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Flying St Chickmas…The Stage Crew found a way to let St. Chickmas fly at the party last night. Everyone was thrilled…


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The party is starting and everyone’s dressed, wiggling and flapping an wearing their best.


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The Night Before Christmas…rerun

It was The Night Before Chickmas and all through The Coop The chicklets were playing with their hula-hoops Some stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Chicklaus soon would be there The chicklets were nestled … Continue reading

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Everyone is ready for the Chickmas Eve Bash…


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The Chickmas Party…

The party was a huge success.  The Poetry reading took two and a half hours, although admittedly, a lot of time was spent eating and singing.  Still it was wonderful.  Several of the chicklets enjoyed playing in the boxes more … Continue reading

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To all at WP…

Picture from:  Pinterest Thank you, one and all, for enriching my life, making it so much more beautiful and fun.  I’m very grateful for your wonderful photographs, artwork, poetry, stories, friendships and kind words.  Have a wonderful holiday.  ❤

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Practicing for tonight’s Sing-A-Long…

Breakfast has been eaten, the dishes cleared away, and the practice session for the Sing-A-Long has begun.  The Chicklets have been singing carols for a LONG time, just ask any of the hens, but this practice session will teach them … Continue reading

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