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Ya know how people often say that dogs start to look like their human companion…



Photo: Brian Lundquist

A Halloween warning…

Clown, All-In-One, Character, Fun, Evil

the night’s still young
so don’t be fooled
beware of ghosts
beware of ghouls
the vamps and were’s
are also scary
so hurry up
don’t lag
or tarry
watch out for mummy’s
zombies too
they’d like to take
a bite of you
and should you fall
to fang or claw
you never
want to be a thrall
so maybe
staying in is best
don’t go out
with all the rest
and if you hear
a tap-tap-tapping
just yell real loud

The streets are empty…when Drac takes his daily walk.

Photo:Metin Ozer


quick warning
you can only walk through
this beautiful forest
at certain times each day
if it’s hungry
it will fold around you
and have you for lunch
or dinner
or even just a snack
the problem
is that no one knows
when those safe times are
since they seem to change
on a daily basis
the name of the forest is
you just have to remember
the chance you’re taking
is one of life or death



Photo:  Aoltan Tasi

BEWARE…This Mummy…likes kisses.

Photo:  freestocks

Adam wasn’t like other children…

man in green shirt singing

…he came from a much…darker…place.  His interests tended to be a bit more hellish and his dog, Harold, had three heads.  His parents thought he was perfect, but then, they would, wouldn’t they.  He liked Batman films, and was especially taken with the Joker.  He was thrown out of daycare his very first day.  Apparently sticking others to the ceiling is frowned upon by the adults.  His parents do not want to home school Adam, but would like him to be socialized, like other children.  They are petitioning for his reentry into the daycare center.

Photo:  Zachary Kadolph

Pumpkins waiting for the Harry Potter Marathon to begin…poem

brown pumpkin lot

don’t just lay around
in their pumpkin patch
all day and  night
they have movie marathons
they never eat pumpkin seeds
just milk duds
or chocolate covered raisins
it’s true
ask anyone



Photo:  Taylor Rooney

Simon…a short story

Horror, Book, Woman, Girl, Reading

Simon stayed up late
reading horror stories
and was too afraid
to go to bed
his mother told him
he was just a cut-out
and the worst thing
that could happen to him
was to get wrinkled
or thrown away
Simon asked
if that’s what happened
to his dog Spot
and his mother said
Spot was living on a farm
in Wisconsin
with all the other paper dogs


Picture:  Pixabay

Margo…a 2 sentence short story

Woman With Joker Makeup

Margo was a make-up artist at a high-end department store.  Then she met Brad and her life went in an entirely different direction.


Photo:  Michael Noel

It’s not that the baby was bad. It’s just that to the men in charge, he was worth more melted down and sold as silver nuggets. Greed is like that.

Photo:  Adam Jicha

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