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I am addicted to books and if they had meetings for book junkies I would go to all of them just to see what everyone else was reading

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have you ever noticed how a calm garden comes alive when the wind passes through treating us to a dance of leaves and flowers in colorful costumes moving to the beat of nature

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the longer I’m alone the less tolerant I am of the outside world   once you get away from the noise and the drama you can see how incredibly silly everything is     when you’re in the game you’re … Continue reading

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I don’t care about being remembered or leaving anything behind   I came here to play read figure a few things out and go to Paris I did those things   I had love cats kids art and fun not … Continue reading

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someties the wind acts like a child having a temper tantrum in pubic   it runs wild through the trees kicks things around shakes rattles and rolls until it wears itself out and becomes deathly still   I think it … Continue reading

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life never stands still if you put things off   the right moment can be lost forever

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when a writer dies all of her unwritten stories die with her   on earth even words have a shelf life

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