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I love it when horses play and have fun…

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A Raving Beauty…

Close-up Photo of Brown Horse

Photo:  Rodolfo Qirós

Sometimes all it takes for a perfect day is a warm breeze, sunshine and a patch of delicious grass.

brown and white horse on green grass field during daytime

Photo:  Juan Goyache

Pure beauty…Quote

Horse, Gelding, Stallion, Mane, Animal

I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ –
they reflect back the emotions you put in.
If you put in love and respect
and kindness and curiosity,
the horse will return that.

–Alan Hamilton



Picture:  Pixabay


Horse, Stallion, Equine, Equestrian

Image:  Pixabay

I LOVE this picture so very, very much…horses know how to have fun.

brown horse lying on ground covered with snow

Photo:  Sheri Hockey


Life is short…kick up your heels whenever you can…

Horse, Left Out, Pasture, Play, Meadow


Horses are amazing…they make the world a much better place.


Our language doesn’t have words to actually describe the beauty of a horse…

Horse, Mare, Horse Head, Portrait, Mane


Horses are one of the most beautiful and wonderful beings on earth…they have the right to run free

Mold, Horse, White, Animal, Nature

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