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There’s just something about ferns…fairy like, airy, delicate, beautiful.

Photo:  Zoe

New life frozen in ice…a poem.

Rose Stem, Frost, Winter, Rose Branch

the seasons change
each bringing
their own weather systems with them
never caring about what
they do to other living beings
Nature just is
it has no intent
is simply


Photo:  Pixabay


In my kitchen…


A couple of the plants in my kitchen…


A plant on my kitchen counter…




I love starting new plants…their roots are so beautiful…

House plants…

person holding green plant in white pot

It’s good to have house plants.  They aren’t just beautiful, they work hard cleaning the air, protecting us for all kinds of things.  Some survive, even when they are slightly neglected, others are more delicate…but all of them add to our living space and our lives.  Plants, books, cats…make a house a home…oh, dogs too, of course.

Photo:  Severin Candrian

I like to change the stuff on my kitchen table around…so this is the new look…second photo is on the dish cabinet…I went rustic and used old crates and old tools. The flower pots came from the coolest garden shop in Chicago…”city escape.” And picture three…a few more of my kitchen plants.

Some of my plants are blooming at the moment…there are a couple more but I think they’re all happy the sun’s out. (3 pictures)

The poinsettia is about 30 years old and keeps blooming all the time.

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