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Here’s another link…for gun violence in Chicago

PBS: The Violence Paradox…this is a rant, just so you know. If there are mistakes in the text, just ignore them, I’m not a happy camper.

Belfast, Wall, Ireland, Sadness, Face

I wanted a picture to represent VIOLENCE, so I could talk about the horrible and useless PBS program I tried to watch.  What I found was, there are so MANY different KINDS of violence, I couldn’t find ONE picture that represented even a few of them. I finally found this one.  This is the look of fear.  Kind of universal, in a way.  Violence and fear, usually go together, so it’s the header to this rant.

The program, and I didn’t watch all of it, just parts of it, because I thought it was horrible and useless, but hey, that’s just my opinion.  They had spreadsheets and I guess that’s more real than people who are actual living in places where there’s never ending violence.  You know how important GRAPHS are, right?  Stats are truth, violence, horror, terror, torture, just fit on a line over little boxes.  Doesn’t even hurt the guys who are drawing them.  They did mention that men are more violent.  Wow!  New, for sure.  Who knew?  Shows how brilliant the researchers were.  I wonder how much they got paid to figure that one out.

Okay, the first piece of idiotic garbage was that this was a program on how to cut down on violence, but THEY CUT INTO THE HEADS OF RATS AND PUT THINGS IN THEM TO MAKE THEM AGGRESSIVE AND ISN’T THAT VIOLENCE ON AN EPIC SCALE?  They didn’t seem to realize the horror and violence behind their OWN miserable and hateful torturous acts, so what kind of JUDGES COULD THEY POSSIBLE BE WHEN IT CAME TO VIOLENCE, IF THEY COULDN’T EVEN SEE IT WHEN IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM AND THEY WERE DOING IT THEMSELVES?  

Once I saw the poor helpless, INNOCENT, rats being brutalized, I turned it off.  Then I turned it back on later and it had not improved in the least.  There were no rats, but they did refer to their sadistic findings.  I can’t tell you how I long to put the things they put in the rats heads into the heads of the people on the show. I would watch them and trigger their behavior and then I would write up my findings on cruel and hateful people who are idiots.

They took babies, 3 months old, and showed them skits with three teddy bears, wearing different colored shirts.  One bear was nice,  one was mean and one was average.  Every single kid, when asked which bear they wanted, picked the nice bear.  Every single one, made a sad face when the bad bear took the ball and disappeared.  They all knew who was good and who was bad and they couldn’t even walk or talk.

Anyway, they found 24 bodies, well the bones of bodies, in a desert, from the beginning of time, or something like that because I was so enraged, I really didn’t pay attention to names because I wanted to save the rats and never see the ugly faces of the people talking about them as if they DIDN’T HAVE FEELINGS OR FEEL PAIN.  Evil and violence and they couldn’t even see it.  Sick.

Anyway, they said this is a calm time, even though kids are being murdered in schools and people are gunned down in the street and wars never end.  So, the 24 people are equivalent to what’s happening today, in their minds.  Yes, we know the first people on earth killed each other.  We didn’t need to waste time watching them sit there, heartless and superior, telling us what we already knew.

Here’s the bottom line:  governments and laws/rules, eventually civilized people, through terror and punishment.  They started stopping them from having sex/raping in the streets and going to the bathroom in the street as well.  They were told not to relieve themselves on stairway.  Are you with me so far?  The moderators believe our rules are keeping people from being even more violent than they already are. Oh, they mentioned manners as well.  You remember manners, don’t you?  I still see them now and then and it makes me happy, but I digress.

Here’s the important part:  They scanned the brains of  murderers and people who were not murderers.  The non murderers pre frontal lobes showed up red, with bits of other colors, but the killers didn’t have any red at all, only a really pretty color blue, which the non’s had small bits of.  So, because the murderers didn’t have any red, they didn’t have much control over their own actions.  I do not know how many brains they looked at but there were only a few pictures of murderers shown which would make that the smallest sample ever in the world, or not.  Maybe they did a million scans.  If they said how many, I was plotting how rats could take over the world, so I wasn’t paying attention to the icky people whose mouths were moving.

