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He would stand out anywhere, even without the red shoes.  But they were his trademark, that’s how he got his name.  If you saw the shoes, you went in the other direction and you didn’t stop running, until you fell.  … Continue reading

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Marge…a short story about a very brave sheep.

Marge came from a tough neighborhood.   A “bad” farm, everyone said.  She grew up fast and aggressive.  She didn’t like the way humans threw sheep to the ground and stole their coats.  She didn’t like a lot of things, especially … Continue reading

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My name is nancy and I’m a female moose.  You had to know we existed, right?  I know the males get all the media exposure but they wouldn’t be here without us, so there is that.    They get the … Continue reading

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How they met…

“I’m sorry,” said the lady behind the counter.  “He just bought the last chocolate coffee cake we had.” “Hey,” she yelled.  “You bought the last chocolate coffee cake.” He turned around.  “And?” “Argggg!” “Does that mean you wanted it?” “Do … Continue reading

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Peaches watched them eat, from the top of the bookcase.  The guy kept looking at her person and smiling.  Her person smiled back. “I’m so much faster than he is,” meowed Peaches, softly to herself.  “He wouldn’t stand a chance.” … Continue reading

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How they met…a short story

“Do you come here often?” he asked. “I’m assuming that you don’t, or you’d already know the answer to that question.” He laughed.  “Good one.” She raised her glass in acknowledgement.  “You’re a teacher.” “What gave it away?” he asked, … Continue reading

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Dinosaur…a short story.

“Um, hi,” she said, staring at the dinosaur.  “I don’t think you belong in this time period.  You’re kind of over, unless the scientists weren’t kidding when they said they wanted to bring you back.  And you know, that’s not … Continue reading

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