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MASKS…a rant

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I was out shopping today.  I am SO SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE WITH MASKS UNDER THEIR NOSES OR ON THEIR CHINS.  You can’t get into places without shirts and shoes.  You can’t smoke in public places.  There are a LOT of things you can’t do in public environments.  You also can’t get into stores without a mask, but once inside, some people pull their masks down and act as if they don’t have to respect anyone else around them.

WHY AREN’T PEOPLE WHO REUSE TO WEAR A MASK PROPERLY, MADE TO LEAVE THE STORES?  I don’t understand it.  They could literally kill someone.  Make them deathly ill, or destroy their lives with long hauler symptoms.  How is it, they are allowed to do whatever they please, when we can NEVER DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO IN PUBLIC PLACES?

We can’t bring guns into stores.  There are stickers on doors everywhere.  As if someone could even tell if a person was carrying.  Or dogs, or this or that, but a person can wear a mask on his or her chin on PURPOSE, during a raging pandemic, and no one tells the person to get out.  Sorry.  I think people who don’t care about the lives of others, should be kicked to the curb.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone WANTS to wear a mask. I know I don’t. But people do it, not only for themselves, but for others as well.  It’s a sign of RESPECT and concern for others..

Okay, so…here’s what I think…not for religious people

Human beings are inherently evil, vile, violent, hateful, and murderous.  Now, if you believe those traits are good traits, then we are fabulous.  If you believe those traits are bad traits, then we are doing poorly, no matter how you try to fudge the stats.

The god, most people in this country believe in, was heavily into violence.  That god sent his only son to die, just like people send their sons to die in war for…well, we don’t really know what for, it just seems to be the thing to do…have a son and send him to die.

I find it interesting that he, who supposedly made everyone in his own image (obviously a hermaphrodite), chose to create sin and make it such a bad thing that his only child would have to die for the sins he made up in the first place.  If he was making everything up, why would he do that?   So in the beginning (pun intended), people who didn’t have a clue as to what a sin was, were automatically committing them by being born, all because of an apple.  Again, why did god set things up that way?  Did he think that by murdering his own son he would get rid of the competition?   There is very little mention of Lilith, by the way.  But that’s another story.  And adam and eve had kids without marriage. I don’t know how that sin could not be glaring to everyone.  Wow, sex before marriage and no counseling.  Big mistake.  I’m sure it was eve’s fault and he accidentally fell on top of her. Or maybe it was the bloody boredom of being the only two evil people made in god’s image, on the entire earth.  That would be enough to make anyone build their own snake.  Personally, I think the snake represents the male, no doubt about it, but the guys who wrote the story didn’t want to take the rap for raping eve, so they made the snake the fall guy.  It’s a theory, okay?  Just a theory about a fairy tale.  Anyway the whole thing was a set up.  How can you argue with that?

If you create something and think that what you created is so sinful and horrific that your son has to die for what YOU made, then we’re talking about an insane and vicious entity. Why didn’t god take responsibility for his own made up sins (one of which would be to knowingly sending your kid to die), when he could have just killed himself?  Many parents would gladly die for their children, but not god.  Nope…sent his son to clean up the mess he CREATED on purpose.  As crazy as we are, I don’t think that even we would do that, well not most of us, anyway.  The guy killed his child, rather than protect him.  He did it to cover his own evilness.  Well, that’s the way I see it.  My son died of leukemia, not for anyone’s sins and my love and I would have gladly changed places with him, if it meant he could live.  Nothing to think about, actually.  Our answers would have been, “hell, yes.” So, he’s vile, heartless and needs to be put down.  Anyway…

If I were god I would make sugar good for everyone, junk food would be health food and no one would gain weight, get sick. be unkind to…or eat animals, destroy the planet, or dislike anyone else. But hey, that’s just me.   Apparently the god that people choose to believe in is pretty evil, entrapping followers, terrorizing them and, as I’ve said before, using rapists as his front men.  

