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America…we need to talk…

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A beautiful skateboard that represents america…at least to me.

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Cats in a box…

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If we had wings…a poem

if we had wings to fly
we would have to avoid
or we would be shot down
to the ground
our bodies
added to the never ending
pile of murdered beings
in a country
of a people
gone horribly wrong


Photo:  Levent Simsek

Okay, so…

Here’s the thing. I saw the irate mothers, from Highland Park, telling why they were in washington D.C.  THEY were DEMANDING that assault rifles no longer be sold.  That’s the ONLY thing they wanted.  Just don’t allow ASSAULT RIFLES to be sold.

They were being interviewed on the street.  Their cause was just.  Look what just happened in Highland Park.  They were demanding the law be changed.

The news then flipped to how the republicans and the NRA were in bed together (please try not to think about that in the literal sense).

I mean, REMEMBER all the hight school kids who were going to change the gun laws?  They marched, were on the cover of Time and Newsweek.  They were on TV, had t-shirts, the whole thing.  Everyone was backing them…and…nothing.

Nineteen 4th graders were just murdered, along with two teachers, and…nothing.  The list of these things is available, if you google it.

People still think they have power.  Still think they can MAKE the republicans into human beings who actually care about the people they destroy.  And they are destroying people, their lives, and the country.  They are currently investigating the doctor who did the abortion on the 10 year-old.  They said “He better have his records in order,” and other stupid things.  They want to get him.  Actually, they are OUT to get him, for helping a 10 year-old child who was raped.  THAT’S what the republican’s are.

So just because you’re a mom whose child has been killed, paralyzed, or has PTS, the republicans don’t care.  You can march, protest, wear this or that, make demands and not one of them will care.  It’s all about money and power over other.

Women are in danger, children are in danger, the world is in danger.  There is no way anyone can bring about change, and THAT is a GIGANTIC RED FLAG.  

The people no longer have a voice.  The republicans are all about poverty, control, and death.  That’s what they want for the people.  THAT is what they are DOING to the people.  Women will go to jail, along with any doctors who are willing to risk life in prison to save their lives.  Welcome to the new america.

See, the thing is, we have to change the government, not try to change the republicans.  We need to get them OUT.  Make THEM powerless.  We don’t need more bandaids, we need to get to the root of the problems.  We need to get rid of the sitting supremes and if we want any, we need to vote them into their seats and give them four year terms.  WE NEED TO HONOR THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.  We need to remind the government that THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around.  And we need to start prosecuting the republicans who broke the law by attacking the white house and just walking away.  Crimes were committed and jail terms set.

They want to jail DOCTORS, but not republican criminals.  That’s how twisted this whole thing is.  They want to own the bodies of women.  OWN them.  Like gun control, they don’t care if we march, or if we DEMAND our rights to our own bodies.  THEY DO NOT CARE AND THEY WILL NOT CHANGE.

Get them out of office.  Take away their power.  VOTE

Mass shootings…in USA

america…death by guns

A toddler was found alone, after the Highland Park shooting.  Both his parents had been shot to death.  No one knew who the child was, so they put a picture out and his grandparents came to get the toddler.  Their family was destroyed for no reason at all.

And one critically wounded person died, bring the death toll to 7.

The Highland Park shooter legally bought 5 guns.  He is from Highland Park.

97% of mass murderers are white males.

98% of mass murders are committed by men.

There have been 300 mass shootings in the last 6 months in america

Women in the U.S. are 28 times more likely to be killed by guns than women in other high-income countries.

In 56% of mass shootings, the shooter exhibited dangerous warning signs before the shooting.

I’ll post more on this…articles, etc., but we can all thank THE REPUBLICAN PARTY for making it easier and easier for these guys to get guns.

Okay, so…the parade

Gun, Weapon, Military, Shotgun, Rifle

There was a parade in Highland Park today, which is a rather expensive suburb of Chicago, and a man between the ages of 18 to 20, according to witnesses, had a rifle and shot into the crowd, killing six, wounding 24, 12 of which are in critical condition.

It’s nice that the republicans are so in love with guys and get money from the NRA, etc.  They’re so worried about fetal cells, just not living kids and adults.

Can we say HYPOCRITES!!!!!

Anyway…shooting and killing innocent strangers seems to be the trend in america.  Come to this country at your own risk.  And when you do, thank the republicans for turning the country into a violent video game, where women are handed a death sentence for existing and anyone can be killed for no reason at all.


How long will it be, before doctors quit seeing pregnant women, after being threatened with murder charges and jail terms?    Do No Harm, has become meaningless, now that the government is running women’s health care, where there is no longer patient/doctor confidentiality.  The government knows nothing about medicine, OR WOMEN, and yet…they get to say what happens to us.


How long before americans will be going to Mexico as immigrants, seeking safety and asylum?


How long before there’s a civil war in this country?



Just wondering.

True colors…

us a flag on white and red textile

like most things in this country
the flag is a lie
it’s just another symbol
that today
stands for enslaved women
power hungry republicans
a completely corrupt supreme court
a government that works for itself
and is at war with each other
a racist, sexist, agist place
where some
people are purposely
kept poor
without shelter
without jobs
without a livable wage
or an education
where women are prey
and violence is not only allowed
it’s celebrated
we are a country
that kills everything
it touches
a country where guns
are more important than people
where power over others
is everything
where people have no voice
where religious fanatics
feel they can force people to
a country that
that it’s not all of these things
when it is
it’s rotten at its core
and our true colors
are finally oozing out
for everyone to see


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