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Queen is playing in the Party Barn as Billy thanks Resa, Holly, Beth for all they did to make the party a smashing success.

Peace and Love
for everyone


Due to technical difficulties, The Bunny Party is coming to a close. Martha tanked everyone for their applause and interest and said there were video games and treats in the other room. There will be a sleep over after Beth does Story Hour. Story Hour will be held in the Library and if anyone would like to bring their blankie, that’s fine. Thank you from all those at The Coop and thank you from the bunnies.


The Three Pink Ladies sang a tribute song to the bunnies, which the bunnies appreciated very much.

Representatives of the Sing-A-Long Committee will lead the audience in the final Sing-A-Long at the end of the party.



Alice and Alicia did their acrobatic routine to wild applause. They were wonderful.


Zelda is donating a new Rubber Duck to the Rubber Duck Pond, in the name of the Healing Bunnies. Everyone thought that was a great idea.


The Lamb and Chicklet trio is now singing on stage…


The flying ritual continues with the Bunny Party…

The highlight of the evening…in the middle of the entertainment…is thefabulous Resa, wows the crowds with her amazing EGG DANCE…2 pictures

As she gently breaks through her shell, Resa reaches for light and life.  The chicklets and guests hold their breath, they know about coming out of a shell.  They feel Mother Nature around them, as Resa slowly rises.

As she morphs into her humanity, bees buzz around her and together they dance, giving energy to those around them.

The beauty of the Egg Dance always calms the audience, with its beauty and grace.  Resa, the designer and dancer.  Everyone loves her.


Louise took the babies to the Bunny Party…but it;salmost bedtime, so she’s on her way back to the nursery.

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