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Ice Cream, Sundae, Ice Cream Sundae

“Are you going out for thanksgiving,” he asked.

“No,” she said, her bluetooth clicking on.  “They expect a thousand people a day to die when it’s over.  If you don’t know how many that is, put a thousand spoons on your counter everyday.  I mean a thousand on top of a thousand, on top of a thousand.”

“No one has a thousand spoons, let alone a thousand a day,” he said.

“I know that.  What do you have a thousand of?”

“Nothing that I can think of,” he said.

“What you want to be grateful for, is NOT going out and saving the lives of the people you love and the people who work in hospitals and are first responders..”

“You’re right.  Unfortunately, airports are packed.”

“I don’t understand it,” she said.

“Neither do I.  People are tired of…”

“Living?  Saving the lives of others?”

“I guess,” he said.

“Look, I’ll call you on thanksgiving and we can have dessert together.  I’m going to have a chocolate sundae, with cookies and whip cream.”

“It’s a deal. I’ll have the same thing.”

“Pretend I’m hugging you right now,” she sighed.

“Not the same as being together, but hugs back.”


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Several members of the Poetry Club and their poems…

The Poetry Slam is always one of the highlights of any party at The Coop.  Yesterday’s Slam was no exception.  Several poems are below.

Please know that starting yesterday morning, the names of turkeys who were killed and eaten, were read, until midnight.  The names were read by four turkeys and seven chicklets, at the same time, because there were so many names to say.  A Bell was run, at intervals, during the reading, to send their souls to where all birds go after death.  It was Beth’s idea to ring the bell.

Here are a few of the many poems read last night:

From:  Spike

I am a Guinea Pig
and I’m grateful for all of you
and The Coop
I’m grateful for being safe
and treated with respect
and kindness

From:  Gezelle

I think butterflies
are beautiful
and we should
plant more flowers
they like

From:  Arnold

Ducks need clean water
if they are to survive
humans are destroying
my home
the water
at The Coop
is fresh and clean
because it’s filled
with love

From:  Nan

Baby chcklets
are so much fun
their tiny peeps
make me happy

From:  Bluebell

turkeys are fun
they make wonderful friends
they are kind
and generous
and they are pretty
I wish humans
would stop killing birds

From: Min

I am grateful that I’m a chicklet
I am grateful for my family and friends
I am grateful for fun
I am grateful for The Coop
I am grateful that we can rescue others
I am grateful for love
Most of all
I’m grateful that I’m not a human
because they don’t have hearts

From: Thomas

I speak for my kind
we are born
to be slaughtered
and eaten
by cruel beings
who care nothing
for the suffering
of other living beings
when the killing stops
I will be grateful that
until the dying is over
I am grateful for the chicklets
and their kind hearts
that are always open
and filled with love

All the members of the Poetry Club read several poems.  Many others, as well as many guests, also recited poetry.   The hedgehog spoke to habitat destruction and climate change.  Two horses read poems about the last of their wild kindred.  Everyone is concerned about what the humans are doing to the earth and to the plants and animals who are left.

The small wagon of baby chicklets was there simply to get them used to being on the stage.  They will be performing at the Chickmas Party.  They had a very good time and fell asleep the minute they were back in the nursery.

All of the guests are staying at The Coop until New Years.  They are needed to care for the wounded and help with the party.  Some of them are being temporarily attached to the Committees so they will know exactly what to do.  The Construction Committee is building another barn, since there are even more guests coming for Chickmas and they are running out of room.  Everything is wonderful, because the chicklets believe, the more the merrier.


This is Clyde. I post this card every thanksgiving. Clyde is helping cook vegetarian dinner.

From: Farm Sanctuary, a truly wonderful organization.


This Thursday, be sure to share with friends…

Hedgehog Child, Food, Small, Cute

Meet Martha…

Guinea Pig, Cavy, Pet, Guinea, Rodent

Martha is on her way to The Coop for the parties.  She’s been traveling for quite some time, but she’s meeting up with friends this afternoon, who are going to give her a ride the rest of the way.  She memorized her poems and is all ready to be part of the entertainment.  She’s been to The Coop before and is looking forward to a long and fun-filled stay.

The gang was out after breakfast (banana chocolate chip pancakes).

As the party gets closer, the rehearsals become more important.  Although, they are all doing very, very, well.  Marcy was in the Chickmas box and is bring a garland along to add some sparkle to her poem.

Beth suggested having the Baby Rhino Naming Ceremony at the party, so that’s what they are going to do.  The name has been chosen by Resa, Holly and Beth, and truthfully, it’s just wonderful.  The Naming should be fun.

Almost all of the guest have arrived, so the kitchen is practically working around the clock.  Everyone is pitching in and there has already been two food fights.  There’s a lot of peeping and chirping going on, since everyone is having a wonderful time.