We all have violence in us.  I can agree with that because of what I want to do to the people who hurt the rats.  But, I must have a red pre frontal lobe because I can control my impulses.  They were figuring out how to change the brains of the murderers but I don’t remember what they said because I didn’t care about anything except the violence I just saw with regard to the rodents.  I don’t think there’s a way and it would probably violate their rights.  The murdered people don’t have any rights, but the murderers do.  Always.

What I got from this program is that people, even if they have degrees and think they are all that, are heartless, cruel, mean, disgusting and evil, since they don’t even realize that living things have a right not to be tortured.  I’m assuming that all of people involved in the show have pre frontal lobes that are  entirely BLUE.  Also, unless we can scan everyone’s brain, we don’t have a chance to change what’s going on, so they tortured the rats for nothing, unless you count the fact that it satisfied their own violent urges.

I’d like to see the nice white guy, live on the south side of Chicago and then tell us how peaceful the world is.  Two people were just shot to death in their condo’s underground garage over the weekend.  Like two blocks from where I live and I live in a very nice place.  See, violence doesn’t CARE where you live.

The bank teller told me.  She also said that the police said the the people knew the shooter so there was no danger to the public.  I guess the danger was only to the two dead people, so no christmas for them.  Whatever.

Good thing the scientists hurt the rats and found out that violence is really going down, on their graphs.  Their research about people who beat the other guy with a club, in the beginning of time, rather than and AKA, must mean we’re much better now.    Way to do research.  I guess twenty-four people killed with clubs, when there were only 40 people alive at the time, is a big deal but get real, VIOLENCE is all around us.  People don’t let their kids outside ALONE.

Maybe it’s all in our heads and all the dead and wounded are simply figments of our imagination.  The soldiers killing THEMSELVES, the causalities of war, women brutalized over and over, beaten, raped, murdered, guess those things don’t count.  At least where the guys on the program live.  Not on their neat little graphs.

Up until now I thought PBS did a pretty good job.  Up until now.  Admittedly, I may not be able to give a balanced and non judgmental opinion of the show.   Once I saw what the bastards did to the rats, I just wanted to call John Wick and ask for a favor.   If one of my college students turned in research like the stuff on the program, no matter how thorough, he would have been in trouble.  It’s easy to make up the stats and extrapolate your findings, from the way you see things.  That doesn’t mean that’s the way things actually ARE.   If they CAN’T see the violence inherent in the system, then anything they say is incomplete and meaningless.  If they can’t even see the violence they are DOING themselves, then they can’t see violence period.

They never once mentioned kids raped by their relatives, the rapist priests, what happens in the slums, what happens to street people and the violence that some through live everyday.  DEFINE YOUR TERMS.   What a waste of funding.

If I had my way, the rats would escape and gnaw to death, everyone who ever touched them, in a negative way. Rats are actually immaculate and intelligent.  They are loving and playful.  WE HAVE HAD THEM AS PETS FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND WE’VE LOVED EACH ONE OF THEM.  I’ve kissed rats and petted them and cooed to them, and carried them in my pocket, so they could peek out, and they are adorable and have feelings that MATTER.  I can’t say that about people, especially people like those on the show.  Rats are much better and kinder than they are.  I’d pick a rat over any of them.  If I was asked to save the live of a rat or one of them.  The rat would be coming home with me.

How casual the speakers were about explaining the actions of the tortured rats, with huge things sticking out of their tiny heads.  You know, I don’t believe in hell but I’m kind of hoping there is one, just for people who torture others.  I don’t really care if the scientists have BLUE pre frontal loves.  Cruel is cruel.  They should scan themselves.  Heartless, cold and mean people..


This is the program I was telling you about. It’s on PBS. Watch it if you can, it’s so important.


In the Age of AI

Trace a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our lives, our jobs and our world, and allow the emergence of the surveillance society.

I watched THE WORLD’S FASTEST ANIMAL, on PBS…and wow! Peregrine Falcons are the fastest and most amazing thing EVER.

The program is mostly in Chicago, since the peregrines live here, and in most cities.  Peregrine’s who live in cities have a higher chance of survival, since there’s plenty of food and tall buildings to nest on.

