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Okay, so…

Here are my questions:

If we have laws against hate crimes, how can we ALLOW the KKK to exist?  It’s a hate organization.  It’s a racist, hate organization.  How can it exist in plain sight?

If raping children is against the law, how can priests walk away free and the churches stay open when they lied and ALLOWED the rapes to take place?

If there are laws against murder, how can the policemen involved not be charged and in jail?  I you are driving in a car with someone who has drugs, and you don’t know it, you can be arrested anyway.  So how can cops, who were protecting a murderer, while he was killing his handcuffed victim, not be in jail?

If violence against others is a crime, why do men who rape, beat and kill women, often go free?

What good are laws, if they are only used to control a certain group of people?

How can these men get away with what they are doing?

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