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It’s that time of year…

The Acrobats…Jack & Jill

This team has been together since last summer.  Jack is very strong and Jill is extremely agile.  Jack hold Jill while she sings The Coop’s favorite Chickmas carol.  Everyone joined in and it was truly wonderful.

The party has begun…Amanda and her unicycle are now on stage.

Amanda is riding her unicycle to JINGLE BELLS.  She’s doing spins and tricks and has the chickles on their feet, flapping their wings with joy.  Everyone is loving her routine.  She is thrilled and plans ons starting a unicycle club in January.

The chicklets have rolled out their first game for Chickmas Eve…How many chicklets can you fit into a car?

Instead of Jelly Beans, the chicklets decided to have everyone guess how many of them were able to fit into a car.  the winner gets a ride around The Coop and a coupon for a ride on the Gondola next summer.  The rides are free, but the winner won’t have to wait in line to go around the Rubber Duck Pond.

Chickmas… opening act at breakfast

During breakfast, the chicklets did an opening, IT’S CHICKMAS EVE, act, to get everyone in the mood for the night’s festivities.  It’s difficult feeding so many species, but the hens are used to it, so everything went well and the pancakes were gone in a jiffy.

Today will be filled with games, food and fun.  The Chickmas Eve party starts at Sundown!

On the way to tonight’s story/sleepover…

Tonight’s story/sleepover will be held in the horse barn and everyone is looking forward to sleeping in the hay.


Blue Fin and Dolly…Chickmas includes everyone at The Coop

Blue Bell won the Santa contest. She’s the official chicklet Santa for 2020

Blue Bell won the Santa contest.  She has her Santa suit, but refuses to wear the beard because it makes her sneeze and she looks silly.  Everyone agreed that the beard didn’t matter in the least and the chicklets and guests lined up to tell her what they wanted  for Chickmas.

Chickmas announcement…this year’s Chickmas Party will be the CHICKMAS CIRCUS

This is Sugar.  She’s going to be the Chickmas clown and announcer.  Her costume fits perfectly and she’s good to go.  Sugar is looking forward to introducing the acts and leading the Chickmas Parade.


Some of the younger chicklets need a bit of help wrapping their gifts…

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