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A bit of chaos…

men should never be afraid of strong independent wild women   living with a bit of chaos just makes life more interesting

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my husband’s love was so perfect that it allowed me to dance even when I was sitting still    

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Love isn’t blind…Love blinds

his love wrapped around me like a protective bubble blocking out the ugliness of the world showing me nothing but beauty and when he died the bubble burst and I had to face reality without him without his magic and … Continue reading

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one we we can tell we’re all different from each other   walk into the living space of someone else and see if you don’t immediately think of how you would arrange and do things differently if you had to … Continue reading

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whenever you walked into the room the world disappeared and all I could ever see was you because that’s how brightly you were shining

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Night…a poem

the night is pressing against my window asking me to come out and play to dance and twirl in the street to give in to its dark wings and smokey promises

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Every now and then…a poem

every now and then I see a man that I’m instantly attracted to we lock and eyes and smile   and as I turn to go I always wonder   what if…

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