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Everything leaves its mark, no matter how fleeting…one thing always leads to another.

a beach with waves crashing


What a rush…

Photo:  Tim Mossholder

The clear spot…

Trees, Forest, Woods, Autumn, Nature

like the stars and nebulas
in the universe
we can’t see them
if they’re close up
we see fog
or mist
but when we’re in it
the spot around us
is clear
that’s what life on earth is like
each of us is standing
in a clear spot
in a sea of others
who are also
each standing
in their own
clear spot


Picture: Pixabay



Wind, Girl, Tree, Long Hair, Fairy Tale

some days are calm
and peaceful
other days
are so windy
flies around
and refuses
to settle down
that’s the way
life is
you never know
what you’re going to get
until you’re standing in it




Photo:  Pixabay


Houses, City, Art

wherever we are from
or neighborhood
we learn to be
that place
we sound like that place
unless we take lessons
to not sound like that place
we act like that place
look like that place
walk and think
like that place
others recognize us
by those traits
our mannerisms
our accents
even when we don’t think
we have one
is part of us
we become
where we’re from
and that
makes us unique
and representatives
good or bad
of that place
and no matter how we grow
or change
whether we like it
or not
we will always think like
and be
that place


Photo:  Pixabay

Life on earth…what many near death experiencers have to say…in my own words

white and brown city buildings during daytime

aren’t for everyone
they’re just part of the game
we can play while we’re here
on earth
in bodies
are just one of the rides
we can choose
in the game of life
another choice
another experience
another place to learn
different things
that’s all this whole life thing is
a ride
a play
a drama
where we try to remember
what and who we really are
after willingly giving up that knowledge
so we can get the whole earth experience
which seems insane
but we do it anyway
so we can raise our vibration level
and put what we learn into the WHOLE/SOURCE
when we aren’t here in bodies
we chart a course
plan what we want to do when we come here again
pick our our parents
then give up everything we know
and are born
to be helpless once again
our lives are
all pretend
a way to grow through misery
pain and suffering
with sparks of joy
and happiness
the harder the life
the more one might gain
how boring must life be
on the other side
that we want to come here
all the seemingly bad or evil things
are here so we can experience them
so we can live through those things
or DO those things
to gain knowledge
and those things aren’t really bad
or evil
because we are souls
who are loved
everything is consciousness
we are all the same thing
sometimes we’re the good guys
sometimes we are not the good guys
but no matter what happens to us
or to those we care about
or to anyone at all
none of it is real
we chose to come here
to BE the love we are on the other side
even though that love does not exist here
seems like a problem to me
but now you know what
a lot of the near death experiencers
have to say
Frida Kahlo said she was NEVER coming back
I’m with her
but who really knows
I probably said that a million times before
just like she might have
in truth
when I die THIS time
I just want to live in a place with animals who like to be petted
in a white cottage filled with art and books
and lots of happy crows and birds outside
by the ocean
where the sun is out
and the breeze is warm
because it’s always summer
where I can be tan
and healthy
eating chocolate
and visiting with friends now and then
but those are earth things
the GOOD earth things
and since we’re just energy
there won’t be chocolate
or animals
or cottages
or anything else
just remember
none of this is real
it only feels real
but you won’t truly understand anything
until you’re dead
you’ll be glad you were here
one more thing
earth is
without a doubt
the hardest place to be
our vibrations are so low here
because this is a horrible place
where we kill each other
and eat animals
among other things
so we can’t be who we REALLY are
because of the low vibration levels
and the fog of forgetting
let’s never forget the fog of forgetting
and we all did this to ourselves
so we come here
to experience what it’s like
to be in the lowest level of whatever this actually is
all that stuff that gets us into trouble
is good for raising vibrations when handled correctly
but all those things mean we make mistakes
that we may want to come back and fix
but in the next life we might make more mistakes
and on and on and on it goes
seems like a trap to me
but we might love it
who knows
just seems as if
we are playing a game without a rule book
and possibly without an ending
how many times
can we learn to tie our shoes
how many lives
do we start over
it’s exhausting
but we can choose
to go to other planets
solar systems
where things are nice
earth is the lowest
place for us to visit
in my opinion
we are either warriors
thrill seekers
or idiots
but I won’t find out
until I’m no longer here
so I won’t be able to tell you
but maybe we can meet up
on the other side
and decide then
or when we come back
for another ride


Photo:  Pedro Lastra


it doesn’t matter
what species
every living thing
should be treated
with respect
and kindness
has the right
and not be
seen as food
or car seats
all of us
should stop
killing each other
for any reason


Photo:  Honza Reznik


Free Man Wearing Black Dress Stock Photo

The Gothling
leaned against the building
doing his thing
looking Goth
black clothing…check
dog collar…check
we all wear those
you get my drift
every cult
has its look
the church
we all dress
according to our beliefs
we project those opinions
of ourselves
to others
by the way we dress
it’s advertising
a hello
can we be friends
or NOT
we save time
by showing our true
is Goth
is Punk
and the list
never ends
we are
who we are
and that’s
what it’s all about
wild child
all the same thing
if you’re not comfortable
in your garb
you’re in the wrong
so try new things
until you find
out where you truly
and if you can’t find
the right spot
start something new


Photo:  Christian Luis

Okay, so…

Truck, Ford, Antique Car, Historical

an old
beat up
pick up truck
came toward me
its bumper was filthy
the truck was scratched
and worn
I immediately felt sorry for it
but as it got closer
I knew the truck was
it felt tough
never babied
it lived flat out
and loved every
minute of it’s life
it made me feel good
I want to look just like that
pick up
at the end
just like that worn out
very happy truck


Photo”  Pixabay


I think life should be
one big
but it’s not
I think life should be
and above all
but it’s not
I think life
is The Big Tease
so it’s best to ignore life
and show it that it has no power
over us
that’s easy to do
and it’s what true freedom
is all about
once you can laugh
in life’s face
you get your wings
and then you can fly



Photo:  Nicholas Houdayer

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