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Holocaust…46 million turkeys are killed each year for thanksgiving…2 photographs

from this… to this. My heart is broken. both photographs are from: Advertisements

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This is Clyde (I’ve put this on before). He was adopted by vegetarians and helps with dinner. He is well loved and appreciated for who he is. This is what love is all about. This is what thanksgiving is all about. Kindness and gentleness which extends TO ALL BEINGS…

These cards are from Farm Sanctuary.  Farm Sanctuary works to end “food animal” abuses through investigative campaigns, legislation, education programs and direct rescue and shelter.  They are a wonderful organization.  I adopted a turkey for thanksgiving.  When her picture arrives … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Thanksgiving

For the past few years we have been going to a cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, the worst holiday ever thought up.  Our generous and lovely hostess doesn’t let anyone know what to bring until you hunt her down, or you’re … Continue reading

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Eight pictures of the inside Garden at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Garden changes with the holidays and seasons.  The tree stays.  These are not my favorite colors but it was still very cool.

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Thanksgiving…Blah…I hate thanksgiving, seriously…I really do

I can’t stand Thanksgiving.  Really, it shouldn’t be a holiday.  It’s all about people from another country coming to this country and killing the native population.  It’s about dead birds and men either watching TV, or sleeping.  It’s about days … Continue reading

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Best Thanksgiving book for children.  Teaches compassion, kindness and understanding.  It you need a gift for a child, consider this wonderful book.

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I hate thanksgiving…

Turkeys are loving and affectionate.  They make wonderful friends. This is what turkeys look like after some humans are finished with them.  How can we call ourselves civilized, or give THANKS for life, when we never stop killing? Both pictures … Continue reading

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