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Another picture from the Halloween Party…

Acrobats, Skip and Margo, received a standing ovation for their amazing feats of daring.  Alice, standing in the background, was their spotter.

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Some of the pictures from the Halloween party are coming in…

Roxy and her friend Piglet Marie, did a Roller Derby Routine, while Mia walked the tightrope with Bernard.  Ida, the parrot, sang and encouraged everyone with his extremely large vocabulary. They were part of the entertainment.  Everyone loved their routine … Continue reading

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A Halloween Blizzard…A little while ago the winds were gusting at 19 mph and it was almost a whiteout. Visibility was extremely poor and sleet and snow were falling sideways. Hahahah Gotta love this place for making horrific weather whenever it feels like it. The leaves are still on the trees, the flowers are in the picture below. Yes, those were flowers up until today.

Halloween is not much fun with snow upon the ground freezing temps and icy streets take all the joy from chocolate treats but costumes squished beneath warm coats and voices raised with glee seems less like candy and black cats … Continue reading

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Today is…

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Halloween morning at The Coop…

Well, the chicklets are up and on their way to a fabulous day.  They had some of Holly’s cornbread for breakfast, so they’re full and happy.  Beth is reading to the baby chicklets, after which, she’s going to the hospital … Continue reading

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Drac…a Halloween poem

Dracula’s quite the gourmet he’ll take his blood most any way he loves his A his B and O he likes to drink it fast then slow he’ll drink it from a crystal glass or from a young and pretty … Continue reading

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Witch, a poem…

a Witch I was born like my mother before me and a Witch I shall remain until my final breath for all knowledge and everything beautiful is tied to that word

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Chicklet Cricket dyed his beak black and he’s going to the Halloween party as SPIDER MAN. His spider friend, Bernard, is going with him to make things more authentic.

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I finally lost that last five pounds…am I pretty enough now?

  Eating disorders still exist.  Some people spend their entire lives thinking about how much they weigh.  There’s something wrong with that.

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It’s almost here…

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