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The way things are…a poem

no matter where we are what we are doing or who we are with we are always thinking being and filtering every single thing that is going on around us through our own personal filter   we are not all … Continue reading

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sometimes it only takes one or two words seen or heard at the right moment   to change your life forever

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Chip, my cousin’s sweet fourteen year old cat, left this plane this morning…this is for him.

the stopping of a heart like the silencing of a startled bird’s beating wings   never to begin again   yet the memory of one who was loved lingers on forever  

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Life is…

life is simply time spent trying to accept our brainwashing or time spent trying to overcome it there is nothing else no matter how much we try and pretend that it isn’t true  

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Male authors…poem

have you ever noticed how many men write about women when it’s obvious they know nothing at all about them it shows it shows every single time

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I am Rage…

Pinterest tumblr.com   I am Rage I do not go quietly into the night or anywhere else I cannot be stopped   when I am gone another woman will take my place   then another and another and another   … Continue reading

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life is a series of games and tests whether we win or lose is all in the way we look at it    

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