They make fighter pilots look like wimps.  They can dive over 200 mph, have special lenses that slip over their eyes to protect them and can withstand 18g’s which is 2xs more than fighter pilots.  They are 3x faster than cheetahs and watching them is incredible.  It was a fantastic program.  They literally soar, tuck in their wings and drop out of the sky…unreal.  They have the most specialized bodies.

They are absolutely stupendous.  It was a great program, in spite of the fact that a few pigeons are no longer residing in Chicago.  They are beautiful and intelligent…specialized animals who have everything they need to survive.  We almost wiped them out with DDT but they made a comeback, thank the Goddess.

If you can watch it…I suggest that you do.

PBS and British Mysteries

In a town with few people, at least one person is murdered each week.  I don’t get that.  Wouldn’t the town eventually be empty of people, even if you count the occasional dead visitor?  Even Miss Marple went out of her village to find dead people.  Father Brown’s flock must be down to five, or six people.

The police in some of the Mystery shows, just talk to the bad guys, saying, “You’re under arrest for the murder of the vicar’s wife,” and the bad guy replies, “Well, alright then,” and just walks out to the patrol car.  No arguing, no violence, nothing at all except for, “Can I finish my tea before we leave?”

I’ve never once, seen an automatic weapon on any of the shows.  People are killed with old pistols, handed down through generations, stabbed to death, or hit on the head with something heavy.  The police give the killers a stern look and everything falls into place immediately.  It’s so weird.

If the inspector came to one of our cities, he would be dead in fifteen minutes, if he went to arrest someone, unarmed, and just spoke politely to the person.  No riot gear, nothing but a nice suit and a concerned attitude.

On the programs, some old duke might pull a gun, from a war no one here has ever heard of, but the inspector just tells the man, “You don’t want to do that,” and the man hands over the gun and looks defeated.  Amazing.

Endeavor starts next Sunday.  There’s a lot more shooting and reality in that Mystery.  More unfair politics, and far less drinking of tea.  But, I’m captivated by the shows where they just talk nicely to each other and the bad guy/woman just gives up.  The inspectors expect cooperation, so they don’t need weapons.  It’s a whole different set of expectations and beliefs.  The inspectors, and their sidekicks, are never afraid because the rules are such that the bad guys don’t fight back.  One may run (if young enough), but only to the garden gate.  Guilt, a firm, “tut tut,” and the murderers deflate and are willing to take their punishment.

Their way is far better than ours, although we don’t have a lot of country mansions and quail around here.  No butlers, at least not in my circles, and no family trees that have their roots in the big bang. Still, it happens in their villages and towns, as well.

I find it amazing, that the police just walk through life arresting killers, with a simple word, or two, and everything is back to normal.  Oh, and the rich people just tell the inspectors and police to leave…and they do.  They DO.  The power is on the side of old wealth and titles.  Voices are never raised.  The inspectors speak softly and smile now and then, always reasonable and understanding.  A different world for sure.  Better, it would seem.  Far better.  But that wouldn’t work here.  We have all the guns and none of the respect for civility.  Well, that and most people like coffee better than tea, which may actually be a determining factor.


Civilizations…PBS Religion…sigh. It’s long and religious people might want to skip this. Up to you. (1 photo)

I watched the second PBS Civilizations segment on religion.  There are at least 3 of them, but I could barely make it through the second one.  I didn’t see the first one.  The speakers on the show seemed to be unaware of the things they were saying…about how much power the priests, rabbis and all the other elevated guys had over people.  MALE DOMINATION TO THE MAX.  It was mentioned that people who imposed their will on others would bring good fortune to themselves. It’s very sad to see how religion can pull people away from actually living and throw them into bizarre ritualized ways of life.

What is the purpose of all of it?  Ritual, people begging, wanting, expecting, putting their problems and wishes into someone else’s hands? What’s with that?  Why do they bow to to an idea?  Apparently, people want to be closer to a god, at least that’s what was said on the program.  Why do they want to be closer?  Closer for special notice, favors, wishes granted?  Do people want safety?  What?  The idea of gods are used by the rich and powerful to control others.  Religion is a weapon and is actually covered with blood, hatred, greed, rape, torture, lies and more greed.

