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One reality simply leads to another and another after that…ad infinitum

We know that behind every dark and cloudy sky the sun is shining.  We can’t see it but we know it’s there.   There are doors and zippers everywhere.  We see only the tiniest bit of a minuscule whisper of what … Continue reading

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Addiction…people in glass houses

Pixabay This box steals lives…minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…it lies, manipulates and conditions…and we welcome it into our homes.

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The thing that’s missing from life…

Soundtracks.  Films without soundtracks would never make it to the screen.  Our emotions are dragged around by the music.  Think of any film you love, then mentally turn off the soundtrack and BORING.  Walking down the street would take on … Continue reading

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In a world of Abundance…

queensroadstories.org In a world filled with abundance of every kind, people have been brainwashed into believing in scarcity.  We pass this belief from one generation to the next, doing the work of the greedy, but powerful, patriarchal males who make … Continue reading

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Mother Nature…Fey

pinterest.com Mother Nature takes many forms She is everywhere She is everything She Is

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Okay so…

The pope and priests, as well as many others, wear costumes.  They do it so you know who they are.  If they dressed like everyone else you wouldn’t treat them the way they want to be, or EXPECT to be, … Continue reading

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dreamcatcherreality.com We all give off an aura, like a heat signature but different.  Edgar Cayce could see auras.  He was waiting for an elevator and when the door opened, no one in it had one.  He didn’t get on, the … Continue reading

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