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The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track of all those who had gone on before her so she asked the Moon when it was in its crescent form if She would hold a star for each of them in Her arms that way … Continue reading

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Friends are joy wrapped up in laughter…

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Kids have to be taught to hate and be cruel…their natural inclination is to love….

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Good advice…from Candy

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every moment we were together magic happened and that never went away the sparkles did not die out they kept sparkling until his end I gave my sparkles to him when he left because I knew I wouldn’t need them … Continue reading

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when I saw him at the party everything else went away I don’t mean things disappeared they just didn’t matter all I could see was that face that smirk and those cool blue eyes so I did what any intelligent … Continue reading

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Love…a poem

I never had to think about love never had to look for it it came to me early before I had a chance to realize it was even important it just moved in and stayed until death decided I’d had … Continue reading

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