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Love and kindness…

The Creative Exchange Unsplash

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Beauty in our lives…

I love German Shepherds.  This is what my dog looked like.  I was going through dog pictures for my blog and thought about the dogs I thought were beautiful and those I knew were not the breeds for me. I … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day is almost here…love is on its way.

Love and tenderness are beautiful in all their forms.  Kindness and sweetness is not only recognized, it’s felt deep inside of us.  We are moved by it, made better by seeing it.  Love, when it’s real, is a many splendored … Continue reading

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Have you ever…

Have you ever noticed how humans are always reaching out to other species?  Pictures on the internet show us feeding horses, goats, llamas, cows…pretty much ANYONE. We’re always trying to pet them, hug them, hold them, touch them, kiss them, … Continue reading

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Love, a poem

 love too often hidden in doorways out of sight meaning something different to each person what would you do for it what does it look like feel like what is it   Photo:  Jon Tyson Unsplash

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Love is a beautiful thing…

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Love locks…The Paris Party

Crescent, and her friend, Wing, are  in charge of the Love Locks.  A fence has been erected by the Rubber Duck Pond, so that guests can write on their locks and place it on the fence.  Just like in Paris, … Continue reading

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We love who we love…

  Picture:  Pixabay

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The talk…a short story about life and love

“Tell me again, Daddy.  What was it like before, when we didn’t have to wear masks and stay home?  When kids had friends and could go out and play.  Tell me everything.” “It was a different world then.  One that … Continue reading

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From Bored Panda…this makes me have hope for some humans.

Mother Cat Brings Her Ill Kitten To The Hospital, Medics Rush To Help Them

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