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if you believe in MAGICK you’ll always find your way HOME   Photo:  Darius Bashar Unsplash

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s lot of people lock themselves in cages thinking they’re safe never realizing that the thing they should fear most is inside of them   Photo:  Jake Irish Unsplash

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some beings are so perfect so sweet so absolutely beautiful they simply take your breath away   Photo:  Ian Cylkowski Unsplash PLEASE DON’T EAT ANIMALS

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Sheep in the yard…

sheep in the yard hard for a city kid to imagine there were no wooly ewes or lambs grazing when I looked out of my window not in Chicago no fuzzy friends baaaaaaing behind the apartment buildings or bungalows not … Continue reading

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Left…A poem

it doesn’t matter what it is anything that’s not cared for will eventually start to decay once this wall was freshly painted the color green it was new clean and good looking but at some point whoever took care of … Continue reading

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there are those who will always be left behind it would be nice to think that everyone had clean water food shelter education health care no violence no war but that’s never gonna happen Americans can’t even get each other … Continue reading

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The future…a poem

a virus hit the earth in 2020 no one knew what the long term effects of having it would be hundreds of thousands died but many young people survived only to find that strange things began happening to them as … Continue reading

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Molly was a rather solitary ewe it’s not that she didn’t enjoy being with the rest of her flock it’s just that she liked alone time which she spent thinking and dreaming the other sheep understood and gave her the … Continue reading

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Catch a falling star…

you can’t catch a falling star or put one in your pocket because stars are suns and they’re really hot and really big and they would make a huge mess if they ever started falling I mean imagine the sun … Continue reading

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America…best read out loud and fast SLAM IT

it’s one more lie that the meek will inherit anything at all it’s a false promise to keep people quiet hoping for a payoff at the end because that’s what RELIGION is all about payoffs at the end promises that … Continue reading

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