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Kids…words/my personal opinions

younger generations
and all the other words
they are told/taught to use
in order to define
and their feelings
if our kids
who are now adults
used those words
when they were young
people wouldn’t
know what they were
talking about
there weren’t any words
to describe what they were feeling
so they just kept going
the world is a
but what lies ahead
for future generations
if everyone is too
so far
no one seems to be able
to pass gun control
or stop any kind of violence
BLM seems stalled
women are going backward
and have been deemed
the environment is a nightmare
our government
is a violent
and dangerous
and no one seems
to be able to do anything
about that either
are normal
that are
being blown out of
making them seem
as if they shouldn’t
or as if they are
when they are in fact
they are absolutely
those feelings
are our brains way of
telling us something is
so instead of complaining
about how they feel
might want to take action
or come up with some
new idea
on how to bring about change
and never forget
that greedy people are
interested in making money
by turning normal feelings
into abnormal feelings
so they can sell books
and services
I remember when doctors
tried turning menopause
into a
women were all over them
I also remember
with ads telling people
to drug their children
so they wouldn’t be
on their first day in
that did not
sit well with anyone
so suddenly
it was no longer a problem
and we never heard about
the DRUGS again
living in the real world
is HOW we all learn to
and the truth is
a lot of our problems
are given to us
by those in power
not only to make money
but to increase the amount
of control
they have over us
anxious and depressed people
are unlikely to fight back
they can be easily controlled
I don’t think we should
the use of the word
since four year-olds
are now saying it
the world is a mess
but it’s where we live
so we need kids
that will be able to
deal with what’s happen
deal with the incredible
have made
and are leaving
we need strong young people
those who won’t be
easily overtaken
by those who want to
rule over them
we need fighters
not weak people
yes things suck
but so what
we need our kids to be
and brilliant
we need everyone
to be
in the face
of what’s
or all is lost



Photo:  Leonid Shaydulin


*This is not about bullying, or mass shootings.  It’s about everyday life, and the small things that a lot of kids no longer seem to be able to handle.  They are constantly tended, watched over and given words to use by adults.  I think this is a dangerous thing to do.  Putting words into their mouths, defining THEIR feelings for them, is making some kids weak and depressed.  It’s making them afraid.  It’s making them “anxious.”  If adults have to put words into the mouths of children, they should use powerful words, words of strength and kindness, of overcoming problems and difficulties.  Then perhaps kids will no longer be anxious, they’ll be able to change the world.

Teachers of young children are complaining that helicopter parents are making their lives miserable.  Children take no responsibility for their actions and parents are alway making demands that are unreasonable.  It’s difficult to teach any longer, at least according to what some teachers are saying.

A lot of kids don’t have a life of their own.  Their parents have taken over.  It’s very sad and I’m not sure when, if ever, those kids will be able to think for themselves.

Everybody wants to pet the puppy…2 pictures

Photos:  Nathan Dumlao

The PBS news…(with a bit added from other PBS or BBC AMERICA newscasts)

I watched the news tonight.  Saw the 11 year old girl tell how she covered herself with the blood of her dead friend, who was laying on the floor next to her.  Her friend, who had been murdered by the shooter in her school.  She did it, because she thought the shooter would come back and murder her.  Heard her say that the shooter looked at her teacher and said, “Goodnight,” then shot her in the head.  Her teacher was next to her as well.

Saw the distraught parents of dead children, begging politicians to ban assault rifles and magazines.  Saw them begging, that there be restrictions on guns.  Saw their pleas, fall on deaf ears.  The politicians listened because they had to be there.  It won’t change anything.

The republicans will not allow anything to change.  One of them said that respectable gun owners shouldn’t be punished for what someone else did.  Dead kids, or should I say slaughtered kids, don’t count, or mean anything to them.  Why don’t people understand that?  Why do people believe, even for a second, that anything will be done THIS TIME?

