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I like to change the stuff on my kitchen table around…so this is the new look…second photo is on the dish cabinet…I went rustic and used old crates and old tools. The flower pots came from the coolest garden shop in Chicago…”city escape.” And picture three…a few more of my kitchen plants.

Some of my plants are blooming at the moment…there are a couple more but I think they’re all happy the sun’s out. (3 pictures)

The poinsettia is about 30 years old and keeps blooming all the time.


Girl, Cat, Flower, Fairy Tale, Painting

if you treat things with
and water them
be careful how you treat others
people aren’t that different from
without love and care
we can also
if you
at a plant
if you refuse
to water it
it will be
and unable to
the same thing
happens to
so if you don’t like
or if someone is
to you
away from
that person
or growth
will be
not at all

Picture:  Pixabay

Our weather has been FANTASTIC…

Debbie saw this dandelion yesterday.  It probably thinks it’s spring.  It was 60 degrees.  People were everywhere and one guy was in shorts and a tank top.  It’s was December 26th and 60 degrees. Amazing and wonderful.  By the way, I love dandelions.  This one looks so lovely. They’re tough little flowers and can grow almost anywhere…I like that about them.


While many plants are dying off, this one is still going strong…it’s enormous and amazing.

The plant that ate pretty much everything…

I can’t remember the name of this plant but it had chocolate in it, so…well, that’s why I bought it.  I had no idea how GIGANTIC it would become (I don’t read the little sticks that are stuck in the soil).  So,  I planted it with other plants and the other plants were eaten by the chocolate plant that GREW to epic proportions.  Poor things.  My friend bought the same plant and it covered her ENTIRE round picnic table and is hanging over the edges.   It’s beautiful and I love it but next time, I might read the little sticks.


Ferns to be…a wee nursery for fern babies…


I made these and they were printed in a magazine. Using regular paper lunch bags they are a great way to bring a gift plant to someone. Just roll down the top and rubber stamp the name of the plant on the bag. I made them for Ivy, etc. Just using the one right now. :)


Is this poison ivy? Three leaves?

Lessons from a wee plant…

I bought this wee plant last month.  I love plants and take very good care of them.  I trim them, repot them when they ask, and generally watch over them.  This wee plant is in a very tiny pot.  When I looked at it yesterday it was limp, the leaves hanging over the sides of the sides.  It looked terrible.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I grabbed it and watered it immediately and then I waited.  Poor thing.  I didn’t think it had a chance but I had see half dead plants revive before, so I was hopeful.  This morning she was all smiles and joy, looking out of the window.  I am so glad she came back.  I didn’t realize the soil dried out as quickly as it did, but it won’t happen again.

What the plant taught me:  Each plant is different and each plant has it’s own needs and desires.  Some plants like a lot of water and sun, some don’t need much of either.  Others actually shun both.  But here’s the important thin:  If plants don’t get what they need, they wither, wilt and die.  People are exactly the same way.  The plant taught me that each of us needs certain things and if we don’t get them, we can’t make it, or we limp along, our leaves never fully open, never strong enough to grow and become the kind of plant we were meant to be, or could have been.

She’s a beauty and very clever.  She taught me that every single living thing is exactly the same.  We all need what we need to grow and become.  If we listen carefully, everything around us is a teacher.  I’m grateful to her.  I think she forgave me for not watering her soon enough.

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