See that’s the thing.  Everything here is bad.  We are shown the carrot but told that if we catch it, we will get sick, or die, from eating it…think brownies and ice cream with warm chocolate syrup poured over it.  Anything we like is not really good for us…because god is an evil, game playing, hateful…well, you know where I’m going with this, right? You have to jump through hoops, so that when you die you can sit next to him.  That only happens if he forgives you for doing all the things he made you do in the first place. How does that work? It doesn’t.  It was never supposed to work.

And free will is a ridiculous concept.  There is no such thing as free will…we are controlled and manipulated at every turn, from the moment we take our first breath.  The world is made up of rules, in case you haven’t been paying attention.  If you break them and get caught, you are punished…hardly free will.  If you eat a candy bar and gain weight, you are punished by the extra pound you gain for doing something that gives you pleasure.  See, PLEASURE in not really allowed here.  You had the free will to say no, to the candy bar, but that is the punishment for desire.  There is a price tag for everything.  Everything good, well, you pay a lot for that.  Everything bad, costs even more, especially if you believe in god.  There is no winning, not here.

Pleasure, in all it’s forms, is sinful and we make sure of that by making up rules that most people cannot follow.  By having bakeries and shelves and shelves of junk food and beautiful men and women, and lots of fun things that are all bad for us, in the sin department because earth and life are just nasty and hateful and punishing.  You don’t get a medal for not eating an entire chocolate cake, unless you give it to yourself.  We think it’s a test of will power not to eat it but we should BE ABLE to eat it for free. That’s the way it would be in a KIND AND LOVING world.  We look at everything backward.  We BELIEVE all the lies about what this place IS.    The god who supposedly MADE this mess is blaming us for it and throwing us to the wolves, just like he threw his son away.    If you don’t MAKE sin, no one can sin.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that.  If you want people to be happy, you don’t put them in a cage with all the hateful things YOU made.  Who would want to sit next to him after death?  I wouldn’t invite him over for lunch, if he was real, that is.  He’s a creepy and hateful concept.  And if he does exist and I meet him when I leave here, I’ll kill him.

One more thing…and this is touchy but important.  I have a gold cross that my grandmother gave to me as a tiny child.  It’s somewhere in my house, and I keep it because I love her, even though she’s been gone for a million years and I don’t like it.  But here’s the thing, in a world of love why would anyone wear a tortured and bleeding, dead man around their neck?  Think about that?  Why not a beautiful image of Jesus when he was a child or a young man?  It’s because we are a death loving people.  People who love suffering.  That’s the only thing I can think of.  People could wear ANY other symbol but that’s the one people wear.  If a teenager work a necklace of dead and bleeding animals around his neck, his parents would take him to counseling.  People wear death with pride.  They wear death around their necks and put death on their walls and in their cars.  That is how much we love death.  The fact that wearing death could have some kind of effect on a person’s psyche, doesn’t seem to enter into it.  Huge crosses in churches…death.  blood running down the sides of statues, death/suffering.  Stained glass windows showing more death, more suffering, severed heads and betrayal.  Oh yeah, we are a happy species.  People love it.  THAT’S why this planet is the way it is. The history books are filled with war and men killing each other.  We never celebrate peace we MURDER those who speak for peace.  The John, Bobby, Martin…all murdered in a world where peach had NO PLACE.   People worship and celebrate DEATH, not LIFE.  And until we turn that around, there is absolutely no hope.  

Wars are fought for gods that don’t exist.  Death, hatred, evil, in the name of gods, that don’t exist, except in the minds of the believers.  War, sins, death, bleeding men on crosses, that’s what meany humans are made of.



Okay, so…religious people will want to skip this

worship |ˈwərSHəp|


the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity: the worship of God | ancestor worship.

• the acts or rites that make up a formal expression of reverence for a deity; a religious ceremony or ceremonies: the church was opened for public worship.

