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WHO said globally, 15 million people died from Covid. Far more than what was reported.

gray concrete statue in the middle of the forest during daytime

Photo:  Aron Fjell

It’s all about the sun…well Venus too, but still, the sun is the big thing.

One of my first pieces of digital art

So, the sun gets bigger as it ages.  Eventually it will turn into a Red Giant and eat us, but that won’t be for a few billion years and we will evaporate before that , so it’s nothing to worry about.  I’m not saying you won’t reincarnate around that time, but it would be silly to do so, unless you’re into the end of days kind of thing.

Anyway, Venus, described as the bully of our universe, could start roaming again, or something could hit Mars and throw it out of it’s orbit, which would screw up all of our orbits and we would die that way.

Sometimes I think we don’t understand how precarious our situation is.  The only reason we’re alive is because of the Magnet Field around our planet.  The Aurora Bdoriallis shows us what it looks like.  Mars lost its protection so it’s a dead, dusty planet.  Too small to take care of itself, it lost it’s atmosphere.  Nothing to protect it from radiation and solar winds.

Eventually the sun will take all the rocky planets, because that’s just what stars do as they age and die.

Anyway, it seems to me, that while we have the time, we should plant trees and turn the world into a garden.  We should LISTEN to the EPA and stop killing ourselves, the animals and the planet, while we still can.  I’m not sure if we are just insane, or simply that stupid, but we seem to ignore the things that are right in front of us. We have been TAUGHT to do the things we do.  We have been taught not to LOOK at what’s going on around us.  We have been CONDITIONED to ignore the fact that everything is dying because the rich want to get richer.  We have been taught, all of our life, to NOT ASK QUESTIONS OR THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We need to spend money on trees, not guns. We need to spend money on peace, not war.  We need to spend money on habitats for our living neighbors.  We need to stop clear cutting forests and fracking.  We need to WAKE UP NOW!

We saw the difference in the environment when we were in lockdown.  People are sick because of our polluted air.  Kids are on inhalers.  We do nothing to make things different/better.  We need to have representatives who are GREEN.  Not these greedy thugs who are so busy controlling women’s bodies, they don’t even know there IS an environment.  We need to do a lot of things, if we want to be healthy ourselves and keep our planet healthy as well.

But we won’t.  Brainwashings is hard to overcome.  We all need rehab, but there’s no one who could run it because they would have been brainwashed as well.  I’m a city person, and would die in two days, if I had to farm, or do anything to  take care of myself in the wild.  But I do know that even the little things we can do, can make things better.  Plant butterfly gardens, and plant bee friendly flowers.  Support those who plant trees and work to protect our forests and the animals who live in them. Do research and decide where you want your donations to go so they will make a real difference.

If the bees die, so do we.  Eight years and we’re gone.  Kind of like if the sun shuts off, we will be dead in 8 minutes.  I never liked the number 8, maybe that’s why.

So, the truth is, we have nowhere to go.  As they say, there IS NO PLAN B.  If we don’t take care of the earth and get rid of all the horrendous governments who do nothing but lie and destroy, well, I guess we will get what we deserve.

While we can thought, plant flowers and trees and do what you can.  Everything on the earth is innocent, except for US.  WE, are the destroyers.  Just us.  No one else.  It’s all on us.

Okay, so…Life after death.

It’s really simple, at leas to me.  Here’s what I think:

I don’t think we are our bodies.  I think whatever we are simply inhabits the bodies we have, using the brains to drive the bodies, in order to get the physical bodies to do what we want them to do.

It’s like this.  A car just sits there, until we get into it and drive away.  Same thing with the body.  We get in them, and move them.  If the car breaks down, we GET OUT of the car and go someplace else. Same with the body.  We aren’t our bodies, we are something that drives them. We simply reside in them.  Like people who live in their cars.

Bodies and cars work the same way.  They both need someone/thing to get them to move and go where they should go. But the driver isn’t the car.  We are NOT our bodies.  We are spirit, dots of light, consciousness, whatever you think we are, that simply moves into bodies and use them like cars.  If we don’t take care of it, it can break down.  We need to feed it/put gas into it, to make it go.  But a dead car, or a dead body, is empty.  The driver has left the scene of both, and that’s exactly what happens when people we love…die.  They just get out and leave.  They DON’T ACTUALLY DIE, they just go home, or wherever they go, maybe into another body, but they are not gone.  They are OUT of the car/body, they have used to move around, while they were here.

