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“What’s coming?” asked Sir Gawain.

Martha put her hand over his.  “The world is in crisis.  We must help.  The forces of deceit and corruption that destroyed Camelot are at work around the globe.  Trust has been destroyed, people have nowhere to turn.”

“What can we do?” asked Gwen.

“Yes,” said Lance.  What can we do?  The world is so different.”

“A spell,” whispered Morgana.  “I think I know just the one.  Merlin, you rat bastard, you can help me, but keep your hands to yourself and if I think, even for one moment, that I can’t trust you, I’ll encase you in ice so thick that it won’t melt when the sun turns into a red giant and destroys the bloody planet.”

Merlin grinned at her.

“Arthur,” said Martha.  “Any ideas?”

“Yes,” he said, smiling at the pixies.  “We must promote unity.  We must, above all else, put the needs of the people first.  We must embrace equality and fairness in everything we do and always provide what is needed for a just and happy society.”

Martha smiled.  “Thank you, Arthur.  That will be our Mission Statement.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Arthur,” said Gwen, her face contorted in pain.  “I’m…”

Arthur patted her shoulder, then asked if there were any cookies, and the cookies appeared.

Lance went down on one knee, in front of Arthur.  “I…”

“There’s nothing to say, Lance.  What’s done is done.  This is our chance to do better.”

“I won’t fail you this time.  You have my word.”

“Don’t make more promises you can’t keep, Lance.  Just do the best you can,” said Arthur.  dunking a cooking in his tea.

Martha cleared her throat.  “May I have your attention, please.  Except for Sir Gawain and Arthur, each of of you has thought only of yourselves.  If we are to beat back the thing that destroyed Camelot, we must think only of the people.  Do you understand?  The people, are our first and only priority.  The sickness that is plaguing the modern world, is the same sickness that infected us.  It is clever and slowly embeds itself in the minds of those not strong enough to keep it out.  It invades their thoughts, turns their feelings into hatred, jealousy and judgment.  Do you remember what it was like, when we danced and celebrated.  When the castle was filled with flowers and people came and went and no one was in need?  Everyone was happy and everyone looked after everyone else.  Do you remember those days?”

They all nodded.

“And then that destructive force came.  It destroyed loyalty, love, kindness and concern for others.  It made everyone suspicious, people turned on each other.  They fought, became greedy and untrustworthy.  People began to think only of themselves and lost sight of that fact that everyone deserves freedom,  flood, shelter, joy and the acknowledgement of others.  How quickly that sickness spread.  How violent things became.  The war, the betrayal,” she said, looking directly at Gwen and Lance.  “The jealousy,” she hissed, glaring at Merlin.  “So afraid that Morgana was better than you were that you stopped thinking about what was going on in the country and focused instead, on destroying her.  Stupid old man.  You could have made a difference.  You could have acted, but no.  Your fear of being bested by a talented woman, stopped you from seeing that the death of everything we once believed in, had taken over the kingdom.”

“And now it’s back?” asked Arthur.”

“Yes, Arthur,” said Martha.  “Now it’s back.”

“We will fight,” he said, immediately.

“Indeed we will,” said Sir Gawain.

“The bucket, please, pixies,” said Martha.

They pulled the bucket from under the table and without hesitation, Arthur plunged his hand and arm into the water and then held Excalibur high in the air.  “It begins,” he said.  “Now.”

The End


“We’re in here,” said Martha, just before the door slammed open, the bell rang madly.

The man with the sword, charged into the alcove.  “What the…” he began, then looked at everyone sitting around the beautifully set table.

“Sit down,” said Martha, in a tone that brooked no discussion.

He took his place at the table.

“You don’t have to act that way Lance.  You never did.  It’s not becoming on a Knight of the Round Table.  I realize the story has glossed over your rough side, but please be polite, while you’re here.”

“Lance?  Round Table?,” said the witch.  “As in King Arthur Round Table?”

“The very one,” said Martha.  “Shall we continue?”

“By all means,” said the wizard.  “Wait.  Who does that make me?:

“Surely you can come to that conclusion on your own,” said Martha.

