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Kids, Life, Parents…and a little luck…

“Things are better at Sandra’s house.  Her mom’s lawyer talked to her father’s lawyer and he can’t take the dog.  Sandra is back in her bedroom.” “That’s great news.” “Why is life so hard?” “Lots of reasons.  Everyone wants something … Continue reading

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Getting older…looks okay, vintage and colorful, but it might not get you where you want to go.


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What if there’s a world somewhere where everything looks like this?

The dog had no idea what a slinky was.  The fairy asked, so she knew that to be true.  The dog wondered why she was in one piece and asked if there was anything he could do to help her. … Continue reading

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Kids, Life and Dogs…

“Sandra threw a book at the blackboard.” “I’m guessing she was angry.” “Really angry.  When our teacher told her to be quiet and sit down, she said, ‘Make me.’” “Good for her.” “She had to go to the principal’s office … Continue reading

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They have moved in, between my walls, this winter.  Nice and cozy and I hear them running around, skritching (this is a real word to me…so) on the wall of my closet and above me, on the ceiling. I called … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, and The Other Woman…

“Sandra missed two days of school.  She said she and her mom watched tv all day and cried.  Then they had popcorn and ate chocolate ice cream out of the carton.  Her mom said that that was the end of … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Divorce…

“Sandra threw up on her desk and the teacher made her  go to the Nurse’s Office. ” “I’m sorry to hear that but lots of people are sick this time of the year.” “She said she wasn’t sick.  She said … Continue reading

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