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The kitchens…Cuneo Museum 4 photograhs


The room farthest away is the kitchen where the food was cooked.  The closer room was the “plating” room.  The food was passed from the first kitchen to the second through a small square door over a counter.  The doors between the rooms were kept closed during food preparation, so that the family, and anyone else who was there, would not be disturbed by the noise of pots and pans.  The food was plated and brought to the table immediately.  img_6944

The above is where the food was cooked.
Below is where the food was plated.  The cabinets hold a full set of every maker of china in the world.  There is one set that was made just for the Cuneo family, as well.


Below is the cooking kitchen and the view of the gardens is wonderful.  The breeze was wonderful as well.


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