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The Ocean…

The ocean is power…full of energy and turbulence.  It calls to us.  But when we answer it’s call, we are putting our lives on the line.  The water takes what it wants.  It doesn’t see us as anything more than … Continue reading

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Here’s the thing…

I saw a photograph yesterday.  It was of a man sitting on a park bench looking at the water.  It was taken from behind.  The photograph was called LONELY MAN, and I immediately thought of what an enormous disservice we … Continue reading

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If you really want to “get away,” this is the way to do it.

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How to be brave…

to be brave you just have to let go of the personal consequences of your act and do what you have to do that’s all it takes

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Love…a poem

I never had to think about love never had to look for it it came to me early before I had a chance to realize it was even important it just moved in and stayed until death decided I’d had … Continue reading

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it seems strange to me that people are horrified by suicide when people are killing themselves in different ways each and every day not every suicide dies quickly drinking smoking drugs prescription and others are a form of suicide they … Continue reading

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Mother Nature…

It amazes me that we think we are so important, so in control, when all Nature has to do is stir up a tornado, or produce a gale wind, to put us in our place.  We are ants, crawling on … Continue reading

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