• adoration or devotion comparable to religious homage, shown toward a person or principle: our society’s worship of teenagers.

archaic honor given to someone in recognition of their merit.

[ as title ] (His/Your Worship) chiefly Brit. used in addressing or referring to an important or high-ranking person, especially a magistrate or mayor: we were soon joined by His Worship the Mayor.

In my opinion, the word  “worship” shouldn’t even exist.   The difference between the worshiped and the one who worships is so vast, on a mental and emotional level, that it’s shocking.  Why would anyone worship someone or something in the first place?  If someone told me, “I worship the ground you walk on,” they would be looking for different ground.  Anyone who allows others to worship him/her would be someone I’d never even look at but it would give me something to laugh about, that’s for sure.  I don’t care who it is, no one is any better than anyone else.  If someone had wings and could fly that would be cool but that’s it.   No one respects people who are on their knees.

People get angry if their new car breaks or if their house is faulty but no one seems to be pissed off at all the things that are wrong with us.  How can people worship the thing that some believe made us?  How can people ask the person  they think made them, to help them when it had to have been the plan to make them the way they are all along?  What’s up with that?  In my mind we aren’t children we are warriors fighting for our lives and for the life of the planet against EACH OTHER.  This is one big arena and we’re the gladiators.  Who would worship the person who set up the games?  Why is everyone into a Death Cult?   People should be furious at the one they believe made them in such a shoddy fashion.  Beings who EAT the FLESH of other living beings.  A creator who would force people to watch their children and loved ones die, create diseases that would destroy so many.  The stories say, a father allowed his only son to be tortured and murdered while he looked on, or was busy doing something else, and then he wanted people to eat his son’s body and drink his blood for the rest of their lives, ya gotta wonder about a guy like that.  Ya gotta wonder about people who would actually DO that, as well.  The creator some believe in could have made everyone gentle creatures who didn’t even need to eat.  No disease, friends with all the other living beings.  Could have made people creatures who cared for the earth and tended to her.  But no one ever talks about that and they don’t like it when anyone else points out that if some one is creating something he/she/it can create it ANYWAY THEY WISH.  So, this was intentional and the thing that made all of this stuff should be tried for war crimes against all of us.  Cruelty on a scale so impossibly large that it can’t be imagined or seen all at once.  The raping and murder of children, the eating of living beings, plagues, war, famine, hatred, and all the rest…yeah, who wouldn’t want to worship someone who would create all of that?  And in his own image no less…Ego much.

To me, the only reason people should be on heir knees is if they dropped a contact lens.

Okay, here’s the thing…

How is it possible that a handful of rich white, hateful, fanatical, disgusting, violent, mentally unstable, racists, sexist, homophobic, elite males can destroy an entire country…WHILE WE ARE AWARE OF IT and watching it happen?  There are nine and a half million people in Chicago (and her suburbs),  and five idiots in Washington.  I DON’T GET IT. We’ve already had a Hitler, now he’s back doing it again, right in front of us. I don’t like reruns.

We need to SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY.  We need to strike. Peaceful resistance (at least on our side).   No one go to work, no one give a cent to the bloody government.  Not a penny.  I’m not saying it will be easy.  We can pay our bills, as long as we can, but no taxes, records or anything.  If the morons want to see things fall apart, that’s a better way to do it. Barter, swap, whatever.  Just CUT THEM OUT.  They are trying to destroy us anyway, so at least this way, it will be our choice, not something that’s DONE TO US by THEM.  We would have to work together (problem number ONE).  We would have to work together and not become scabs.  Unions walk out, why can’t we?  The new Holocaust is walking down the streets in DC and laughing it’s ass off at how much they can do to us without us fighting back.

