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Fall…a poem of sorts

fall is a gateway
holding back
as long as it can
but we all know
that winter
always wins
no one
or nothing
can stand up
to winter’s
freezing temperatures
mounds of snow
and slippery ice
but eventually
in her grass green
ballet slippers
twirls in
and winter sighs
knowing that
all that sweet
is so cute
it will literally melt
its heart
making room
for a new gateway
to summer
when the cycle
will begin once again


Photo:  Eugene Golovesov

New life frozen in ice…a poem.

Rose Stem, Frost, Winter, Rose Branch

the seasons change
each bringing
their own weather systems with them
never caring about what
they do to other living beings
Nature just is
it has no intent
is simply


Photo:  Pixabay

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