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You know I love Chicago’s skyscrapers but did you know…


did you know that Chicago built the very first one?  AND a lot of the skyscrapers that have been built all over the world were built by Chicago architects, including the one in Dubi, which was built by 65-year old Adrian Smith.  Way to go Chicago!   Oh yeah, oh yeah, (you have to start dancing now,  to celebrate skyscrapers and Chicago).

I took this picture in the summer, you can tell, since the sky is blue and the color GREEN appears.


Some of the things we build are stark and cold, prison-like.  Cement and steel, no warmth, no welcome.  Sci-fi like buildings from a future time, one where George Orwell is still alive and kicking.  Light and shadow play across the giant facade, making people look small and insignificant, which they actually are.Chicago, Sears Tower, Willis Tower

Skyscrapers, on the other hand, are inviting.  They sparkle and look as if they belong.  As if they are part of nature (I realize that might sound insane to those of you who love wilderness but this IS nature, in a city). Skyscrapers come from our deep desire to be birds…to be able to fly.

Chicago is beautiful, at least from a distance.

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