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Free River in the Middle of Forest Stock Photo

as long as there are places
like this
dinosaurs exist
and since everything
is happening at the same time
they may be
just a membrane away
one tiny dimension from us
walking next to us
but not seeing us
anymore than we can see them
but they’re here
and they always will be
everything really is happening
at the same time


Photo:  Alesia Kozikpex

A very short story about sleepless nights…

“MOM!  I can’t sleep,” he yelled from his bed.

His mother walked into the room.  “Do you have your earplugs in?”

He shook his head.”

“You know you can’t sleep without them.  Just put them in and read your book for a few minutes, and you’ll be asleep in no time.”

“Why do they have to be so loud?”

“It’s just the way dinosaurs are, sweetie.  You know that.”

“Fine,” he said, putting his earplugs in.  “But I don’t know why they have to fight right outside our window every night.”

“Neither do I, but I’m not going to be the one to tell them to leave,” she snickered.

He smiled, and pulled up the covers.  “I wonder what it’s like not living with dinosaurs?”

“No idea,” she said, kissing his forehead.  “Sweet dreams.”


Photo: Stephen Leonardi


Looks like a new Alien film…very cool…put a dinosaur together, bone by bone.

Photo:  Gaman Alice

Frisbee anyone? A few words…about…well…dinosaurs and us.

Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, Animal, T-Rex

Do you think they’ll bring them back?  The dinosaurs I mean.  They were here first, after all.  They could do it.  I know they want to.  Maybe all geneticists should be forced to watch Jurassic Parka a thousand times.  I doubt it would deter them, but at least it would keep them busy for awhile.

I saw a geneticist interviewed some time ago, and when asked why they did something that was terrible, she said, “because we can.”    So there you have it.  If they can, they will…and they will, because they can.  Now THAT is a sign we should leave behind, as the last one of us takes off his oxygen mask and finally dies.  I just hope that if an alien species comes here and finds our bones, they don’t bring US back, because we are far more dangerous than the dinosaurs ever could be.  The oceans were fine, when they ran around.

Life is truly about cleaning up the horrific mistakes we never stop making.  Cleaning up the mess we’ve made of a clean planet will cost too much to fix, so we will kill everything until we die as well.  Nothing was broken, until we broke it, and generation after generation will spend their lives cleaning up the messes that were made before they ended up here.

And we think we’re the smart ones.  Ego.



Photo:  Pixabay

A VERY short story about a dinosaur…

“Arggg,” said the man.

“Excuse me?” said the dinosaur, staring at him.

“Oh.  You speak English.  I didn’t know.”

“You thought Arggg was a word?  You thought my species said things like that?”

The man shrugged.  “I guess so.  I saw it in a movie.  Mooing and Argging.  You know, the sounds dinosaurs usually make.”

“My good man.  I can assure you that no dinosaur has EVER made those sounds.”

“You sure?”


“Maybe you’re just special.”

The dinosaur ate him.  He just couldn’t stand human stupidity.



Photo:  Josh Withers

Waiting…a poem

green moss on brown tree trunk

and in the mossy forest
still lurk
waiting for their moment
to return


Photo:  Maeva Vigier

They still live among us…they are everywhere.

2 men walking on street during daytime

Photo:  Galle Marcel

Here are my questions…

gray elephant statue on green grass field during daytimeWhat if one of these dinosaurs needed to scratch his nose, or rub his eyes?  I mean they lived in a place where there was vegetation and that means allergies, right?  Sure they had more oxygen back then but still, sneezing must have been a nightmare, and how long do you think it took for food to work it’s way down that LONG throat?

I can only assume these guys slept standing up and never had to worry about biting their nails.  How did they fight?  Swinging their heads against each other, I would imagine. But that would only be possible if they had a built in system that prevented them from getting dizzy, blacking out, or falling over.

So, maybe these were the “flower children” dinosaurs.  Maybe they didn’t fight, or try and kill any of the others.   Maybe…they just foraged and hummed softly to each other.  Perhaps they swayed together and tried to stay out of the way of the meat eaters (still alive today).  Maybe they were “nice” dinosaurs.  We’re always ready to believe other species are nice and want to be friends.  It’s not true, of course, but we still fantasize about it.  Well, at least some of us do.

If these were real dinosaurs, I think they would be slow, like those in the beginning of Jurassic Park.  Not like T-Rex or the Valapsa Raptors.  Those guys are killers, and the raptors work in groups and are smarter than your average dinosaur.

Science currently has ways where it might be possible to bring dinosaurs back.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they did bring them back.  If Godzilla is not a cautionary tale, I don’t know what is, but as the scientists always say, “We do it because we can.”

As far as I’m concerned, dinosaurs had their turn.  The next comet is probably for us.

Photo:  Scott Greer

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