And speaking of blood, how can anyone think that killing an animal or person, as a sacrifice would satisfy a god?  And if it DID…what kind of god would that be and why would anyone worship it?  Fear, I guess.  That’s what religion is all about.  Fear.  And what’s with all the BLOOD anyway?  Who was the first guy who said, “I know lets make blood holy and no one will notice that we are stark raving insane.”  Eating the body of christ and drinking his blood?  Really?  If you read that in a book you’d be gagging, or reading about vampires, or a zombies apocalypse.  How can eating flesh and drinking blood EVER be a good thing?  Isn’t that cannibalism? Isn’t cannibalism supposed to be a BAD thing? The soccer team, who ate their dead friends when they crashed on a mountain, had to go to the catholic church and to be forgiven for doing that but during mass…I guess the rules change, unless symbolism doesn’t actually MEAN anything, in which case, none of the other things they do mean anything either.  You can’t have it both ways.

Look at the costumes religious people and leaders wear.  Why?  Advertising?  Does any god think that what humans wear is important?  Costumes are worn to separate the upperlings from the herd.  They would be just like everyone else without their costumes because they actually ARE just like everyone else…period.  So in order to get attention, they wear hats, dresses, shawls and other garb to show that they are closer to their god and know what’s on his mind.  These guys in hats tell people what’s right and wrong, except when they are busy raping, pillaging, beating, shaming and stoning, women.

Oh, and the divine architecture, always reaching up and away from the herd.  Holy things only the costumed guys can see.  Why?  Cuz they consider themselves to be better than everyone else.  Seriously, the things people go through to feel better about themselves and to not feel AFRAID, are amazing.  And let’s not forget the EGO in all of this.  Because religion is all about ego.

According to the program, people want to believe in something bigger them themselves.  Why?  What will that get anyone and why is everyone so bloody AFRAID to be what they are?  I don’t get it.  People are all locked into these ritual pocket dimensions where they dress up and think they are…I don’t know what they think they are.  What do people think they are they being saved FROM?

And they talked about morality and who decides what it is?  Think about that.  You don’t decide, that’s for sure.  Everyone listens to virgin, rapist, priests, isn’t that a contradiction of terms?????  and a pope who gets applause because he got out of his BULLET PROOF CAR.  Hey, I’ve said this before but if he’s god’s bff he shouldn’t BE in a bullet proof car in the first place.  He’s the last guy who should be afraid of dying, right?   His faith should protect him and if he gets shot to death, he’ll FINALLY know what happens after death.  Cuz he sure doesn’t know what happens now.

Religion is all about killing together, hating together, discriminating, and all the rest.  Human sacrifice?  Spanish Inquisitions. Crusades, Rape, theft, being friends with Hitler and the Mob.  You can literally buy the catholic church.

I really loved the part where normal people (relative term), can’t gaze at certain things. Pictures of Buddha, christian treasures/books.  Eyes only.  Don’t you wonder why?  Don’t you ask yourself how people can follow anything that is cloaked in secrecy, where they are cut out of the picture?  Excluded entirely because they aren’t WORTHY.  The Arc of the Covenant is supposedly in this tiny building watched over by one guy who gets radiation poisoning and dies and is then replaced by another guy who gets radiation poisoning and on and on and on (different program).  No one else can see what’s in there.  There are ALWAYS SECRETS.  That alone should make people walk away.  What do people with secrets do with them if no one else cares?  The secrets become meaningless except to the person who has them.  ANYTHING that tells you aren’t good enough, special enough, whatever enough, to see things, or know things, should send you on your way.

The guy on the program said something about the “awesome power of the christian faith.”
See that’s what religion is about…POWER.  Power Over Others.

There was a part in the show where they were talking about not worshipping idols when, in fact, that’s actually all they do.  Okay false idols, but again, who decides?  Does that mean that you should worship the idol they say is okay?  It’s still an idol.  But only the idol YOU believe in is the REAL idol because the other idols are competition and/or fake?  They’re all idols, no matter how you look at it.

