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What we are…a poem

there’s nothing in our past that isn’t part of us now everything that has happened to us or around us will be with us forever because we are the result of each of those things we are  the record of … Continue reading

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dancing with the night lost in its embrace swaying to the music that only darkness makes

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we never kissed in inappropriate places it’s just that whenever we touched the rest of the world simply disappeared

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When we were together…poem

when we were together everything was real after he died nothing was

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The sun…poem

he was my sun and when you live with the sun you’re always warm it’s  always summer and the sun shines even on the darkest days

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Winter darkness…

days get shorter and shorter until it doesn’t pay to get out of bed because that’s where it feels we should actually be I wonder if that’s why crime goes down in the winter not because of the cold weather … Continue reading

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the rain is tapping gently against the windows wet leaves cover the ground like a thick yellow blanket and we talk about the colder temperatures as if they’re only temporary and next week might be warmer knowing that snow is already … Continue reading

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