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This is the kind of mask I like…

Black and white of unrecognizable African American activist wearing famous Anonymous mask as symbol of protest and looking at camera against blurred background

Photo:  Anete Lusina

MASKS…a rant

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I was out shopping today.  I am SO SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE WITH MASKS UNDER THEIR NOSES OR ON THEIR CHINS.  You can’t get into places without shirts and shoes.  You can’t smoke in public places.  There are a LOT of things you can’t do in public environments.  You also can’t get into stores without a mask, but once inside, some people pull their masks down and act as if they don’t have to respect anyone else around them.

WHY AREN’T PEOPLE WHO REUSE TO WEAR A MASK PROPERLY, MADE TO LEAVE THE STORES?  I don’t understand it.  They could literally kill someone.  Make them deathly ill, or destroy their lives with long hauler symptoms.  How is it, they are allowed to do whatever they please, when we can NEVER DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO IN PUBLIC PLACES?

We can’t bring guns into stores.  There are stickers on doors everywhere.  As if someone could even tell if a person was carrying.  Or dogs, or this or that, but a person can wear a mask on his or her chin on PURPOSE, during a raging pandemic, and no one tells the person to get out.  Sorry.  I think people who don’t care about the lives of others, should be kicked to the curb.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone WANTS to wear a mask. I know I don’t. But people do it, not only for themselves, but for others as well.  It’s a sign of RESPECT and concern for others..

This guy takes wearing a mask to a whole new level…

grayscale photo of rabbit plush toy

Photo:  Robert Gouriey

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