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Turkeys are beautiful when they are alive…

Photo:  Chris Henry

Thanksgiving quote…

Most people don't realize turkeys are friendly, they're social, they're loyal, they have emotions. - Shannon Elizabeth

turkeys are loving
they know their names
and the people they love
they are beautiful
I hate thanksgiving

This is a true thanksgiving, to me. Thankful for all life and living beings.

This is a picture I saw in a store, last year.

Thanksgiving day thoughts, from a fluffy and clever squirrel.

you guys
are crazy
you celebrate
a day of death
stuffing yourselves
on dead birds
talking about the
ugly pilgrims
and their hateful
religious beliefs
people who
celebrated the near destruction
of the Native Americans people
stealing THEIR country
and calling it their own
this is a day of mourning
for many
while Native Americans
go to get the last bodies of the
at a school where white people
murdered and buried them
all those years ago
how can you FORGET
what has been done
once white people
landed in this country
and started
I don’t get it
I really don’t
you put glitter on the
suffering of others
and give thanks
for what you have
but you are thieves
and murderers
picking and choosing
who shall be fed
and who shall die
squirrels don’t do those things
squirrels are nice
almost everything alive
is nicer than you are
you’re even killing yourselves
you’e a species out of control
driven by greed and ego
and everything around you
including the planet
pays the price for your insanity
what is wrong with you
and just so you know
pecans are my favorite nut

Some of the Poetry Club members…

Every thanksgiving, the Poetry Club, reads the names of those turkeys who have been slaughtered.  Turkeys they couldn’t rescue.  It’s a sad moment at The Coop, and everyone remains silent as the very, very, long list of names is read.

I think today should be called, “I’m sorry. Please forgive us. But I understand why you can’t day.””

woman in black and gold dress

Photo:  The Boston Public Library

Some of the guests are already arriving…

Happy Thanksgiving

The kitchen crew is swamped.  Some of the guests have arrived early to celebrate WE LOVE TURKEYS DAY, and they are staying on through Chickmas.  Everyone loves spending time at The Coop, and those who live there, love having them.

Martha is going to start doing dishes, but more help is on the way.  The guests work while they stay there, and that way everyone gets to have fun.

The chicklets have made golden crowns for the turkeys, but admittedly, some of them have slipped down around their necks. Still they look beautiful and the turkeys love them.


A Thanksgiving Day Message from the chicklets…


We are members of the WE LOVE TURKEYS* committee, and we want to wish you a happy holiday without including dead birds.  We would like it if you loved turkeys when they were alive, like we do.  They make great friends and they can gobble very well.  They do a lot of other things too, and they are fun to be around.

So we are thankful for our turkey friends and out piggy friends and all of our other living friends and we would like you to be happy that their hearts are beating and that feel joy and love.

Thank you, from Danny, Spice and Sofie.

*If you aren’t sure what a turkey looks like, because you’ve only seen dead ones…please see the picture above our feathered heads.


I saw this wonderful Thanksgiving Day picture in a store. Love it.


A wonderful book for kids…teaches love and compassion and it’s fun.


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