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Our lives…

our lives are like photographs each has a negative where the color is different where our vision has a beauty of it’s own when held to the light we live in both places one more than the other at least … Continue reading

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Twas the eve before Chickmas…a poem, which was read in the kitchen to the hens.

Twas the eve before chickmas and all through The Coop the chicklets were peeping and looking for loot they ate all the cookies the bread and the corn and nothing was left for the next Chickmas morn   the hens … Continue reading

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Shall we dance?

she saw him across the field she honked he turned and the dance began

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we are always HERE there’s no place else we can possibly be but HERE wherever HERE is if we’re there we’re HERE some might say you’re there but their there is your HERE because wherever you are is your HERE … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need to take a break…a wee poem

kids and cats know when to rest nap and enjoy life   Photo:  Blake Meyer Unsplash

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Peace, beauty and wonder…a poem…dedicated to Melanie*

I dream I breath my heart beats I love and play I am not food my flesh and skin belongs to me be gentle be kind I cannot defend myself against your weapons or hatred and lack of empathy I … Continue reading

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tango needs no words bodies speak for themselves   Photo:  Preillumination Seth Unsplash

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America…a poem

battered worn and soiled we still hold out hope that we can regroup and stand for something better   Photo:  M. Cooper Unsplash

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Street art…and a kind of poem

I want my own way I want it now right now you’re fired I won go away I’ll get you I’m a bully a baby a spoiled brat an ego maniac a hateful sexist racist moron and I want to … Continue reading

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Books…a sign…poem

it doesn’t matter how battered the sign how ragged or worn to those who love the touch of paper and the printed word bound by covers the word BOOKS is simply irroestiable   Photo:  César Viteri Unsplash

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