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I just turned the TV on, to see what PBS was showing, and I saw a blurb for the above program. They were interviewing people (Americans).  One man actually said, OUT LOUD, “I don’t even know what liberals eat.  I … Continue reading

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Peace…it’s good for your heart…


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PBS…fabulous program…OVARIAN PSYCHOS…women getting together to take back their lives…it’s wonderful. The hatred brought out in men, when women gather together is part of the hatred against all women, all the time, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they are doing.  I’m so sick of women … Continue reading

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Tuesday night…Mysteries, Vincent Van Gogh and a nun and the Italians

Okay, so…the Rubber Ducks and I were watching Poirot and Miss Fisher’s Mystery because it is, after all, Tuesday night.   When the programs were over, and while I was waiting for the program on Italian to begin,  a nun, … Continue reading

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Okay so…PBS The Italians in America

I watched part 1 last night.  I started typing DURING the show, I was so FURIOUS.  I didn’t post what I wrote because the words burst into flames before I could press “publish.” So here’s the thing.  I’m half Sicilian … Continue reading

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