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What’s left of my tulips..2 pictures…after and before.


This is what the tulip looked like before…

Always take time to smell the flowers…

Black and white fluffy friendly Fox Terrier dog smelling fragrant white wild flower while sitting on lush grassy meadow

Photo:  Madeline Bassinder

Tulips…2 pictures


I have two pots of yellow pansies and a geranium, so I brought them inside last night, because of the frost.  My friend just texted that it might snow on Tuesday.  Hahahahaha  winter doesn’t give up easily.  Nope, it just backs up and waits for us to relax, then it attacks again. Oh well. They look pretty inside.


A tulip on my kitchen table…they are so beautiful.

Lily of the Valley…a beautiful poison…to dogs and cats.

Lily Of The Valley, White, Green, Light

My mom used to pick Lily of the Valley and keep them in a crystal toothpick holder on the kitchen sink.  She loved them.  Poisonous beauties.


More flowers on the African Violet…


African Violet…


The flowers on this Christmas Cactus are gigantic…

Some of my plants are blooming at the moment…there are a couple more but I think they’re all happy the sun’s out. (3 pictures)

The poinsettia is about 30 years old and keeps blooming all the time.

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