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Mew…a poem

tiny hunter fuzzy and bright you light up both day and night your soft meows your gentle purrs your tiny paws and black striped fur I watch you leap I watch you play your graceful  beauty your charming ways I … Continue reading

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The Red Umbrella…

umbrella high he scurries forth dancing as he goes om

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the government cannot make money off of peace or equality that’s why we don’t have those things there’s no money in happiness either there’s money in war and hatred there’s money in drugs guns violence ignorance hunger slavery and greed … Continue reading

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When it’s too late…

when it’s too late it’s too late I don’t think people understand what that means if the bees are gone we starve we can’t magically bring them back overnight we can’t bring back polar bears clean oceans or those who … Continue reading

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and even during the day the darkness hangs heavy over the earth black clouds shade the land and people start to forget what the sun feels like against their skin

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Crystal Lake…

Deb and I went out to play in Crystal Lake which may be a very distant suburb of Chicago where the people are very nice the shops are independent the food is delicious including the incredible deep dark triple chocolate … Continue reading

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Save the children???

people always talk about saving the children but the thing most people don’t think about is that they were once the CHILDREN and no one saved them they were conditioned brainwashed forced to obey punished brutalized bullied loved treated with … Continue reading

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