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Learning…a short story (really, it is)

“What do you want to learn today?” asked the teacher, staring at her students.  “Anyone?” “Flax,” laughed, Vicki. “Funny,” said the teacher, smiling. “Let’s talk about Pride and Prejudice,” said Bobby.  “All that prejudice was terrible and sexist.” “That’s true, … Continue reading

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If we want this for our kids…we better do something right now to make sure they get one…

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We are part of everything…we need to save our oceans for future generations…or there won’t be any more photographs like this one.

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We can teach children to respect all life. Unfortunately, children learn by example.


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Don’t forget to laugh…

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Things are different…

I know things are different, because at one time I used to look at a baby and not think about it’s future.  Now, when I see a baby, I wonder what drugs it will be on, if it will find … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Easter, Growing up

“What’s easter?” “It’s a day when rabbits deliver eggs to everyone and hide some of them in places where children will find them.” “Why?” “I guess it’s fun and everyone loves bunnies.  Except for the people who kill them and … Continue reading

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