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Swedish Lucia chicklet…

Several of the chicklets have Swedish backgrounds and, therefore, dressed in their Lucia garb.  No one knew what it meant but they all loved it.  The hens made sure the candles were lit with LED lights and not open flames.  The chicklets are going to form a committee to study Lucia.  They put a sign-up sheet on the door of the party barn.

Th Lucia chicklets opened the Chickmas breakfast feast.

Chickmas Eve Circus Act…tightrope walkers

The tightrope walking act did not go as planned.  Practice apparently doesn’t always make perfect.  Fortunately, the audience loved their routine and kept them on stage for ten minutes over their allotted time.

No chicklets were harmed, but they decided to get a bigger net for next year.

One of the circus acts…No open flame.

Elsie and Sprite have been practicing for weeks and were thrilled when Sprite made it through the hoop.  They originally wanted to set the hoop on fire, thinking it would be more dramatic, but the hens wouldn’t allow it.  Their act was a great hit.  They finished with a short tumbling routine, which garnered many peeps and chirps from the audience..

The party has begun…Amanda and her unicycle are now on stage.

Amanda is riding her unicycle to JINGLE BELLS.  She’s doing spins and tricks and has the chickles on their feet, flapping their wings with joy.  Everyone is loving her routine.  She is thrilled and plans ons starting a unicycle club in January.

Chickmas Eve…TREATS

One of the treat stands.  These booths are set up around The Coop, in case anyone wants an emergency snack.


Nickie was so excited with the box his gift came in that he slept in it, Chickmas Eve night.  He’s been in it ever since and only comes out to eat and do a few other things.  He said it’s comfortable and he’s going to start inviting guests to visit soon.

His sister said he’ll be out by lunch.  Everyone agrees that he’s getting bored and tired of not being able to join in the after Chickmas fun.  Besides, everyone’s getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party.

When asked why he likes the box so much, Nickie said he really likes the sound the paper makes when it crinkles.  He’s thinking of writing a song about it.  All of the cats know exactly what he means.

Chickmas gifts…

Kali and Diana can’t really use their new skates because it has been so warm, the Rubber Duck Pond hasn’t frozen over.  They decided to just walk around in them and pretend they’re skating until it gets cold.

Pipen and Jay-Jay are trying out the new plane.  Without someone to pull or push it, it kind of stays in one place.  The hens said that’s because no one put the peddles in the floor when they put it together.  After they play with it, the Stage Crew is going to fix the problem.  The plane is for everyone, so anyone can play with it when they feel like it.

All the gifts were a great success and everyone is sharing and having a wonderful time.

The Poetry Club did an outstanding job…

The Poetry Club was a huge hit at the Chickmas Eve party.  They are always one of the highlights but this time they had tightrope walkers in the background, so everyone was thrilled.

Kitty Kitty’s poem was about stray and feral cats.  Here’s what he said…

Strays and Feral’s

by Kitty Kitty

strays and feral’s are hungry
they don’t understand love
or kindness
because they never had any
their lives are hard
they die young
open your hearts to them
provide food
a safe
and dry place for them to sleep
they are beautiful
and need help

A lot of the chicklets were crying after he read his poem.  They’ve seen how difficult life is for those who live on the street and their hearts were broken because they can’t help everyone.  Kitty Kitty was a feral cat who was hit by a car.  The chicklets found him and brought him to The Coop, where he learned what kindness was.  He was afraid at first, and it took him awhile to trust anyone, but the Warming Bunnies were there when he woke up and the chicklets sang to him and told him stories about the brave cats who lived at The Coop.  The cats visited him everyday and finally he slept through the night and started eating.  When he was better, the chicklets asked him to stay with them forever and he said that he would.  Now, he’s on several committees and an important member of the Poetry Club.

