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Virus…A Story Poem…

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a virus

released by the government
in order to thin the herd
so that fewer would starve
from the food shortages
that began
once that same government
hoarded and genetically mutated
so that farmers
had to buy seeds
rather than use the healthy ones
produced from their
own crops

was killing thousands
of humans a day

the government had a cure
but lied
saying that drug companies
were working on
and testing
that may
or may not
kill the virus
in some people

but while government officials
were busy putting spin
on their lies

witches were experimenting
with herbs
and methods of healing
handed down from
one woman to another
for generations

covens found a cure
that was simply
and exhaled
removing the fragile covering
from the virus
as it tried to
infect delicate lungs

the only thing was
the inhalant
was made for
and tested
on women

it didn’t always
on men
who continued
to die

you know
the way modern medicine
works for men today

but  not


Horrifying how much men hate women…and their fear and hatred leads to death and misery but they don’t care as long as they believe they can control us…

The thing is wealthy women can get safe abortions, the ones married to the men who vote against them.  They can always fly to France or any other more enlightened and less hatefully sexist countries and have a mini vacation and get things taken care of.  It’s poor women and teenagers who suffer and often die because of UGLY, hateful men who despise them.

This quote is from my friend Candy.  Thanks dear friend.  Sisterhood rocks.

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