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One…a poem

what people say about needing others isn’t always true alone one can still stand tall reach for the sun and be happy

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it was a foggy damp day steamy and drizzly but the beauty of the trees the water and the pier could not be denied

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sometimes going from one place to another is easier than we think once we learn how to do it

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everything is part of us and we are part of everything it’s too bad we can’t remember that so when we KILL things we’ll understand that we’re KILLING parts of ourselves

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Pawns…a poem

so many thing in life just happen they can’t be stopped or explained we have no control over events all we can do is try and live through whatever it is and come out on the other side no matter … Continue reading

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Why I write…

I write because I simply cannot carry all of the words that are running around inside of me so I release them onto paper in order to make room for new ones in a mad cycle that never ends

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neon rainbows call to us in different colors enticing beautiful garish loud and fragile neon plays with us it can be moody delightful or flashy neon lights up the night and while it lives everywhere its true home is Las … Continue reading

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Word picture…

blue eyes splatter pattern floppy ears wet black nose regal looking filled with love joy excitement loyalty beauty fun and intelligence the description of a devoted and beloved companion Picture from:  Pixabay

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I Am More Than Breath and Bone: Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

I am so much more than breath and bone I am Goddess I am fire and strength I am mind and heart I am fearless and brave I am fury and rage I am glorious in my anger I am … Continue reading

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In the words of Freddie Mercury…I want to be free

most of us want to be free some people think the best things in life are free that only works if you have enough money to notice the free things I wonder if homeless people feel free on a cold … Continue reading

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