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Bad Santa – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

people think I’m a BAD Santa you try living with a bunch of elves all year long and cookies I’m so sick of cookies and the whole house smelling like a bakery and what about the isolation everywhere I look … Continue reading

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In a stunning upset, all those who wanted to be Santa, decided that they’d rather do something else. Max happened to be walking by and was immediately elected to be Santa. He said okay but the ribbon had to go after the picture. He’s purrrfect for the job.

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The Finalists in the Santa contest…here’s how it works…

Since there is no competition at The Coop, those who remain in the, “Want to be Santa,” group will now sit around and discuss who will do it, over hot chocolate and cookies.  Usually it begins by someone saying that … Continue reading

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Santa…a short story

The once shinny mall had been closed for decades.  People, as well as other things, had long ago set up house inside the decaying shops and restaurants. But at Christmas time, people worked to clean up the place and make … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming…that means scary Santa’s and strange gifts.

It’s kind of strange to see kids get excited to get gifts from a weird guy in a red suit with a matching hat.  The above Santa is lacking a bit, when it comes to a bowl full of jelly.  … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa…

Dear Santa: I’ve been naughty all my life, so you can skip my house again this year.  I’m never going to change and I have no regrets. Not a single one.  I can’t believe anyone would waste their time being … Continue reading

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This is Max.  He’s building up his strength on his way to the tryouts, for Santa’s second team.  The second team of reindeer exist, in case one of the original reindeer comes down with a cold, or an injury.  It’s … Continue reading

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The conversation…

“Hey, Santa.” “Go away. I’m busy.” “Busy doing what?” “Making toys for good girls and boys,” he said, stirring his hot chocolate. “Are there any?” “Any what?” asked Santa, turning to look at the elf, who was dressed in green … Continue reading

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Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

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We have our Santa for this year. Hands down the most “liked” Santa of them all. Holly has some reservations but she’s okay with him…so Merry, Merry and look for this guy in your living room…if you believe, of course.

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