The bills the democrats propose will be shot down in the Senate.  We already know that.  Watered down and useless things will be all that comes of this, AGAIN.  They won’t even vote to raise the age one can buy a gun from 18 to 21.

One person interviewed, said they need to show the bodies of the dead kids in order to SHOCK the public into DEMANDING that something be done.

Another person said they should see the body of the headless nine year old boy, his body blown to bits, and maybe THEN, people would realize what those weapons do to the bodies of children.  Maybe THEN people would DEMAND that the republicans DO SOMETHING, AND STOP PROTECTING THE GUN LOBBIES. (Some of the parents had to have DNA tests to find out which child was theirs.)

I seriously doubt that the republicans, even if they walked over the bodies of all the children in all the mass murders, would vote differently.  Money, greed, power, their jobs, and their loyalty to their party, seem to be all that matters to the them.  One remark to support ANYTHING but their own greedy agenda, and that republican will be out of work.

America is failing its children in every way possible.




HOPE…A poem…

Child, Hope, Future, Psychology, Galaxy

what HOPE
can children have
when adults
do little
to nothing
to stop
the destruction
that’s taking place
around the globe
we say we love our children
but buy them inhalers
instead of cleaning the air
show them pictures
of polar bears
that are dying
as we turn the pages
tell them about melting
and methane gas sink holes
show them statues
of animals and fish
made out of the garbage
found in our lakes and oceans
teach them about wars
where they will die
for the rich and powerful
feed them food
with GMOs
and additives that will
keep things
for four years
on a shelf
we say we love our
but what are we doing
to protect them
from us


Photo:  Pixabay


Boy Beside Girl Inside Room

Photo:  Cotonbro

Our brains and our cultures tell us to reproduce. Hormones flood our bodies, pushing us to make more of our species. And then one day, you wake up and realize how you have been lied to, and what you have done.

Grayscale Photo of Girl Smiling

face it
we’re animals
life has one goal
to keep things gong
to make more of itself
but here’s the thing
unlike other animals
our children
never really leave
our cubs don’t walk away
when the next batch
is expected
they don’t wander off
and start a new tribe
never to be seen again
they don’t return
when things don’t work out
the job of a mother bear
is to stop the father
from killing the young
and teaching them to climb trees
there’s no teacher’s conferences
clothes shopping
college applications
holiday celebrations
birthday parties
new cars
old cars
doctor appointments
and all the rest
and there certainly
are no brats
like the kid in the photo
a giraffe falls out of it’s mother
she nudges it
it stands up
and runs with the herd
our babies lay there
eventually they sit up
but it takes them
a year to be able to run
without falling over
and then they have to learn
to FEED themselves
are the
things in the
when it comes to
and by the time
some actually do it
they’re already retired
and on the way out
I think we got the short end of things
other animals are ready to go in an hour
sure there are predators they have to worry about
human babies have those too
but that doesn’t seem to make them
stand up any faster
human babies
are completely helpless
the other animals
but be laughing
themselves silly




Photo:  Mitya Zotov

Okay, so…

I read constantly, and no matter what I read, fiction or non, childhoods often make their way into the story line.  I mean, some artists are the way they are because they were literally brutalized by their parents, beaten and tortured, or the opposite, where they were suffocated, or ignored.

It’s exhausting. The angst of it all.  Yes, some kids have lives that are so horrific they should be able to set their parents on fire as soon as they can light a match and then roast marshmallows in the flames.  Seems fair to me.  Monsters really do exist.

And then there are those who mourn the fantasy parents they wished they had had, but didn’t.  And, there are always those who never really leave their parents, held there by fear or guilt.

What are we doing to each other?  It’s pure craziness.  It seems as if  our “nuclear families,” are NOT working.  Parents make their kids insane, in one way or another.  I personally know people who still long for acceptance and love, from parents who have been dead for years.

I think a few things were left out of me, because I just don’t get it.

