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Great art…from: Bored Panda

I Make Collage Paintings From Playing Cards To Show My Interpretation Of Famous Characters And Other Things (17 Pics)

Living canvas…

Free Man Lying on the Stairs Stock Photo

Photo:  Jayson Hinrichsen

How they met…

they met in art class
admired each other’s work
went out for coffee
neither liked Picasso
both loved Basquiat
they talked about technique
about spontaneity
about the way time stopped
when they were in the zone
they talked about color
about those who sold out
they talked about the art
of falling in love
and said that it was
something they wanted to try
so they did


Photo:  Nina Hill

Dance…a wee poem

Free Ballerina Sitting on the Floor Wearing Pointe Shoes Stock Photo

mangled toes
covered in pink satin
for the sake of art
pink netting
from the suffering


Photo:  Cottonbro

A beautiful skateboard that represents america…at least to me.

Photo:  Isaac Mitchell

Art waiting to happen…

Photo:  Dillon Wanner

Woman reading the addresses of latest abortion clinics.

woman in white dress painting

Photo:  Europeana

Some of my stuff is in this magazine…so here are a few of them…8 pictures

Leonardo’s VITRUVIAN MAN brought into the future…

Cyborg, Robot, Artificial Intelligence

Photo:  Pixabay

Art makes the world go ’round…it really does…it’s EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING.

black and white womans face illustration

Photo:  Lona

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