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We can teach children to respect all life. Unfortunately, children learn by example.

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I have reblogged a lot of things from other people today because the stuff they posted was FABULOUS. Just remember to be nice to your stuffed flamingo this week end. They like that. LOL Have a blast.

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A conversation between bowls…

“I was carved from wood and made by hand. I have held life,” said the first bowl. “I was forged from metal and I have held beauty,” said the second bowl. “I was cut from crystal and have remained empty, … Continue reading

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Well, we just got a mailing, for our area, that the reason no one wants to go outside, is because we have DOUBLE (they capped it) the number of these blood suckers, who simply swarm us and never stop biting.  … Continue reading

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It seems as if everyday I hear someone say that things are moving faster and faster.  Some think that’s a good thing, while others don’t.  Like everything else, we all like different things.  I just wonder where everyone is rushing … Continue reading

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Love, marshmallows and lessons…a poem

love walked in the door while she was sitting in her favorite booth pushing mini marshmallows to the bottom of her mug with a sliver spoon the marshmallows kept popping back up bobbing in their sea of scalding hot chocolate … Continue reading

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A colorful life, makes all the difference…be bold…use reds…poem

cover yourself with reds and yellows blues and greens don’t be stingy with purple and mangenta orange or teal use all the colors you can find and when you’re finished and your life is winding down rainbows will ask you … Continue reading

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