This is what Mockingjay and all the other RUN/FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE films have been trying to teach us.  Find a place, dig in and watch out for drones.  Eat off the land (that will do me in for sure), and do the best you can until Donald Sutherland is removed.  We need the people in films to be real.  We need X-Men and Women, and the guys who fought Terminator, and we need John Wick. I’ve said that before but it’s true, he’s my HERO big time.   We need heroes with weapons, who KNOW HOW TO USE THE WEAPONS THEY HAVE. We need the VETS who went to Standing Rock.  We need all the VETS who know what war is like.  The VETS who are willing to fight FOR us, not against us.  We need HEROS, or just ordinary people with courage (heroes), and the will to end the destruction of America.

I know all the nice people are thinking of ways to save the world with love and prayers but we to have a world left to love, so I would appreciate it if you would let the people in the streets get on with things because no one ever changed a thing by smiling, not when it comes to people like Hitler, Stalin and all the rest.  Look at history and you can forget Gandhi because this is NOT India a million years ago and we don’t have that much time. Life is different here. not my president doesn’t even know what love is. He’s into waterboarding, so love him all you like but you won’t change anything.  I’m going with Wick.

Honestly, if things get to that point where we have to run, I’d probably end up on an ice floe.  We don’t actually have ice floes in Chicago, but I’m trying to say that I’d be left behind, or I’d leave myself behind, or dash to Canada. I would be completely unable to feed myself (and I’m a vegetarian, so I would hide the animals from those who were hungry, which would make the hungry people kill me, just to prove a point, or to get to the rabbit I was sheltering.  No matter how I look at it, things don’t look good for me.  But I’d rather go down fighting.

I’ve written about this before, but MY farm is the grocery store.  I’ve never been camping in my entire life, and I will never understand what picnics are about.  Why people would carry food from one place to another just to eat on a blanket, or bench, is something way beyond anything I can imagine.  As kids, sure, make a sandwich, put up a tend in the yard and go for it.  But  I’ve know adults who brought food in Tupperware containers to a picnic and then brought the containers home to be washed.  A lot of trouble, just to eat somewhere else. When I HAD to go to picnics, I would stop on the way and pick up something to eat, then throw everything away when I left.  That made sense and no one would die from bad egg salad. People always tried to feed me the food they made and brought but I refused, since that would be completely unfair to them.  I don’t know why they weren’t okay with what I was eating anyway.  They loved their container stuff.  So, I passed on noodle salad and all the other things in Tupperware.   Yeah, not into that, so it might be hard for me to live off the land. I have no idea which leaves/berries are poison and which ones are not. Surviving off growing things, while in the wilds of the city or suburbs, means that I would starve, or poison myself. I have books on how to survive in the wild but I’ve never opened them. I’m not sure I even know what the “wild” is.  If it’s Wisconsin, then I’ve been there.  I’m saving the survival books for an emergency but by then, of course, it will be too late.  I think they show a person how to fix a broken leg with a branch and I don’t think I would like that either.  If someone tried to kill a possum or squirrel, I would have to fight them and I don’t imagine it would take that long for some big guy to knock me down.  I used to be able to fight but that was a long time ago.  As for water, I think you’re supposed to run rain water through cheesecloth, to purify it, but I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t carry cheesecloth around with me.  Truthfully, the only time I’ve ever used cheesecloth,  was to make curtains for Halloween.  I can ride a horse and I might be able to fight someone long enough for an animal to escape but where would we get chocolate?  If you’ve never been around a person who is addicted to chocolate when she doesn’t have any…it’s not a pretty picture, believe me.  In that condition I might be able to take the big guy down.

In the movies, people don’t seem to have to deal with any of those questions/problems. There’s always a doctor, a hunter, a scout, a kid, sometimes a scientist, or a guy with knives that come out of his hands. People seem to work together against the bad guys, in the movies. For me, it’s Wick all the way.   He’s real, dedicated and focused.  Bond would be in a tux and I just can see him getting grubby, unless he’s bleeding from somewhere and that’s a different story altogether.  Wick could clean up washington in a few minutes and then people who liked picnics could eat on the lawn, in front of the white house, afterwards.

