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If you want to be happy…watch these acts of kindness from: Bored Panda

50 Incredibly Wholesome Things That Happened This Year That Might Restore Your Faith In 2020

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Happiness…a poem

it seems to me that when we define HAPPINESS we can no longer find it there are no words to describe it it’s a feeling that once explained disappears like mist on aan early sunny morning

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The sun…makes everything better.

let the sunshine in   From:  Pixabay

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Do you want to be happy…

If you want to be happy stop making excuses for not getting rid of the things that make you miserable

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Have fun…

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Have a magical day…

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a lot of people seem to believe that they could be happy if the people around them would just change   they don’t seem to realize that if they truly want to be happy   they are the one’s who … Continue reading

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