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Beauty or terror…

I’m sure it has to do with where you’re from or where you live but the above photo can either be beautiful terrifying or both being beautiful doesn’t mean that women can walk there by themselves not without great risk … Continue reading

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Life is often lived looking over one’s shoulder, watching for the LION who has come to get you…

Picture:  Pixabay

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Life…a poem

I think many people believe that they see clearly but I feel that we are all living in a fog without answers to any of our questions without a roadmap without a single clue that can tell us what we … Continue reading

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a reunion no matter what the reason is when a bunch of people get together to celebrate something they went through together in the past a reunion is a time that allows people to remember a shared experience they have … Continue reading

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Signs…a poem

people are always asking for SIGNS but signs are literally EVERWHERE we LOOK YOU ARE HERE and there’s no escaping it except through death but we don’t actually know what happens after death so we might simply be RECYCLED and … Continue reading

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so many things in the world today are FAKE we really can’t believe anything we see or hear people look younger as they age shot up with botox plumped out with implants the government is a joke manipulation the norm … Continue reading

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The long and winding road, leads to…a poem

shrouded in mist does the walker head toward Shangri La Avalon or Death no one knows until they get there because too often where you think you’re headed is not where you end up   Photo:  Robinson Pross Unsplash

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Okay, so…

A couple of days ago, my BFF and neighbor said, “There’s some kid driving around here like crazy.  Speeding, making noise, squealing tires and things.  The neighbors are upset, especially around the school.  (I don’t know any of the other … Continue reading

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until chips are implanted at birth the younger generation has found a way to block out life and watch it unfold through a screen what are we DOING to ourselves   Photo:  Dev Asangbam Unsplash

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What matters…

I think the greatest thing anyone can do is THINK FOR THEMSELVES nothing matters more than that absolutely NOTHING   photo:  Clark Tibbs Unsplash

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