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Time/love…a short story

She stood, holding her heart in her hand, looking at the worn and faded pages of the calendar.  How long had it been, she wondered.  When the love of your life dies,  time moves in new and unusual ways.  She … Continue reading

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The Boss…a short story

“It’s happening, Sir,” he said, leaning toward the man. “Impossible,” whispered the Boss. “I know, Sir. But it’s true.” “This could be inconvenient.” “For all of us.” The Boss nodded.  “Did you call out the guards?” “Everyone’s in place.  Shall … Continue reading

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Judy and Danny

Judy was a writer, even if no one else was aware of that fact.  She lived in a small, one bedroom, apartment, on the third floor, with her cat Danny.  Danny knew that Judy was a writer and he encouraged … Continue reading

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Come with me 2

“You didn’t tell me the cats were gigantic.” she said, breathlessly. “Are they?” he asked, looking at them. “Compared to what you’re used to, I guess they are.” “Their shoulders come up to mine.” “Where should they come up to?” … Continue reading

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Safari…a short story

“Okay, everyone stay together.  If you get lost, look for this gigantic flower I’m holding up,” she said, shaking the huge yellow daisy.  “But please, don’t wander away.  Some of the animals can be unpredictable and vicious.  They are all … Continue reading

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She grew up, playing in the forest.  She knew all the animals, and often slept surrounded by rabbits, squirrels, and birds.  The forest was beautiful during the sunny days of spring and summer.  Cooler during blustery fall.  When cold winter … Continue reading

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Swan Lake…and The Lovely Duckling…

Swan Lake is hidden in a quiet place, where humans cannot tread.  It’s a place filled with swans of all ages and colors, swans from all places.  They instinctively know where the Lake is nestled, the water pure and clean, … Continue reading

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