Two piglets, a burro, five hens and about ten baby chicklets were rescued over the weekend.  Some of them are in bad shape, especially the hens.  The Warming Bunnies are with them and the hens are caring for them constantly.  The piglets are terrified, so the chicklets are taking turns reading to them and showing them how to use crayons,which they had never seen before.

There’s going to be a campfire tonight.  So, scary stories will be told, over hot chocolate and cornbread.

They asked me to mention that the Sewing and Knitting committee made hats for the geese and turkeys, as well as the ducks.  Everyone loves them, especially the hats with the ear flaps.  They did a great job.

Getting ready for the party…

The poetry club had its rehearsal this morning.  Everyone is happy with the way the party plans are turning out but instead of reinforcing the stage, so the rhino’s can stand on it, the rhino’s will participate from the floor.  The chicklets and their friends are on their way to a costume fitting, after which, they are going to have waffles and ice cream for a snack.

This year, on the Monday before thanksgiving, the turkeys are going to start reading the names of those who have been slaughter for human dinner plates. The readings will begin each morning at six o’clock and end at nine p.m.  They hope they will have enough time to read all the names of their loved ones and friends who have been lost to human cruelty.

The chicklets are going to do, DEATH OF A SALESMAN.  The play will be about a man who tries to sell a turkey to someone and is pecked to death by ducks for his crime.  One of the turkey’s wrote the script.  They are still rewriting a few spots but it’s coming along nicely.  The ducks were more than willing to play their part.

The three rhinos, and the baby without a name, will be teaching their battle moves to the audience, to music.

The cats are going to do a tumbling act and the pigs are going to sing along with the chicklets and horses.  The dogs won’t tell anyone what they have planned, so it will be a surprise.

That’s as much as I know to this point.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meet Zia…

Wild Turkey, Bird, Close Up, Portrait

Zia is on her way to The Coop, for the Turkey Party.  This will be her second year in attendance.   She plans on staying trough the Chickmas season, since she enjoys being in the kitchen when the cookies are being made and she loves the chicklets.  She’s looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting the three new rhinos, Rosy, Runway and Roland.  She’s heard good things about them and would like to hear their story.

Turkeys are story keepers.  They collect them and pass them on to others.  Zia is filled with new stories that she will tell the others, around the campfire.

She always makes a stop in the nursery and hospital. She’s hoping to meet Beth, who also tells stories.  She tasted Holly’s corn bread before and can hardly wait to have some more.  Resa, will be making some of the costumes for the two plays that will be taking place…one of which, will include three turkeys and she loves Resa’s gowns and the fact that she takes body proportions into consideration.

The Poetry Slam is her favorite event.  She has two new poems to recite.  She is also looking forward to seeing Peter, one of the warming bunnies who stayed with her when she was hurt on the way to last year’s Chickmas Party.  Someone shot at her from a moving car.  Fortunately, she was found and the hens quickly removed the bullet and stitched her up.  But she wasn’t feeling very well and she was so afraid  So Peter snuggled against her and  kept her warm. The chicklets took turns  telling them stories and Josie, one of the horses, pulled them in a wagon, so they could see the entertainment.

It’s possible that Zia will simply stay at The Coop, from now on.  It’s the best place for a bird to be.  It would be silly for her to leave and live where humans exist.

The turkey play rehearsal went very well…

The chicklets made the costumes.  They added the words so the baby chicklets would be able to keep up.  Everyone is looking forward to the play and the Poetry Slam.  The hens are making turkey shaped cookies but they’re freezing and hiding them, until the party.  It’s a sad time for birds, but they will do their best to honor their fallen friends with love and kindness.

Chicklets and their turkey poetry slam…

This is a rerun from a couple of years ago…The Chicklets held a Poetry Slam for the turkeys…


Penne, Sammie and Ruth were first up.  All of the poems recited were about turkeys. Everyone at  The Coop, is upset at thanksgiving.  So many of their friends have been lost to humans.  They have been spending a great deal of time rescuing turkeys from Factory Farms but, no matter how hard they work, it’s never enough.

Penne’s poem  (older chicklet)

the holiday that’s coming up
that’s the one
for turkeys
if you ask them
it isn’t any fun
mass murder’s
what it’s all about
for birds
so sweet
and kind
just eats them
no one seems to mind

the birds
they die in terror
screaming as they go
but everyone
just eats them
no one wants to know


Sammie’s poem  (young chicklet)

humans have a word they use
compassion’s what it is
but they don’t know it’s meaning
if measured by what they do
cuz if they had compassion
or understood at all
they couldn’t treat birds as they do
their hearts would break in two


Ruth’s poem  (baby chicklet)

I love turkeys
they are my friends
I wish all the humans
would go away and
leave us alone
so we could be happy
free and alive
birds celebrate life
humans destroy it
I love my friends
but not humans
they’re so cruel

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