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Okay, so…kids

When we hear people say, “What kind of world are we leaving for future generations,” I always want to say, “What kind of world was left for you?”  Because here’s the thing.  Whatever we’re born into, is all we ever … Continue reading

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Best board book for kids on equality for all…It’s wonderful (3 pictures)

  This is a truly wonderful book.  It’s not just for little kids but first and second graders as well.  I love it and I’m an adult.  So check it out.  Use it in school and at home.  Give it … Continue reading

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My kind of Barbie…

I reallllly don’t like zombies.  They truly creep me out…big time.  But for some reason, the zombie Barbie is less dangerous than the one below  Even zombie Barbie has perfect hair, however. This Barbie is far more dangerous to a … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

This is a picture of our son (driver) and his best friend (standing in back), in one of our Trans-Ams. I loved our cars.  My daughter and I had never seen this picture, until last night.  My son has been … Continue reading

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This picture was on Pixabay and it’s fabulous…He looks so sweet and SHE…is going to take over the world!

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my (adult) daughter is ORDER and I am CHAOS we can’t figure out how each other’s braIn works she redid the cookies I put on the cookie sheet today they weren’t the exact same size and I didn’t flatten them … Continue reading

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Play…a poem

childhood for many is a time of freedom a time when responsibility consists of brushing your teeth and doing your homework it’s easy to love snow when all you have to do is play in it play is exciting it … Continue reading

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Little kids…

“We are NOT Dalmatians.  I don’t care what the little girl told you.” “She showed me a picture and we do look like them,” said the baby goat, all curled up on the rock. “Dalmatians are not goats.  We are … Continue reading

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Some people believe that we are all in this together.  That we are all one.  While we could be, maybe even should be, if we want to survive, we aren’t, and unless a catastrophic even takes place, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Kids have to be taught to hate and be cruel…their natural inclination is to love….

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