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A Short Halloween story…

“Come closer,” she whispered. “I don’t think so,” he said, backing up. “Are you afraid?” “I’d be stupid not to be,” he mumbled. “Why?” “You look…” “Powerful?  Strong?  Mad?” “Yes.” “Which one?” she asked. “All of them,” he said. “You … Continue reading

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Ms White and the instructions…A short Halloween story…

“Come in,” she said, in answer to the light tapping on the door.  “It’s open.” “Ms. White?” “Yes.  Please, sit down,” she said, pointing to the chair across from her, in the dimly lit room. “I’m here about your ad, … Continue reading

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Nightime…a story of revenge

Some call them a coven, but they aren’t witches.  They are simply a group of dedicated women who are tired of looking the other way when violence against women is everywhere, and the screams of their battered and violated sisters, … Continue reading

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Angels…a short story

“Did you hear about all the angels falling out of the sky?” she asked, making sucking noises with her straw, twirling it across the bottom of her glass. “I thought that was hype,” he said, adding more sugar to his … Continue reading

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The Bridge…a short story

“Everyplace leads somewhere?” she said. “You don’t know that for sure,” he said, slowing down. “Do you think there’s anywhere where things just stop at the end of someplace?” “Maybe.” “Are you afraid?” “Yes,” he said. “Of what?” “Of nothing … Continue reading

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The Magical Apothecary…1

The Magical Apothecary doesn’t have regular hours.  It’s open only when someone needs something.  So, you might say it’s hours are slightly irregular.  Diana Smith is the woman who runs the place.  She’s quit talented and she loves her job. … Continue reading

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“I’ll get it,” she said, putting her napkin down next to her plate, scraping her chair backward. He nodded, and picked up his glass. The scratching got louder the closer sh got to the front door.  She laughed, opened it, … Continue reading

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“Why do you think everyone else is in such a hurry?” he asked. “I’m not sure.  Maybe they just have a lot to do,” she said. “Like what?” “I don’t know.” “They always seem so rushed.  They never sit on … Continue reading

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Kids, blood pacts, growing up and other stuff…a short story.

“You know why girls are usually wearing dresses and have weird hairdos in drawings and pictures?” she asked. “No.  Why?” “So they make sure they can tell us apart.  They don’t want to mistake us for the wrong gender, then … Continue reading

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Starting over…13 A Short story

“Excuse me, Mr. Martin.  Can I speak with you?” asked Lilly. “Of course,” he said.  “Okay, class dismissed.  Read chapters eleven and twelve for tomorrow.” They watched the kids file out of the room, smiles on their faces, some of … Continue reading

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