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The night forest…

Winter, Night, Scene, Background, Space

in the cold
winter forest
under a crescent moon
where all is calm
and silent
but for
the flutter of wings
deep below the ground
a number of beings
gently sleeping
among roots and worms
waiting to awaken
at the first sign
of spring


Picture: Pixabay

When I put this picture on, a few days ago, Melanie wrote the cool poem below…

Spoons With Seasonings

Thank you for the truly sage advice
I’ll never stop bayleafing
it is a cayenne shame
when people curry on in drudgery
we should all try to have fun undill the end of thyme

let me stop before i get caraway’d
and you think i’m a spice cadet
and report me to cumin resources

Our lives…a poem

Typewriter, Alphabet, Letter, Writer

our lives
are like
a story poem
each day a new page
each room
in our living space
a reflection
of who we are
in pictures
to match
the words
we are
individual books
being written
every moment
ready to be shelved
once we reach
the final
I’d like to tear out
the horrific parts
of my book
the deaths
the losses
and leave
just the laughter
and love
but then
the story would be
and all of our books
can’t be anything
but the truth



Photo:  Pixabay

Creator…a poem

grayscale photo of leopard

She came out of the darkness
and breathed light
into the universe
Her coat
the color
of night and day
was the template
She used
when She
tamed time
and made the
solar systems
She chased
the planets
through the sky
batting at them
until She was satisfied
they were all
in the right places
She leapt
and jumped
and roared
to bring the wind
and sound
into existence
She shook herself
spreading seeds of life
here and there
as She ran
and played
and when She was tired
She stretched out
and slept
and that’s
how everything
came into being


Photo:  Geran de Klerk

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