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Some of the ISSUES…18 photographs – in no particular order

people walking on street during daytime

Photo:  Colin Lloyd (BLM/racism)


people holding signage on green grass field

Photo:  Heather Mount (gun control/violence)

people gathered outside buildings holding Climate Justice Now signage

Photo:  Markus Spiske (climate change)

men holding white, black, and red Men of quality respect womens equality banner on road

Photo:  Samantha Sophia (Equality/sexism)

woman in black and white plaid shirt

Photo:  Sinitta Leunen  (violence against women/battering)

silver-colored god tags hanging on hooks shallow focus photography

Photo:  Holly Mindrup (war/violence)

person raishing his hand

Photo:  Valentin Salja  (Animal Rights/Brutality/violence/death)

person wearing black Equality printed cap

Photo:  Elyssa Fahndrich (equality)

man in orange crew neck shirt

Photo:  Mike Baumeister (rape/violence)

selective color photography of person portraying of being fragile

Photo:  Morgan Basham (Bullying/violence)

person sleeping on black steel bench

Photo:  Nathan Dunlao (homelessness)

white and gold ceramic round plate

Photo:  Siegfried Poepperl  (hunger)

If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

Photo:  Brian Wertheim (politics/lies) citiscan result hand ok

Photo:  Owen beard (health care)

person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknotePhoto:  Sharon Mccutcheon (Greed)

priests holding lighted candles at night

Photo:  ZI (rapist priests-religion/violence/lies)

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra (CHOICE)

white concrete dome building under blue sky during daytime


Photo: Ajay Parthasarathy (misuse of power/power over others/violence)


All photographs are from Unsplash

There are more issues, of course, ageism, poverty, gangs, drugs, police violence, and on and on it goes.  These are just a few that have had a lot of media coverage and then die out.  Because, the government can wait until everyone has to go back to their everyday lives, such as they are, and nothing changes.  Not really.  Not not where it counts.  Think minimum wage as the politicians vote NO, and then vote YES  to the outrageous raises they vote for themselves.  We don’t get to vote.  Remember that.  THEY VOTE for themselves.  We the people, have NO VOICE AT ALL.


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