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Halloween, Jack O' Lanterns, Pumpkins

the pumpkins
live in a small dapartment
just outside a big city
right where the last building
meets the country
they know today is
and have been
shining their lights
on and off
for over a week
there’s a party tonight
so watch for the glow
in the windows
if you drive by
an abandoned
at the end of town
but be warned
if you’re tempted
to go inside
like people
aren’t always
what they seem to be


Picture:  Pixabay

Happy Halloween…

Halloween, Cat, Scary, Surreal



It’s pumpkin time…be sure to let the squirrels eat them after Halloween, unless they already started doing so.

Jack-O-Lantern decor

It’s that time of year…a very short story

She can show up
at any time
her voice
soft and seductive
urging you to
follow her
promising to make
your dreams
come true
her words
dance in your mind
making more sense
as she speaks
drawing you in
leading you
into the darkness
a darkness
from which
there is no return


Photo:  Oscar Millán


One of the things I made…

Pumpkin carving as art…from Bored Panda

50 Times People Showed True Skill When It Came To Carving Halloween Pumpkins (New Pics) 

Guardian of the Forest…words

woman wearing black and brown dress

Thou shall not pass
until your intentions are clear
none may be harmed
in this forest of mine
or thou shall pay the price
all creatures
and living things
are under my protection
and should you err
my retribution
will be sift


Photo:  Dimitry Vechorko

Love #3, but these are silly and kind of fun…from Bored Panda

50 Times Pet Halloween Costumes Did Not Disappoint (New Pics)

“MOM! SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR.” (Don’t you just hate when that happens.)

Free stock photo of halloween, halloween costume, halloween theme Stock Photo

Photo:  Heber Vazquez

The wedding…a short story

Free A Couple Wearing Halloween Make Up and Male Looking at Female  Stock Photo

“I think the wedding reception is going well, don’t you agree?” asked the bride, looking over the crowd.

The groom nodded.  “If you don’t count the undead who arrived uninvited.”

“They do love a good party.”

He nodded again.

“They don’t get out much, sweetheart.”

“It’s still rude to crash a wedding,” he said.

“I think the guy in the tux has no idea he’s dead.”

“I agree.  He’s been wandering around, asking a lot of questions.  No one has the heart to tell him he’s not alive.  He wants to know where his car is.”

“In a crumpled heap, I imagine.  At least that’s what I heard.”

“That explains the leg dragging and the bloody and shredded tux.”

“Sorry your parents ran away screaming.”

“They aren’t used to, you know, dead things,” he said.  “They’ll be fine.  Eventually.  I suppose.”

“Still.  I wish they would have stayed.”

“The vampires seem seem to like the punch.”

“It’s O-negative.”

“Ah,” he said, smiling.  “That explains it.”

“Are you sorry I didn’t hide my face with make-up?”

“You look beautiful, just the way you are,” he said.”

“You look so handsome,” she whispered, squeezing his hand.

“Do you think we should sneak away?”

“I do,” she said.  “The werewolves are starting to change, and while they are perfectly well mannered, most of the time, I think it’s time to leave,” she said, pulling him toward the door.

“It was fun,” he said.

“The perfect wedding day,” she sighed, taking a red rose as a keepsake.  “Let’s stop by and see Jim Morrison, on our honeymoon.”

“He’s always good fun.”

“That he is,” she laughed, running toward their Harley.  “That he is.”


Photo:  Luis Zambrano



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