Jason, the Guinea Pig was found on the side of the road, where the people he lived with dumped him, when they no longer wanted him.  The chicklets found him and brought him home.  He was healthy, so they took him for a Gondola ride on the Duck Pond and gave him a lot of cookies.  Here’s his poem.


by Jason

I didn’t know what love was
until I found my real home
I was kept in a small tank
but here
at The Coop
I am free to move about
and go anywhere I like
I am treated with respect
and valued for what I can contribute
I am the happiest Guinea Pig
in the whole world

Everyone applauded and flapped their wings, when Jason finished his poem.  He’s such a happy being and he’s a fabulous poet.  Everyone loves him and he’s on may committees, including the weekly paper, where he has his own column.

Jade, who always wears green, was next.  Here is her poem.


Everyone talks about the lack of joy in the world
but I’ve never known anything but happiness
I was hatched at The Coop
and I have been loved from the very beginning
I wish everyone could have what I have
if they did
the world would be a wonderful place
and no one would have to stay away
from humans
because if humans knew how to love
they would never kill and eat us

There was a moment of silence for all the animals who have been tortured and slaughter by humans.  There was no applause but there were a few sad peeps and a wing flap.

Springtime was next.  He was rescued with his siblings and mother, from a Factory Farm.  Here’s his poem.


by Springtime

I am grateful to everyone at The Coop
for saving my mother
and my brothers and sisters
from a terrible death
I am grateful to the Warming Bunnies
and to the chicklets
I am grateful to the hens
and to the roosters who went after
the bad people
I am grateful to all of you
not only for saving us
but for never even thinking about
not saving us
for putting your own feathers on the line
to bring us to your home
for all that you have done
and continue to do for all beings
On Chickmas Eve
I am truly grateful
thank you

Everyone was cheering and crying, even the hens.  Someone started passing cookies to everyone, so they would calm down.  The rhinos were sobbing, along with everyone else, not for Springtime’s gratitude, but for those they were unable to save.  Those at The Coop take rescuing others from humans their main goal in life.  The cookies helped and then they sat down and were ready for Bats.

Bats and his friends roost in a cave at the back of the property.  They lost their home when humans visited and raised the temperature in their cave, and bats started to die.  The chicklets told the bats to come and live with them, so they did.

The Cave

by Bats

our cave is dark and cool
it’s beautiful
and safe
it’s perfect
and we love it
our cave is our home
we are happy there
thanks to the chicklets
Merry Chickmas

The chicklets were so happy.  The dogs were barking, the horses were stamping their feet, and the DJ put on some Chickmas music.  Music that was written by the Music Committee.

The gray bird and Sandra were not reading poems they were simply walking the wire.

Another wonderful Poetry Reading on Chickmas Eve.

Thank you for taking the time to read their work.  The chicklets send Chickmas peeps, chirps, and wing flaps.  They also ask for your help.  Help strays and Feral cats.  Please don’t eat animals, or harm them in any way.  They send their thanks.  So do I.

Oops…Gray Bird just said she has a poem.


by Gray Bird

I love to fly
I wish everyone could do it
I can see really far
when I’m in the air
and it’s fun
I like it best in the summer
my wings get cold
when I fly in the winter
so do my feet
but flying is great
I thought you’d want to know that
thank you



Sparkle introduced the Chickmas chicklet to the audience…her name is Lois.

Lois make her debut at the Chickmas Eve Party.  Everyone was so excited to see her on the stage.  She’s a very sweet chicklet and everyone has been stopping in to see her since she hatched but still, this was her big moment.  The rhinos were extremely gentle with her, when they met her later.  She rubbed her tiny beak against their horns marking them as hers.  They said they were all happy to belong to her and everyone laughed.  She’s precocious and all the chicklets can’t wait to see what she wants to do when she’s old enough to start planning parties.

She was eager to meet everyone and leaned forward to touch each visitor.  Then she fell asleep and Sparkle took her back to her nest and made sure the bunnies were with her.

The hospital was empty, except for the one hen, who still needs attention.  Fortunately, the hens told everyone they are sure she’ll recover and that she’s out of danger.  Everyone cheered when they heard that and her chicklets peeped as loud as they could.  The hospital staff never gives up, they all work as hard as they can to save everyone who needs help.

So the introduction went well and Lois is now officially part of the entire group.

Flying St Chickmas…The Stage Crew found a way to let St. Chickmas fly at the party last night. Everyone was thrilled…


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