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Peaches should come with a warning label…

WARNING PEACHES buy at your own risk the chance that you will be able to eat a peach before it rots is zero you can watch your peach all day long but if you look away even for a second it … Continue reading

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Street art…

French artist: C215 WIDEWALLS

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Annie…Short story…14

“More cake?” asked Clark. “Yes, please,” said Annie, who was standing next to the table, since the chairs were all occupied by sleeping cats. “You can move one of them, you know.” “But they look so comfy,” she crooned, petting … Continue reading

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2 pictures…

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Just a little someone…

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Whatever comes next…

Pixabay Nato Pereira This wonderful picture represents freedom.  It’s walking away from life toward something new. It’s the end of the game.  It’s the best of the people, after having left their bodies behind. It’s beautiful and unknowable.  The man … Continue reading

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Street art…

Pinterest “Latortue” Veks Vanhillik

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Annie…Short story…13

Annie walked to the back door and looked outside.  There was a pure white egg laying between the iron gratings on the fire escape  The hen was carefully hopping up the fire escape stairs.  When she reached the landing she … Continue reading

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I saw a heron yesterday and thought about what she would wear to lunch…

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someties the wind acts like a child having a temper tantrum in pubic   it runs wild through the trees kicks things around shakes rattles and rolls until it wears itself out and becomes deathly still   I think it … Continue reading

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