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From Bored Panda…this makes me have hope for some humans.

Mother Cat Brings Her Ill Kitten To The Hospital, Medics Rush To Help Them

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A short story about love…

She saw him from across the street.  Sighing, and looked away, telling herself, once again, that bad boys were BAD news and she was being stupid.  There was no good reason to do this.  Think of baby ducks, she told … Continue reading

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Love is like…

love is like smoke it drifts through the ether wrapping itself around us its colors morphing according to its mood it’s the words written between the lines of our favorite poem it’s ethereal untouchable and can only be felt inhaled … Continue reading

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From Candy, who got this from facebook. The deer in front came into the store yesterday and was given cookies and chocolate, so she came back today and brought friends. I love this so much.

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A Short story about love…

Bernard was in a hurry.  He was passionately in love with a woman named Evening Star. She was a dancer and men fell at her feet, offering her gifts and a life of comfort.  But Evening Star was her own … Continue reading

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if you treat things with LOVE and water them NOW AND THEN they GROW be careful how you treat others people aren’t that different from PLANTS without love and care we can also WITHER and DIE if you YELL at … Continue reading

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Reality…a poem for my husband

your eyes were closed your breathing ragged you were getting ready to leave to go where I couldn’t follow so I gave you everything I knew I would no longer need once you were gone I put everything into a … Continue reading

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You can have this, if you want it. Don’t live in a cage, or by someone else’s rules. I had it…it’s out there…don’t settle for less than what you want. Wild Woman Sisterhood

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Love…beauty…rolled into one

Picture from:  Pixabay

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When I look at this poor house, through no fault of it’s own, it started to die, because no one loved it.  It stopped being cared for. I think relationships are like that.  If love isn’t cared for and appreciated, … Continue reading

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