It’s a mistake to think we are our minds and bodies.  We don’t know what, or who, we are.  I think we are more like cars, than anything else.  We stall, break down, stop running, but the driver gets to walk away, even if he/she is killed in a crash.  In that case, the car and the body are both empty…the drivers having left them.

This makes perfect sense to me.  Some NDE (Near Death Experiences) people have been dead for half an hour.  While dead, they see everything around them, even great distances away.  They hear what people are saying, see what they’re wearing, all because they have simply stepped out of the body they were using.

We leave when we dream as well.  Lucid dreaming, takes us other places. Other places that can often be more real than this life we are living.   OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) do the same thing.

People who have died, as well as people who have been critically ill,  often say that while their body is dead, or in a coma, they go in and out of it.  Visiting their body now and then, and going other places when they aren’t in their bodies.  Because WE CAN DO THAT.

Car, driver.  Body, driver.  We leave both all the time.  In the end, when the body breaks down, or some trauma makes it impossible to stay, we leave for good, but whatever we are, continues to exist.  It’s just the shell that’s left behind, car, body.  Same thing.  We just borrow both for awhile.  We borrow both while we’re here…but HERE isn’t the only place there is.  We just give up our vehicle in this lifetime, and move on.  We get out of our bodies, like we get out of our cars.  It’s not over.  There’s so much proof, that this is just something for us to do, it’s not all there is.

Oh, one more thing…almost to a person, anyone one who has died, and come back, didn’t want to come back.  Wherever we’re from, it’s wonderful, and in spite of the lives those people have here, they did NOT want to come back.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have a choice.  I guess we made a deal to do certain things and we can’t leave, until we fulfill our contract.

So the people we love are still around us, off having fun, or doing other things that are not here.  It’s okay.

The bottom line is that we don’t have to worry about anything.  You only die when you’re supposed to and really, we aren’t in charge of what’s going on.  Not if something can make you come back when you don’t want to.  What that’s all about, we have yet to find out.  But some people said they tried holding on to something, in order not to return but nothing they did helped…they just woke up in their bodies.  Anyone who dies, is supposed to die.  Nothing could have stopped or changed it.  They just got out of their cars.

First RBG and now Madeleine Albright and there is no one…who can take their place. No one at all.

I think that we all know what evil is.
We have a sense of what’s evil,
and certainly killing innocent people is evil.
We’re less sure about what is good.
There’s sort of good, good enough,
could be better –
but absolute good is a little harder to define.

Madeleine Albright


Why is it, that in all the old cemeteries, especially in Europe, it’s always statues of women mourning? Seriously, men do not seem to care, or mourn. The only time they are seen is if it’s a statue of themselves…no angels, weeping men, thrown across tombs…nothing. I guess that’s just one more job women are expected to do…lay on graves.

Grave, Graveyard, Cemetary, Milan, Italy


Nothing can save us from ourselves…nothing

Grayscale Photography of Human Skull

Trolly 10…a very short story poem.

Trolly number 10
only showed up
on foggy nights
and only
when there were enough
to make the trip
not everyone could see
the Trolly
it wasn’t there
for everyone
it’s just that
the Ferryman
grew tired of being on
the River Styx
and when that happened
ho came ashore
and drove
Trolly number 10


Photo:  Georgi Kalaydzhiey

A story poem about crossings..

Person in Black Jacket Standing in the Middle of Forest

it’s not always about
Charon and the River Styx
one can cross over
in any number of ways
there’s always the
and don’t forget
the Brokers
who buy and sell
but few talk about the
Snow Man
he likes the cold
and when he appears
in his dark coat and hat
certain people
can’t help but follow him
into the mists
of flakes and ice
to another beginning
no one
has seen his face
there’s just white
and biting cold
but he’ll get you
where you need to go
you can count
on that




Photo:  Akin Akdag


The Wonderful, Fabulous, Betty White…dead at 99. Her 100th birthday is January 17th…huge loss.



Joan Didion has died at 87. Terrible loss.

Candle, Light, Candlelight, Flame, Wick

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