I still believe that we are someone’s science experiment and we truly are in a big aquarium. How else can you explain it?  WE CANNOT ESCAPE OUR CAGE, TANK, ENCLOSURE, PEN, OR WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE TO CALL THIS PLACE.  We don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  Hitler was a moron and he hasn’t changed, except now he’s orange and he doesn’t have facial hair…yet.

Boycott the country.  Boycott our government.

Okay, so…

I’ve read things that say our chemically poisoned water has been lulling us into a coma like state that leaves us feeling unmotivated and exhausted.  The contrails, from planes, are destroying our brains and making us sick.  I don’t want to believe those things but I do. The stats about the illnesses caused by the chemicals supposedly used, proves the point. GMOs, poison water in Michigan, yes, I believe that we are being attacked from inside. See, the thing is, we can’t automatically say, “That’s insane, our government wouldn’t do that to us,” because we don’t actually know what our government will do to us anymore. Many feel threatened because we believe the things we read might be true.  TRUST HAS BEEN DESTROYED.  Now, the idea that they HAVE BEEN poisoning us, is a real threat.

I’ve heard so many people say they are happy they are older because they don’t want to stay here any longer.  They want to die to get away from our government and our violent way of life, filled with lies and greed.  When you come from a time where things were more peaceful, where wars were necessary, not for profit, where government didn’t trample on your dreams and destroy your way of life, it’s difficult to want to stay here.  That’s how bad the world has become.  Suicide in teens is off the charts, soldiers are committing suicide, as well, so it’s not only older people who hate it here.  Something is very wrong.  Mental illness is growing, autism, as well.  Homeless people are everywhere.  It’s time we stop pretending that things will work out if we just join hands and sing a little song, or read words from Buddha.

Something I find amazingly strange…The Right to Die people, those working for a peaceful end to life, when one is deathly ill and there’s no hope, have a difficult time getting even the simplest laws passed.  They want to stop suffering and allow people to have doctor assisted passage from this world.  With all the killing and violence in the world, with our incredibly HATEFUL and MORNIC government, they refuse to make a blanket law that allows people to die with dignity.  THEY can kill us, but they want critically ill people to suffer.  How does that make any sense AT ALL?

What does make sense anymore?  I know people who just go about their lives and “don’t want to get involved.”  They daintily step over the homeless, or walk around them, they turn away from dead kids in the streets, starving children, just blocks away from where they shop and live.  They happily send their children to schools that indoctrinate them and destroy their minds.  They sit in bleachers and cheer, or play with their phones, and go to lunch and talk about….things I don’t usually talk about.  The government, wars, hunger, nothing really touches them.  It makes me remember that we don’t all live in the same world.  My daughter said she would rather live in the Matrix than on the submarine.  I always want the sub.  She said I ruined it for her because I made her SEE the sub, so living in the Matrix is impossible.  Hard to teach your kids what you don’t know, right?  If you aren’t living in the Matrix all you can teach them is what’s going on in the submarine.  Keanu Reeves taught us that.

OKAY, SO… 3 pictures

First of all, I’m furious that I can’t type any larger than this.  Really, how can I possibly yell and rant in tiny print. Arggggggg!

Okay, on to why I’m actually writing this….

One of the huge problem I see with the NEVER ENDING CIRCLE OF ENDLESS REPETITION, with regard to our PROBLEMS as a society is:  People who use the resources that some have fought, JUST USE THE LAWS AND RESOURCES BUT NEVER GIVE ANYTHING BACK.  Women have safe abortions and they don’t suffer and DIE, because other women are willing to work to get laws passed, other women are willing to defend clinics, to get arrested and spend their lives in the street, SO THOSE WOMEN WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING,  CAN BE SAFE.  They don’t CARE, or seem to understand that OTHER PEOPLE GOT THE LAW PASSED SO THEY COULD DO THAT, SO THEIR DAUGHTERS AND SISTERS AND FRIENDS AND EVERY OTHER WOMAN COULD MAKE THAT CHOICE AND NOT PAY FOR IT IN PHYSICAL DAMAGE OR DEATH.

