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Our lives…

our lives are like photographs each has a negative where the color is different where our vision has a beauty of it’s own when held to the light we live in both places one more than the other at least … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s easy to get too caught up in the news…

Teslariu Mihai Unsplash

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Books…the path of my life…

Laura Kapfer Unsplash

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NOW is all that exists. And as we move forward, each moment lived becomes the past and a new NOW pops up to take it’s place, and that moment disappears instantly, in order to make room for the next NOW.

Photo:  Marlene Leppänen Unsplash

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Life, as we know it…

I love photographs like this because I feel that we are all walking around in a fog, not knowing what’s going on, only able to see our own personal tiny section of what we call reality.  There is no BIG … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I just watched a two hour program on Maya Angelou.  Tough and fabulous woman.  Helped and changed the lives of many.  Touched untold numbers of people.  Knew everyone there was to know and, at times, had a blast.  She went … Continue reading

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I feel like I’ve done this again and again…how about you?

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Empty spaces…

A beautiful and peaceful spot.  I can imagine the dust motes in the air.  A lovely place to sit and read, or talk with a friend, over a cup of something delicious.  But many places are empty spaces (Queen) today.  … Continue reading

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From: Candy…

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A New Year is on the horizon…

…it’s time to TURN THE PAGE…and start something new.  A new year, a new you..well a different you  Maybe it’s time to write a new story…maybe it’s not, but either way, it’s time to turn the page and see what … Continue reading

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