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The Man in the Mist…a poem

he appeared with the mist his lantern held high searching always searching for someone he lost have you seen her he would say and each time I would ask what she looked like and each time he would whisper she … Continue reading

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Love…a poem

and if we never meet again in another life or among the stars I want you to know that I will love you still castles may crumble and the universe may go dark but my love will be there waiting … Continue reading

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they were walking home when passion struck like lightening he grabbed her twirled her into his arms pressed her body against his and to music only they could hear they danced

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in the eyes and hearts of every animal but man are all the answers of the universe wrapped up in love acceptance loyalty beauty and honesty too bad humans are too egotistical to learn from the teachers who are sitting … Continue reading

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Rooms…a poem

falling in love opens doors and those open doors lead to rooms that are not for public use they are filled with things that are not anchored in any reality until they find a reason to land and if the … Continue reading

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Love…a poem

love is a lot like a bird building a nest in your heart it’s where you feel safe warm happy it’s where you raise your fledglings and if it’s built strong enough nothing can tear it apart

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Picture:  Pixabay

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