Women go to college without ever thinking about what their foremothers did to MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO GET AN EDUCATION!

No one seems to realize that these things didn’t happen because of fairness, or because MEN decided to LET US HAVE the vote (because EVERYTHING IS UP TO THEM). GENERATIONS OF WOMEN FOUGHT SO THAT WE COULD VOTE, OWN PROPERTY, KEEP OUR CHILDREN, HAVE BIRTH CONTROL, INHERIT FROM PARENTS, AND ALL THE REST.

But a lot of women just use those things, take them for granted.  Women who use those resources don’t fight for education, don’t fight to keep abortion safe, they don’t do much of anything.


Maybe it’s me.  Debbie said she’s done.  She said no one cares, they just use stuff and walk away.  She said she’s finished fighting for other people.  So, she’s out of it.  She’s right. Maybe it is all pointless.  It never really ends, and she hates that, we all do.  She said we just keep fighting for the same things all the time and the violence never ends and they keep going after R v Wade and we just spent most of our lives working for nothing.

The first t-shirt below is from a rally at Daley Plaza from 1989.  I have shirts older than that.  She’s right.  What’s the point.  If all the women who had abortions, or cared about the health of OTHER WOMEN, were in the street fighting back, maybe they would stop kicking us around.  Maybe we would be a force big enough to do something.  But it’s not going to happen.  Debbie’s right.  Not enough women care.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of always
fighting the same monsters, while so many other people just take advantage of everyone else’s work.  We can’t keep doing this.  It’s too stupid.  Constantly swimming, just to stay in place but never getting anywhere.

I never stop getting t-shirts and buttons.  For most of my life I never wore normal clothing, just t-shirts trying to get the ERA passed (that’s the t-shirt I wore to Debbie’s graduation from high school), for choice, for animals, for everything and now we have an imbecile in the white house and henchmen at his side.  Native American’s are being brutally attacked by the police, while trying to save their sacred land.  We are headed into a period of insanity led by a Narcissistic moron.

The march in Washington will be huge.  So will some of the other one’s around the country and then they will be over and a few will keep fighting.  I’ve been to a lot of those huge marches in DC.  They are energizing and make you believe that you have a chance.  In reality,  you need money and power to have a chance.  The bad guys have all the money, all the power and all the guns.  Women don’t have any of those things.

Well, women have been having safe abortions and if they are taken away, they will still be having abortions they just won’t be safe ones.  A lot of restrictions will be handed down by the idiots in DC now.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m tired of all of it.  I’m tired of finding t-shirts everywhere and I have boxes of buttons that didn’t make a real difference either.  Although animal testing at colleges and other places has all but disappeared.  People still wear fur, and animals are tortured, terrorized and slaughtered EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY, so they can be eaten and worn.  Most people do care about that either.  Animals are still used for entertainment, so we didn’t end that either.  I have lots of those t-shirts and buttons, as well.

Women are still underpaid.  Women of color are grossly underpaid.  Women in government is a joke.  There is no such thing as equality and poverty will never end because it’s don’t on purpose.   It’s ALL done on purpose.  Minimum wage can’t keep anyone alive. Many seniors are poor and have no hope of living comfortably through their final years.

The VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is escalating and that will never end either.  Rape on campus, in neighborhoods, from family members and neighbors, just goes on and on and on, always restricting a woman’s movements and destroying their lives.  And nothing actually keeps us safe.  The judge, who let the father who constantly raped his 12 year old daughter go, was allowed to retired without punishment.

