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Chip, my cousin’s sweet fourteen year old cat, left this plane this morning…this is for him.

the stopping of a heart like the silencing of a startled bird’s beating wings   never to begin again   yet the memory of one who was loved lingers on forever   Advertisements

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Pixabay There is only one reason for bullets to exist…to cause harm, maim, or kill.  We make them to do just that.

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Okay, so…

People used to be afraid of dying.  A lot of people are still afraid of dying but nowadays, there’s a whole group of people who are afraid of not being able to die.  Worried they will be warehoused with no … Continue reading

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Kids…A Short story

“What happened?”  he asked, staring at the body in front of him. “He’s gone,” she said. “Where did he go?” “No one knows.” “But he was here a minute ago.” “Yes, well, he’s gone now.  His body stopped functioning.” “But … Continue reading

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Whatever comes next…

Pixabay Nato Pereira This wonderful picture represents freedom.  It’s walking away from life toward something new. It’s the end of the game.  It’s the best of the people, after having left their bodies behind. It’s beautiful and unknowable.  The man … Continue reading

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A fun and enlightening TED Talk…Obits and what they have to say

What I learned from 2,000 obituaries

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The end of this TED Talk is excellent…this is NOT scary, for those of you who are afraid of death, at least I don’t think it is and it’s not about dying or being ill, it’s just a talk about death and he’s cool, especially at the end:)

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