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From: House of Heart

Put to rest Adam’s story, a myth written by forty men of diverse background over the course of fifteen hundred years and followed by the clergy for centuries. We bow our heads to patriarchal rule, a not so thinly disguised … Continue reading

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From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

M33: Triangulum Galaxy

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Some snowpeople look more real than others…

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Okay so…

The pope and priests, as well as many others, wear costumes.  They do it so you know who they are.  If they dressed like everyone else you wouldn’t treat them the way they want to be, or EXPECT to be, … Continue reading

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You know this Santa is serious about his job…I kind of like his attitude but he’s still not the right one…

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Everyone needs to brush their teeth…

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This is a rerun but I came across him and he wanted to be posted.  I pretty much do what the chicklets want me to do, so…here’s Jerry in his snowsuit and earmuffs.  It gets cold, where the chicklets live, … Continue reading

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What a different world it would be if other animals were in charge…

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I was locked out of my blog.   That’s the second time it’s happened.  It had to be WP because everything else worked.  So weird.  Has that happened to any of you?

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Letter to Santa… Dear Santa: I’m sending a picture of the gift you left for me last year.  She’s a very nice doll.  Her name is Mary and people think she looks like me, which is a little scary because they are … Continue reading

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