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Death, Grief, Consciousness..

Grief is like someone carving out your insides, including your brain, and leaving your body, now an empty shell, with nowhere to go.  You look at things that should be familiar but nothing is familiar because too much is missing.  … Continue reading

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This is what it feels like when someone you love…dies…and your world falls apart


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Love ever after…

when the one you love is gone its’s as if each of you is putting your hand on the opposite side of the same door but no matter how hard you try there is no way you can touch

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In the beginning of tonight’s, The Viet Name War PBS program, they showed the metal bracelets that we wore.  Each had the name of a MIA soldier.  I wore that bracelet with the bracelet that had the name of a … Continue reading

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Chip, my cousin’s sweet fourteen year old cat, left this plane this morning…this is for him.

the stopping of a heart like the silencing of a startled bird’s beating wings   never to begin again   yet the memory of one who was loved lingers on forever  

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Pixabay There is only one reason for bullets to exist…to cause harm, maim, or kill.  We make them to do just that.

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Okay, so…

People used to be afraid of dying.  A lot of people are still afraid of dying but nowadays, there’s a whole group of people who are afraid of not being able to die.  Worried they will be warehoused with no … Continue reading

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