“Merlin?  I’m the Merlin?” he said, his eyes open wide.  “But how…”

“I can’t be Gwen,” said the witch, smiling.   “That’s impossible,”

“If you say so,” said Martha.   “But just because you think it’s impossible, doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.”

“The large pixie clapped his hands together.  “Are you getting the gang together,  Martha?  Are you waking them all up?”

“Not all of them Pix.  Just some of them.”

The woman, still wearing her childhood necklace walked in with the man who purchased the Dick and Jane book.

“Welcome, Morgana and Sir Gawain,” said Martha,   “Please sit, your tea is getting cold.”

The table, of course, had expanded and there was room and place cards for everyone.

The Bell tinkled and the boy walked in.  “Come here Arthur,” called Martha.  “Did your mother like her book?” she asked, hugging him.

“Yes.  She liked it very much, thank you.”

“I’m so glad, now will you please take your place at the table.  That’s right, just between Ben and Jerry.

The cats rubbed up against Arthur and made him giggle.  He reached out and petted each one them, then put his hands in his lap.

“That’s it then.  We’re all here,” said Martha.  “And before we get on with things, you all know who your were and what you were really like, before the glamorous story covered your tracks.  All except for you Arthur, that goes without saying.”

They looked at each other, then away.

“Merlin, you selfish, selfish, man.  You never did one thing for anyone but yourself.   I’m giving you a chance to make up for that.”

The wizard started to speak, but Martha held up her hand.

“Morgana, its time to get over what was done to you.  Women are still persecuted for their power and brains, but you need to put those things to good use, at this time.  The lies the story told about you, out of fear and jealousy, is over.  It’s time to do what you do best.  Use your intelligence and magick to plot.”

Morgana nodded to her.

Lance.  You betrayed the one man who trusted you with his life, his heart, and his beloved.  There can be no forgiveness for what you have done.  No forgetting.  But you didn’t do it alone, did he Gwen.”

Gwen looked horrified and twisted her napkin in her lap.

“You never went into a convent. You and Lance were not torn apart.  All that was torn apart was Arthur’s heart. I wondered why you never corrected the tale.  After what you did, it seemed worse to continue your lie, but that’s something you two will have to live with.””

LaThe pixies shook their heads and sighed.

“So much selfishness.  When people call an era Camelot, they have no idea how right they are.  Corruption, lies and subterfuge. All the harm you did.  All the deceiving.  The betrayal.  And you Arthur.  You believed in everyone.  Innocent, trusting, loving, brilliant, and filled with a burning desire for peace.”  The cats leaned against him.

“I…” said Lance.  But Martha once again held up her hand and silenced him.

“Sir Gawain.”

He stared at her.

“Nephew of Arthur, pure of heart, trustworthy and the Knight, all Knights looked up to, and were measured against.  A true friend.  A bright spirit.”

Martha looked around.  “Did I leave anyone out?  Any mistakes?”

Arthur raised his hand.  “I’m kind of little this time around, aren’t I?”

“Only in body, Arthur, not in mind,” said Martha.

Everyone smiled, breaking the tension.  Food appeared on their plates and everyone ate, but no one spoke.  After the brownies and ice cream with strawberries, they sat back and waited, playing with their tea cups.

“Why are we here?” asked Merlin, breaking the silence.

“Something very bad is coming,” she said, staring into his eyes.  “It’s time you finally did something for others, old man.”


part 3 tomorrow

Found…a short story 1

He was on his way home, when he noticed that a new shop had opened up on Kingsforth Lane.  He slowed his pace and began to look in the window.  The sun was shining, so he held his hand against the glass, to shad his view.  It looked like a bookstore and something else, but he didn’t know what.  He stepped back and turned to go, when the door opened and a woman came out and waved to him.

“I have what you’ve been looking for,” she said, happily.  “Come inside.”

He had not ordered anything.  Haden’t even known the place was here, so he just ket walking.

“Weren’t you looking for a certain sword?” she called, when he was half way down the block.  “Or, was I mistaken?”

He’d been looking for the sword for over two ears.  How did she know?

“It’s on the counter, unless you’ve changed your mind.”

