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Night…a poem

in the darkest night when thoughts start circling I try to remember what it was like when you were still here and made everything alright

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The tree…a short story

People came to see the tree.  They said they felt something when they were around it.  Some brought books and food and stayed for days, reading and communing with the tree itself.  A few thought the tree was breathing.  They … Continue reading

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The end…is sometimes a beginning…a very short story

He had reached the end of the line.  There was no going back and he didn’t know what waited for him in the darkness.  He sat quietly, eyes closed, contemplating his life and how he had lived it.  He was … Continue reading

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The Boathouse…a short story

She saw the shack and the dense fog behind it.  She looked around, but she was alone.  She stared at the door, then at the water, then back at the fog.  She sat down to think.  She didn’t remember seeing … Continue reading

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Death/Suicide 2

it’s easy to place blame for what happened on people and things when kids die people can always see what others did wrong the thing is even if certain people or things seem like an obvious reason for something happening … Continue reading

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it seems strange to me that people are horrified by suicide when people are killing themselves in different ways each and every day not every suicide dies quickly drinking smoking drugs prescription and others are a form of suicide they … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Here’s the thing…when we sleep, we don’t actually think about being awake.  We don’t miss our kids, animals, spouses, don’t worry about our cars, or what we’re having for breakfast.  When we are asleep, we’re on a different plane of … Continue reading

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