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My daughter took this cool picture of a bee today…

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From: Candy…VOTE!!!! Women gave their lives so future generations of women could vote.

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Three pictures of Emmie playing today…we had fun

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s lot of people lock themselves in cages thinking they’re safe never realizing that the thing they should fear most is inside of them   Photo:  Jake Irish Unsplash

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Today is: National chocolate milk day

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The Magical Apothecary…48

“I have another question,”  said Joey.  “I’m not a physicist, but won’t it be hard to move all of us to another plane?” “Easiest thing in the world, grandson,” said the Winter Queen.  “That’s what magic is for.  To make … Continue reading

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OMG…read it and be very afraid…

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The real issue…

The real issue in this country is the overwhelming desire of the conservative right to control women’s bodies.  Period.   That’s it. Here’s the thing.  The religious right does not care about children. They don’t care whether they are fed, educated, … Continue reading

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If we don’t have to go out…

I know most of us want to go out and enjoy the final days of summer, but if we are ever going to get control of the virus, even a little, let’s stay home whenever we can. Eleven hundred people … Continue reading

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The Magical Apothecary…47

“How can nothing change?” asked Joey, outraged. Lacy stared at him.  “Nothing ever changes, surely you know that.  Things are just covered up better than before.  Oh sure, crumbs are thrown at the masses to calm them down.  Committees are … Continue reading

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