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Green Book…movie

GREEN BOOK, is a FANTASTIC film.  It was so good, it went by in a flash.  My daughter and I loved it.  It’s very funny (especially if you’re Italian), and it’s a horrific profile of racism. Racism is so ugly, … Continue reading

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A different way…a poem

in a land far different from our own animals are in charge they are fair and just killing only those who would prey upon others it’s a good place to live there’s a lot of laughter dancing and love those … Continue reading

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I left the door open for Emmie, which cooled off my house immediately, but she only stayed for a few minutes and then went back outside.

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The icicles are beginning to form…huge hunks of snow/ice were falling from buildings (off the sides of them as well) Entrances were closed in some stores because of it. Really loud when they fall but kind of cool too. :)

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Blue flutterbys…a poem

deep in the winter forest blue butterflies gather to celebrate the beauty of the season they flutter among tiny mushrooms that bloom only for them because their joy simply cannot be contained

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The Propaganda System ~ Noam Chomsky — A Pondering Mind

via The Propaganda System ~ Noam Chomsky — A Pondering Mind

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BOOK SCULPTURE — Moda-Creative thinking (be sure to open this wonderful post)

via BOOK SCULPTURE — Moda-Creative thinking

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Okay, so…

Another thing about poetry books.  Some, that are written by men, reduce women to body parts.  They talk about us as if we are things.  Things to be used, laughed at and treated like garbage.  They call us names and … Continue reading

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Art makes life beautiful…

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Quote: Margaret Sanger

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