He turned around and walked up to her.  “How did you know what I was looking for and how did you find it?”

She waved her hand at him, and held the door open. “This is it, if I’m not mistaken,” she said, pushing him toward the well worn, wooden counter.

He didn’t even have to touch it, to know it was the right sword.  “How could you possibly have known any of this?”

She tilted her head and said, “It’s just something I do.”

“How much?”

“Just the fifteen dollar finder’s fee, that’s all.”

“You must know that the sword is priceless,” he said, pulling his wallet from his pocket.

“I don’t do it for the money,” she said, frowning.

“Of course you don’t,” he said, laying thirty dollars on the wooden counter top. “Keep the change.”

“Although,” she said. “I can’t promise that you won’t have a strong desire to return, when you are needed.”

He looked at her as if she were mad, and walked away.

“Thank you,” she said, collecting the money. “I’ll put the extra in the SAVE THE ANIMALS donation can.”

“Fine,” he mumbled, leaving the store.

“And you haven’t changed at ALL,” she shouted after him.

“He seemed very stern,” said the pixie on the shelf under the counter.  He didn’t even say, thank you.”

“When he’s true to himself, he’s not nice at all,” she agreed.

The rest of the day went by smoothly.  A woman was so happy to find a necklace she had lost as a child, that she put it on immediately and wore it out of the shop.  A little boy found five dollars on the floor and was able to buy his mother a birthday gift, when Martha refused to accept the money, but instead said, “Finders Keepers.”

“Do you feel what’s coming?” asked the pixie.

“I do,” she said, frowning.

Two more pixies came out from the back room and landed in front of her.  “Martha, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll take care of it.  Don’t you worry.”

“It doesn’t feel good,” said the smallest of the trio, rubbing his arms.

“No,” she said, lost in thought. “It doesn’t.”

The bell on the door rang and a young woman walked in.

“Uh,” she said, looking around.  “I think I’m supposed to be here to…I don’t know, I guess I’m supposed to help you in some way.  I’m a witch,” she said, then slapped her hand over her mouth. “I don’t know why I just said that.”

“You’re a actually a Guardian,” said one of the pixies.

“I am?” she laughed.

He nodded.  “You are.  I mean you’re a witch too, but you’re mostly a Guardian.”

“Something bad is coming,” said the largest pixie, fluttering in front of the woman’s face.  “I hope you know how to fight, because Martha could use some help and the wizards never help anyone at all.”

The bell rang again and a man walked in.  He took one look at everyone and said, “I’m a wizard and I’m here to help.  I just don’t know what….””

Everyone waited a beat, then started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, brushing the hair off of his face.  “What?”

“Nothing”  said the witch.

“Nothing,” said Martha.

“Something really bad is coming,” said the pixie.

“What kind of shop name is FOUND?” asked a bedraggled man, falling through the front door. “Shouldn’t it be Lost and Found?”

“Oh, no,” said Martha, quickly.  “Nothing is ever Lost here.  I have the book you were looking for.”

“Book?” he said.  “What book?”

“The copy of Dick and Jane, that your sister has always wanted.”

His eyes lit up.  “I can’t believe it!”

When the transaction was finished, the man was standing up straighter and looked much less the worse for wear.

“So,” said the wizard.  You’re a witch and there are pixies here, along with two cats and you,” he said, looking at Martha.  “What are you?”

“You should never ask a lady a question like that,” she said, firmly.

“Can you fight?” he inquired.

The pixies, roared with laughter.  Even the cats stopped grooming long enough to snicker.

“I’ll be fine, thank you,” she said, one eyebrow raised.  “Shall we have lunch?” she continued. “We can discuss, the threat that’s on it’s way, while we eat.”  She led them to a small alcove, where a table was set and place cards, bearing their names, showed them where to sit.”

The wizard and witch looked at each other.

“Do you know what she is?” he whispered.

The witch shook her head.

“There are brownies for dessert,” said Martha. “And Ice cream and strawberries, naturally.”

The pixie’s sat down, and so did the cats, because that’s just what they always did, and there were places set for them…with their names on their own place cards.  No one mentioned the empty space.






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