I see so many mentally damaged children coming out of homes where they are suffocated by over protective parents who make all their choices for them.  Today,  a friend of mine was telling me about a 48 year old single male who has dinner with his DIVORCED mother and father every week, and spends holidays with them, as well as time during the week.  The divorced parents are spending time together for the sake of their 48 year old son, at least that’s what they are telling themselves.  He had to have a personality that would allow him to be manipulated in that way, or maybe he just never wanted to grow up.

I grew up at time where no one knew where you were, or what you were doing.   We just had to show up for dinner and then we were released to go on our merry way until the streetlights went on, so I admit that I have a very different and slanted perspective.  “Did you have a nice day?” was the only thing my mother asked me, after being  gone for ten hours.  That’s what all the mothers asked.  I always said, “Yes,” because it was the truth.  Sadly, we can’t live like that anymore and kids are constantly monitored by adults and enrolled in so many activities, they don’t have a moment to themselves.  I see that as a really bad thing.  Camera’s and being watched does weird things to people.

And why do so many people need affirmation, pets, love, accolades and acceptance from their parents, dead or alive?  Honestly, I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but I just don’t see how that improves anyone’s life.  I mean it’s nice, if your parents were great and you had a good relationship with them, but how can people NEED that in order to be happy?  How can they let not having fantasy parents bring them down all the time?

It’s like this.  Life can suck.  It can suck for everyone, but for some, it sucks a lot more than for others.  Some people should be jailed for life, for what they do/have done to children, mentally and physically.  But they are free to beat, burn, starve, rape and actually kill their kids and little is actually done to them, because they are the kid’s parents. They own them.  There are unlimited ways parents/adults can destroy a child.  Even when they kill them with what they consider to be kindness.

Our parents were damaged by their parents and their own experiences.  One generation after another, hands down the baggage to the next generation. The truth is, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING.  NONE.  Look at us.  Look at the state of the world where kids are dying form lack of water and food.

How many people suffer, in order to please the unrealistic demands of their parents?  How many divorces take place because of “the parents?”  So many couples have to choose between their families or their their spouses.  That shouldn’t be happening.

Kids interpret the things they see and hear with a child’s inexperienced and undeveloped mind.   They interpret what happens to them as well.  Often feeling they deserve to be beaten, or it was their fault their parents broke up.  Those misunderstandings can color a child’s outlook for life.

Priests use those things when they rape children.  One boy said the priest said he would kill his dog, then his sister, then his parents, if he told.  A child can’t see the big picture or understand that telling was the right thing to do.  Unable to make that leap of understanding, he was raped, more than likely, over a period of time, which was often the case.  So what happens around kids can color their entire lives, making them better, more stable, or worse.

The only cure is to teach people that their life belongs to them and they don’t have to please anyone else.  You get one shot at life. You can live to please others, or you can live the way you want to live, and let the others face the fact that you are your own person, who refuses to be played.

GUILT is a weapon used by people to get their own way.  So is manipulation and fear.  You can see it used everywhere, but you don’t have to accept it.  It is NOT selfish to want to live your own life.  Living your own way is how you find out what you like and don’t like, it’s how you find out what is possible.   Many people just give up and hand their lives over to someone else because it’s easier than standing up for themselves. We all know people like that.  It’s not uncommon.

If anything, parents should be ashamed of wanting to steal the lives of their children for their own satisfaction or needs.  Some use their children as buffers for their own bad marriages.  It seems to me that the only thing parents should want for their kids is for them to be happy in the life they choose to live?

Of course, It’s unrealistic to think parents can be perfect.  We don’t even know what perfect is. I don’t think there is a perfect and who would write the definition?  And, admittedly, we are who we are.   Most of us do the “best” we can, but we are all weird and see things through our own lives.  So our kids end up strange because how can they be any other way?  Between parents and innate personalities, we’re lucky we survive.