Sometime I wonder what my life would have been like if I had let everyone else do all of that stuff and I just sat back and took advantage of their work.  I can’t imagine that kind of life, but I bet it would have been less hectic.  I wouldn’t have gotten arrested, and I wouldn’t have gotten my kids arrested either.  I wouldn’t have been working to get candidates into office and freezing half to death handing out leaflets, standing in the middle of busy streets, handing out more things, always demonstrating, writing and for what?  That’s the thing…for what?  I’m starting not to care about anything.  It’s all so pointless.  I’m supposed to go to another meeting for the Chicago march, but really, why?  The system, which has all the power, will always win.  I think Deb is right.  It’s time to let it all go.  Women don’t care enough to be counted and men will never stop hating women as a group.

img_7914 img_7915 img_7920

This is from crowsheadsoup…in response to Columbus  Check out his blog.

And of columbus: From Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States, Chapter 1: Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress, is telling.

*Arawak men and women, naked, tawny, and full of wonder, emerged from their villages onto the island’s beaches and swam out to get a closer look at the strange big boat. When Columbus and his sailors came ashore, carrying swords, speaking oddly, the Arawaks ran to greet them, brought them food, water, gifts. He later wrote of this in his log:*

“They … brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned… . They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features…. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane… . They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

*These Arawaks of the Bahama Islands were much like Indians on the mainland, who were remarkable (European observers were to say again and again) for their hospitality, their belief in sharing. These traits did not stand out in the Europe of the Renaissance, dominated as it was by the religion of popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for money that marked Western civilization and its first messenger to the Americas, Christopher Columbus.*

Columbus wrote:

“As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.”

*The information that Columbus wanted most was: Where is the gold? He had persuaded the king and queen of Spain to finance an expedition to the lands, the wealth, he expected would be on the other side of the Atlantic-the Indies and Asia, gold and spices. For, like other informed people of his time, he knew the world was round and he could sail west in order to get to the Far East.*


Okay, so…

I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me.  Really, I’m not easy, I know that. Everyday I tell myself to post happy things on my blog, flowers, fairies, happy pictures of the sun and all kinds of lovely things and then I sit down and…well, you know…I don’t do any of those things.

I’d like to blame my constant ranting on the fact that my Master’s was in Women’s Studies and Political Science, but I don’t ever blame, and the fact is, I took those subjects because that’s who I am and I’m pissed off.  I’ve always fought for things, ever since I was little and yes, I drove my mother crazy.  Nothing has changed, other than the fact that I’ve done everything louder, more publicly, and with more to back me up.  I despise injustice.  I cannot stand to see people and animals abused, hurt, used and held back because others are mean or have more “power,” than they do.  I JUST CAN’T STAND IT!  I can’t NOT see it and I can’t look away.

Believe me, I’d like a day off, but that’s not going to happen.  I can’t look at the beautiful Cuneo mansion without thinking of the people who WORKED there just because they didn’t have as much money as the people who lived there.  I can’t stand the violence against women, children, animals and the planet.  I don’t know how to stop thinking about it…it’s everywhere.  I don’t know how to stop looking at the evil churches and what they do to people.  I hate the brainwashing and conditioning of cultures, all the things that make people accept abuse because it’s a tradition, like genital mutilation, being given away to someone, used, abused, stoned to death, starved, enslaved…for no other reason than. CLASS, lack of funds, or because of gender.  I can’t see why these horrific things have to continue.  I can see ways to stop them but there’s no way to bring about change because people aren’t willing to fight back and the status quo is evil and punishes those who fight against it.

So, I will continue to tell myself to put nice things on my blog, because I do like nice, happy things, like my sweet cats, flowers and all the rest but I’ll never stop ranting about what I see as the injustice of life and what it does to others.  Whole races  held back, held down, for no other reason than THE PEOPLE IN POWER CAN DO IT.   How can we ignore that?  How can we let it keep happening?

I’m going to eat some carrots now and relax.  I just wanted to thank you for following my blog and stopping in now and then.  I truly appreciate you comments and ability to keep coming back for more.  🙂  Seriously…thank you.

Okay, so…part 2

I have questions about all these “reminders” that we should be kind, generous, nice, smiley, and all the rest?  Are these words meant for those who are all of those things, for those who are none of those things, or for those who can’t decide whether to be nice or not?

