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sometimes I think the veil between worlds and time is elastic closer than we think we touch it often without knowing it the film between the living and the dead is thin the space between past present and future is … Continue reading

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Winter blues…a poem

the winter blues aren’t like jazz although they are both about going through hard times but jazz has a beat that takes you with it while winter just drones on jazz tells a story and takes us for a ride … Continue reading

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rain sleet and ice are falling from the sky I’m waiting for locus the parting of Lake Michigan or perhaps an infestation of toads no one would be the least bit surprised not even a little

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winter came hidden in beauty and silence fell the world turned white frigid unbearable for all living things darkness sleep and death winter’s constant companions took what they wanted because taking is what winter does and it shows no mercy

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Magnetic poetry (this is the Poe set…so, well, you know, it’s dark).

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Magnetic poetry…

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Twas the day after Christmas…

twas the day after Christmas and all over town people were sleeping or laying around or working or cleaning or picking up toys for all of their good little girls and their boys returns were all piled up next to … Continue reading

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