I think people who never get over what they think they didn’t have, might want to look at what those feelings are doing to their lives and to those around them.  If your parents didn’t like you, or you feel that you constantly disappointed them, that’s THEIR fault, not yours.  If they withheld love, or didn’t have it in them, that’s not YOUR fault either.  Many parents have unrealistic, or cruel, expectations for their children.

As a parent, it’s up to you to point out to your child that someone is nasty, not to listen to him, and get away from him.  For some kids, no matter how they excel, it’s never good enough.  That’s evil.  No one has to live up to someone else’s standard, especially when the demanding person can’t do anything at all.

We are all shaped by our early lives.  For those who were brutalized, there are no words to tell you how profoundly sorry I am.   Life can be a truly ugly and violent place, especially for those who are innocent and helpless.  I hope soon, the sun shines upon you and your heart is warm and covered in beautiful flowers.  The failure was not yours, but societies.

All of us are products of our upbringing.  Many or even most people spend their lives trying to overcome what happened to them, whether it’s escaping their religious conditioning, their parents demands, or sibling rivalry.  Even overcoming the place you were born, or the things you were taught, can take time to overcome.  Deprogramming takes effort a lot of the time.

It’s hard being a human and the only answer I have is to fight back.  But that’s always my answer to everything.  I was born fighting back, even when I didn’t know who to aim at.  Still, it works for me.  Never be afraid to walk away and don’t let anyone steal your dreams, or your life, no matter who they are.  No one is perfect, because there is no perfect.  We are all just getting through this thing with the least amount of hassle and damage.  And if we’re lucky, there are some rainbows and joy thrown into the mix.

If we look for problems, we’ll find them.  But to what end?  That’s a question everyone has to ask themselves.  I guess some people need to solve certain issues, but anyone can wake up and just live for the day they have in front of them.  It might not be easy but with practice, it can be done.

If you need love and can’t seem to find it, get a dog or a cat.  They love unconditionally and they won’t ever lie to you.  Start there, and once you find out what love is, because animals are the best teachers ever, you’ll be able to recognize it.  You can’t find that exact kind of true love in humans, but you can come pretty close, depending on your expectations.  I had it and it was fantastic, so I know it exists, although he did put up with me, so there is that.  🙂  He was a much better person than I could ever be.  I just lucked out.

But let’s keep in mind that kids can drive us insane.  Being a parent can be the hardest, never ending job in the entire world.  Not everyone likes their kids either.  That’s okay. personality clashes happen. Just try to make sure they’re happy and that it’s okay to be who you are even if your hair turns white and you just want to sleep until it’s over and they are out of the house.  Kids don’t have to be the way we want them to be, they just have to be themselves.  Sometimes they inherit the worse parts of someone in your family.  It’s not their fault.  Blame genitics.  It’s not easy for parents to have “that” kid, but there it is.  Happens all the time.  That’s why so many older people are still exhausted.  It’s hard, and people who have “obedient and nice children,” don’t have a clue.  Difficult can mean many things and it means different things to different people.  From simple things to OMG!

In the end, I think life is a play that has drama, horror, love, hate, humor, tragedy and death.  Just remember that it’s not all one thing, and if you wait a minute the next act will start and things will be different.

No matter what happens, good luck and you’re not alone.  We’re in this together, even if we sometimes wish we weren’t


Siblings…a short chat.

Siblings, Friends, Brother, Sister

“There’s a lot to learn,” she said. “It’s a big world.”


“I’ll show you the ropes.  Just stick with me.”


“You really need to learn how to talk.”


“No.  I mean using words.”


“You need to stop waving your arms in the air too.”


“It’s okay that you don’t know anything.”


“Because I’m big and I’m right here.”



Picture:  Pixabay

Taking the kids for a walk in the park…

Greylag Geese, Goslings, Meadow, Geese

Photo:  Pixabay


two girls wearing pink and purple dresses with wingschildren dress up
as fairies
not just because
it’s fun
but because


Photo:  Allison Archer

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