Do the people who write these incessant “reminders” ASSUME that everyone needs to be told to be civilized and decent on a daily basis?  I find that insulting on many levels.

Does this constant outpouring of hope, love, kindness, etc., mean that there is a huge lack of those things, so much so that we suddenly need to look for them everywhere?  Don’t the people telling us to always be more of those things know any nice people?  Doesn’t anyone smile at them?  Are they starving for the things they tell us to be, or seek out?  Don’t they already have hope?  I don’t get it.  I truly don’t.  These daily reminders are a new phenomena that simply does NOT make any sense.

Would you EVER say any of those things to a person in a conversation?  Would you tell someone to smile?  Be kind?  Be generous? Would you tell someone, to her or his face, to do ANY of the things people write about everyday?  What does that tell you about the things being said to ALL of us each day by people who constantly write things like this?  If you SAID those things to anyone, that person would think that you were insulting and nasty.  And, of course, they would be absolutely right, because telling someone to BE any of those things, is telling them that they are NOT any of those things.  

People think that what they write is positive but it is not…it’s is negative to the extreme.  It’s insulting and as adults, I don’t think we need constant reminders to be kind and decent human beings.  Personally, I think people are okay the way they are and they always have been.  They smile enough, have enough hope, are kind, generous and just plain nice.  That’s good enough for me.




Okay, so…

What if we all stopped working on ourselves?  What if we simply accepted ourselves the way we were and stopped chasing things long enough to actually LIVE?  I know that’s a radical concept but think about it.  All this introspection and the four million books on meditation, self-help, problem solving, finding your inner child, being HAPPY, knowing how to love, learning how to break up, get divorced, get married, get WHATEVER, is driving everyone INSANE.  This is all NEW.  People just used to LIVE.

When I was growing up we (the kids I hug around with) lived everyday.  When we had problems, WE DEALT WITH AND GOT THROUGH THEM ALL BY OURSELVES BECAUSE WE COULD THINK.  Adults were not in the picture…they didn’t even know where we were.  We didn’t get help, we were expected to find our way through whatever happened and guess what…WE DID.  There were no books to read that could help us solve our problems, or MAKE problems for us by pointing out something the author thought was missing in our lives.  Nothing was missing, because no one told us there was something missing.

There wasn’t a single sign in my house when I raised MY kids.  Not one.  No…BE HAPPY, DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS LOOKING…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  We all danced like no one was looking all the time because we never thought ABOUT NOT DOING THAT.   We didn’t think about who was looking either. The things on my fridge were about firefighters who saved cats from burning buildings.

Seriously, the biggest thing that’s wrong with everyone IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WIH THEMSELVES.  

Believing that makes everyone stop living and start looking for something that’s not there.  It also makes money for the authors of all those books, the teachers who lead all the seminars, the speakers, the gurus, the sign makers and mostly for the people in power, since they never have to worry about anyone looking at what’s going on because everyone is too busy looking for whatever they think they are missing.

What waste of energy, money and life.  Chasing happiness, thinking we need to be bigger, better, richer, more beautiful, and all the rest is an ADDICTION.  Thinking those things causes dissatisfaction and the inability to actually see who we are.  The media is driving people to feel unfulfilled by telling them that there’s so much more to life that they are missing.  The fact is:  there will NEVER be enough of anything.  The people who are playing everyone need to keep people wanting more so they can keep making money.  There IS NO END GAME.

I’m just sick of having people talk about what’s missing and how we should all try to be better at everything we do.  We need to give more, be more, do more, be kinder to ourselves and everyone else.  The kindest thing anyone can do for themselves is to stop thinking about what they SHOULD be doing and just be themselves.  If you’re at peace and satisfied with yourself, the rest comes naturally.  You don’t have to remind yourself to be nice to others, to smile at others, or to do anything at all.  All of those things are part of life. It’s only when you believe in scarcity and lack, that you need to be reminded to be kind.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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