Think about this…what kind of god would want/demand/accept bowing, kneeling and all of the other things that are done…in his name?  Would god want golden statues, stolen artwork, vaults full of gold and cash, hidden from his followers?  Is that what god is all about…wealth, hoarding, making a pack with the “devil?”  Supposedly Jesus sat on a rock and talked to people.  He wore what everyone else wore and I never saw a picture of him wearing a HAT or jewelry, of any kind.  He was one of the people.  Look what his followers have done in his name.  Jesus wasn’t into costumes (at least not in public), or churches/temples and he really wasn’t into stockpiling wealth.  I don’t see him being friends Hitler, or anyone else like him.  So religion has nothing to do with Jesus but then he was only the son, maybe his invisible dad and the ghost were into different things.  Maybe they were greedy and incredibly violent.  Someone must have been, right?

And ya gotta love altars.  I don’t think Jesus would like them but I can’t know that for sure, no one can know anything FOR SURE.  All the pageantry, the drama, the chanting, the ritual, the bells, candles, smoke and up and down, standing, kneeling, sitting, singing, bowing. And let’s not forget thrones and chairs.  Anything to make the normal guy look BIGGER than he actually is…more special.  Who else sits in his chair?  Do you think he would let god sit in it, if he came for a visit?  What if god came here and decided to be a bi drag queen?  What then?  Think he would fit in with the religious guys then? Even if he was magic and god?

Then Rick Steve’s program came on and it was all about the Jewish faith and he was asking about their gigantic hats and what all of it meant. What it meant was that one person was holier/stricter than another.  Gotta love egos.  The plastic boxes they wear on their foreheads, he found out, contain a bit of scripture so that god is always on their mind.  I don’t even…   No limits to what people will do. Literally walking around with a plastic box on their foreheads.  Look at it this way, if your kid started walking around with a plastic box on his forehead you would get him help for him.  But when an adult male does it, it’s okay.

So, I was out with my BFF yesterday and I asked her how she would feel if her son, when he was just a kid, came home with a plastic box on his forehead and said he was going to wear it from now on.  She started laughing.  “You’re only supposed to wear them when you’re praying,” she said.  I told her the guys were on the street and she didn’t know why.  I said if H came home with a box on his forehead, or a gigantic hat on his head, you would get help for him, right?  She said she would because it would be weird but it’s okay for grown up men to do that.  It’s like saying that your kid needs help if he starts killing animals but if he grows up and gets a job torturing and killing animals that’s okay.  If a kid wants to dress like batman, he usually does it on Halloween or in his bedroom. Kids who wear batman costumes to school everyday, talk to a counselor.   But costumes on “religious” adult males seem to be acceptable.  If you’re kid came home and said I just ate someone’s body part and drank their blood, you might wonder what was wrong with him. If he said it as an adult well, then it’s cool.  Anyway, my friend and I talked about it and kind of agreed that it doesn’t make any sense at all.  She said her husband got a plastic box when they were in Israel…he was a horrible man.  Really awful.  No amount of boxes would have helped him because see, ANYONE can wear a costume and it doesn’t actually MEAN anything. Wearing a big hat or a long dress is just ego.  It’s pretend…like priests who rape kids…the costume doesn’t make priests the kind of people the costume is supposed to STAND FOR.  The reason for that is that a costume doesn’t change who the  person really IS.  It’s no more real than the nine million gods people pray to.

I don’t understand any of it.  How people can be so needy, afraid, egotistical and competitive.  I couldn’t watch the third one.  It’s just too difficult to see people act the way they do.  All over the world people live their lives according to what others tell them to do, then wonder why they are miserable.

The guys in Israel seem to spend their lives talking to god, or looking at a wall or dressing in costumes.  Seriously, how about a picnic, horseback riding, playing with their kids?  No life at all, as far as I could see.  Instead of LIVING, they are communing with an invisible god and wearing a box on their head.  Really?  How can that make any sense AT ALL.   Women should actually be grateful they are despised by these guys or else they might have to live that way as well.

