magazine. Using regular paper lunch bags they are a great way to bring a gift plant to someone. Just roll down the top and rubber stamp the name of the plant on the bag. I made them for Ivy, etc. Just using the one right now. :)

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Is this poison ivy? Three leaves?

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Lessons from a wee plant…

I bought this wee plant last month.  I love plants and take very good care of them.  I trim them, repot them when they ask, and generally watch over them.  This wee plant is in a very tiny pot.  When … Continue reading

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My plants have friends…

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