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Magnetic poetry…6


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Halloween is on its way…

Rubber stamps

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Magnetic Halloween Poem…2

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Plight of the Pumpkin…

a pumpkin grows upon the ground in mud with vines around it waiting for the fateful day when some kid shouts I found it then home it goes to face the knife and have its insides routed its seeds get … Continue reading

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Mr. Poe…poem

Posted on October 25, 2014by hitandrun1964 dear Mr. Poe we want you to know while we think you are creepy and don’t read you when sleepy we still love deeply as ravens sit meekly listening to hearts telling tales about coffins and … Continue reading

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These kinds of pictures, were made to show intelligent, powerful women as ugly and frightening.  The reverse is true but labels and fear are always used by those in power to destroy and prevent others from living their lives freely … Continue reading

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Timmy isn’t sure how long he can hang upside down…

Timmy has motion sickness and swinging back and forth, no matter how little, is making him long to stand on the floor.  Not only that, all the blood is rushing to his head.  Margie and Ruthie are happy to sit … Continue reading

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