And here’s another thing.  If you LOVE someone, that person is  ALWAYS on your mind.  People don’t wear a plastic box on their heads to REMIND themselves to think about those they love, even when those people are gone.  They don’t have to go to a wall, or to any special place, to remind themselves that they love someone.  They don’t wear costumes, or eat wafers and drink wine to PROVE that they love those they love.  None of that stuff matters because if you really love someone you never forget them and you don’t need ego, or costumes, or ANYTHING at all to remind you, or to show OTHERS how you feel, or what you believe.  That is the point. That is REAL.  Religion is for show.  See, if you love whatever god you believe in, you don’t have to remind yourself  by wearing special things, going special places, giving money to him. You don’t have to bow down or do anything at all.  If you really love someone that person is always with you. It’s impossible NOT to think about the people we love.   Isn’t that supposed to be what’s important?  Not what you wear, or how much better you think you are than others…it’s what’s inside of you that counts not what you do to show OTHERS.

Truthfully, the only thing that makes sense is the TAO, depending on the translation you read.  In a nutshell, it says, mind your own business, be kind to EVERY LIVING THING and be cool.  Check it out.  No leaders, no meeting places, no chants, songs or rituals.  No donations, no confessions, no intermediaries.  No sins, no drinking blood or anything.  Just right living.  When you live without fear and with compassion you don’t need leaders, churches, donations, blood sacrifices, costumes, big hats, plastic boxes on your face, walls, swaying, kneeling, or anything else.  That’s the big con…to get people dependent upon all of those things, when in reality, you just have to be centered and nice.   But there’s no money or power in that, so there is religion instead.


I just turned the TV on, to see what PBS was showing, and I saw a blurb for the above program. They were interviewing people (Americans).  One man actually said, OUT LOUD, “I don’t even know what liberals eat.  I mean what do you serve them?” He made a smiling face and he was dead serious. Insane. Really.  Absolutely insane.

He should have asked.  I would have told him that we cook conservatives and have them for snacks.


Peace…it’s good for your heart…


PBS…fabulous program…OVARIAN PSYCHOS…women getting together to take back their lives…it’s wonderful.

The hatred brought out in men, when women gather together is part of the hatred against all women, all the time, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they are doing.  I’m so sick of women having to fight for the right to walk on the sidewalk, or go into a park without ending up raped or dead.  JUST SICK OF IT!  We should all be sick of it.

Tuesday night…Mysteries, Vincent Van Gogh and a nun and the Italians

Okay, so…the Rubber Ducks and I were watching Poirot and Miss Fisher’s Mystery because it is, after all, Tuesday night.   When the programs were over, and while I was waiting for the program on Italian to begin,  a nun, who talks about works of art, came on for a ten minute spot.  Apparently she travels to art museums all over the world and talks about one or two paintings, while sometimes giving bits of info about the artist who painted them.  I wasn’t paying much attention, because I didn’t like the pictures she chose, but then she went to Van Gogh’s museum and I love Vincent.  So she walked up to the painting of his bedroom, in the yellow house in Arles. She then describes what SHE sees and  proceeds to psychoanalyze the painting and Vincent.  The nun said that the painting was one of his favorites.  She said, Vincent had actually said what he was trying to accomplish in this work and what it meant to him


“When an artist tells you what he’s doing, don’t believe him.”

She went on to TELL US WHAT THE PICTURE REALLY MEANT.   Obviously, she knew more about Vincent and his painting, than Vincent did.  She was into how the blue doors were both shut, which I thought was pretty funny because if they had been open, or even ajar, the picture would have been more about the door blocking the view than the tiny room itself.  But then the nun would have probably said that Vincent was blocking his reality and refused to look at what was right there in front of him.  Hiding from himself his lonely life (Paul Gaugain was on his way), and the narrowness of his bed.  SEE THAT’S THE THING, WE CAN MAKE UP ANYTHING WE WANT TO AND PRETEND IT’S REAL OR MEANINGFUL.  Doors open, doors closed.  VINCENT IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO SAY.

Now, while I totally believe that each work of art created (no matter the medium) says something different to each person who sees it, when someone tells you not to believe what the artist has said about his/her OWN work…YOU SHOULD WALK AWAY FROM THAT PERSON, as fast as you can, and never look back.  How incredible for her, to say out loud, in front of everyone, that people shouldn’t believe what artists say about their own work!  And yes, she meant that for ALL artists.  Someone should have had one of those old fashion hooks they used to use for live stage acts in the old days, and dragged her away.

Oh, and the Italian program was fine this time:)  The nun, not so much.

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