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Crystal Lake…

Deb and I went out to play in Crystal Lake which may be a very distant suburb of Chicago where the people are very nice the shops are independent the food is delicious including the incredible deep dark triple chocolate … Continue reading

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Save the children???

people always talk about saving the children but the thing most people don’t think about is that they were once the CHILDREN and no one saved them they were conditioned brainwashed forced to obey punished brutalized bullied loved treated with … Continue reading

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New leaves…

tiny new leaves reach out to spring only to find winter lying in wait

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Albert and Ducky…

Albert was rescued from a bunny farm, right after he was born.   Ducky is his best friend.  They do everything together. Bunnies bunnies need a kind and loving home where we are treated with respect we are not gloves hats … Continue reading

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Holly was fantastic. The chicklets loved her and her poem (which is below). Holly is a bit shy, so Betty and Lara went on stage with her. Tambourine music was played throughout and was just perfect. It was wonderful.

First, thank you to the Chicklets for putting the poetry reading party together and for inviting me. I brought Tide with me, he is going to stay outside with Emily but not too close. He left a Milk Bone by … Continue reading

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Think about it…

we have absolutely no idea where we came from and we have absolutely no idea where we will end up so it seems like a waste of time wondering about either of those things when we should be spending our … Continue reading

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The chicklets are very excited to share a poem written by Resa and her special cat Jeep. It’s a wonderful poem and it is being read by Mitzi. Poem is under picture.

  THE CORNUCOPIA Peck, peck, peck Upon the corn of life Cheep, chirp, cheep We met a unicorn In the woods It was good. This corn A unicorn A cornucopia Peck, peck, peck. By: Jeep & Resa

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