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Dead…a short story

She knew she was dead.  She’d watched herself bleed out, laying on the street, face down in the rain.  She always loved the way the rain made the streets look.  It reminded her of Paris. So, dead.  Now what?  She … Continue reading

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007 dies at 90…farewell Sean Connery

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it’s funny how so many people think wearing a mask takes away their freedom when they don’t have any problem taking away freedom from women minorities the elderly Native Americans gays & lesbians immigrants and the poor they don’t seem … Continue reading

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in a country going backward we have lost a fighter for justice and equality we have lost our hero at a time when we need her the most wherever she is we send love and gratitude blessed be RBG   … Continue reading

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died!

She said she would try and live until the election was over, so the next president could replace her. She was a wonderful role model and a true worker for equality and the rights of everyone.  She stood up for … Continue reading

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trump’s eulogy for his brother…

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She stood on the balcony, looking out over the ocean.  Time takes everything, she thought.  People, the sound of their voices, places, memories, everything. She closed her eyes and felt the sun on her face.  She’d had a good run, … Continue reading

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Pawns…a poem

so many thing in life just happen they can’t be stopped or explained we have no control over events all we can do is try and live through whatever it is and come out on the other side no matter … Continue reading

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and when it’s over I’d like to think we drift quietly toward the light surrounded in peace and ready to begin a new and exciting adventure

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It stops now…

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