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Think about it…

We can only imagine what it was like when these buildings were built.  The kind of lives people lived, how the temples/building were used.  Everything we know is based on what people who had nothing at all to do with … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Do you think the statues in graveyards and on buildings have some kind of awareness?  Do they know what they are.  Do they know how beautiful they look?  Do they know that they are expected to guard those who have … Continue reading

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I have always believed the only reason I came here was to have fun personally I did NOT come here to be miserable or to suffer life isn’t any different than any other bully even when you factor in intent … Continue reading

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Everyone turns toward the thing that makes them feel good…

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Driving…thoughts. I must tell you that this may not make any sense to most of you and I can understand that.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with Death even when I was little I felt as if Death was always looking over my shoulder I could feel her there but instead of holding out her hand asking me to join … Continue reading

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Airports are doorways to other places…where we pass other travelers on their way to somewhere else. Maybe being on earth is just one long stopover before our next destination.

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I run with a pack if you look into my eyes you will see intelligence and emotion I’m not that different from you I love I suffer I feel peace and contentment joy and excitement will humans ever learn that … Continue reading

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