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Thoughts…a poem

what if someone heard everything we were all thinking how long would it be before the person went insane or what if we were actually understood and in the end when we leave here every thought we’ve ever had will … Continue reading

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Spring…a poem

spring is directly in touch with our primal being it calls to us wakes us up pulls us out of our winter caves and makes us plant things and dance in the sun play in the water and remember what … Continue reading

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Pinball…a poem

life’s like a long drawn out pinball game you work the flippers as hard as you can trying not to tilt and lose your balance while hoping to get the highest score possible so that your next game will be … Continue reading

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he looked at her and said no one has ever loved you she smiled and said oh they wanted to love me they tried to love me I just wouldn’t let them

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costumes & masks…

without costumes and masks no one would have the power of office religion or money the power the hatred and the differences exist in the lies people wrap around themselves we need to ignore them to refuse to accept the … Continue reading

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every generation from the very beginning has believed itself to be the epitome of cool imagine how they felt when they discoverd fire the wheel talking writing jazz flying talkies cars trains typewriters electricticy phones contact lenses bombs televisions computers … Continue reading

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sometimes a heart just can’t find a comfortable place to beat

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